Review of cheap Chinese action camera SJ 2000

I have bought the action camera some time ago and now decided to write something about it.
Sadly, but I can say nothing good about SJ 2000. I am completelly disappointed, let me explain why.

SJ 2000 - specification

Lengs: 170A+ HD wide‐angle lens
Video Resolution: 1920*1080 @ 30fps or 1280*720 @ 60 fps
Video format: MOV
Meory card: Micro SD up to 32mb
Buttery: 5V 1100ma (2-3 hours of recording)
Price: $70
See more: here

SJ 2000 - package

SJ 2000 comes in a very modes box, which even doesn't contain its name.

sj 2000 box

sj 2000 box

Inside the box you will find a mount for bicycle or motorcycle, a mount for head, a mount for hand and some bad quality glue. All of the accessories except motocycle mount feel cheap and frail in hands.

sj 2000 package

SJ 2000 - the camera itself

The camera itself is made with solid metal and feels good in hands. They claim that it is water resistant up to 30 meters. Both of the front and rear covers are removable. You will find battery, memory card slot, mini usb 2.0 port and mode switcher under the rear cover.

sj 2000

sj 2000

sj 2000

sj 2000

All of these seem to be very standard for a cheap action camera, nothing specially good or bad.

Okay, its time to talk about the video/audio quality, which is the main aspect of any action camera. SJ 2000 can't pass any criticisms, the video quality is terrible. No matter how shiny the weather is, the videos are still dark. There is no stabilization at all, any movement and video "dances" everywhere, not smooth at all. The audio quality is even worse, nice sound of my fz6n being recorded like a shitty squeal.

The camera shuts down by itself if you shake it hard, and this makes it impossible to be used while riding on hilly roads. The helmet glue mount is really frail, and the GoPro mounts don't fit, so I can't find any way to mount the camera onto my helmet. I have a little hole on top of my helmet and I tried to screw the mount in it, but in this position the camera captures a piece of road next to the front wheel.

sj 2000 helmet mount

Another bad feature is timestamp, you cannot disable it. I contacted the official seller in China and they said that I can only change date, but not disable it. Here is a video sample of what you can get with SJ 2000.

All of these make SJ 2000 be useless and now it lies in one of my boxes catching more and more dust.

My rating for SJ 2000 is 1 2 out of 5.

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David on 21 July 2014 16:52 says

Hi, Also bought the SJ2000, not the best camera at all. Initially the camera worked fine for a cheap Chinese model, however I had the following issues: If you replace the battery (I bought some spare batteries and charger) then you have to put the camera on photo mode first else it wont start video recording. The other problem was that it would not read the micro sd card, I had to cut a small piece of plastic that i slide in with the card in order for the camera to read it. and lastly, it has stopped recording any sound, it would occasionally record some sound but in the most part there is nothing. I opened the camera and removed the old mic and replaced with a spare one I had lying around, but still no sound. Somehow don't think it is a hardware issue.

So all in all, a cheap camera that really sucks.

regards David

Const on 21 July 2014 17:24 says

David, hello and thank you for the comment.

I completely agree with you, sj2000 sucks, and your camera seems to be even worse than mine.

Claudio on 09 October 2014 19:31 says

Hi everybody. I received today the camera Eser-YD2000 (should be the same as the SJ2000), tested it for a couple of seconds of rec and saw that the date was wrong so I tried changing date and time following the instructions manual but after power off and power on the camera does no longer enter in recording mode. Pressing the button for power on the blue light stays steady on and no vibrations at all happens. Pressin again once the button nothing happens, keeping the button pressed the camera powers off. How can I get rid of this and have the camera working?

Const on 09 October 2014 23:40 says

Claudio, hello. I am not sure, but it looks like you camera has troubles reading the sd-card. I had similar symptoms. You can try those steps to make it work.

  1. Remove and insert your sd card.
  2. Try to use different sd card.
  3. Try to set up date & time again.
  4. Try to switch between 1080 and 720 mode.
  5. Try to connect your camera to pc with usb cable.

To turn on the camera you have to press and hold the button. Then release the button and press it again to start recording.

Hope it helps somehow.

Claudio on 09 October 2014 23:50 says

Const, hello and thank you for your answer. I've already tried all, removed and reinserted the card, tried with two other cards, tried to set up date and time a number of times (everytime the file time.txt is removed from the card but the camera doesn't work), tried to switch between 1080 and 720 mode and also between movie and camera mode. I've also tried powering on the camera without a card, same as I did the first time when I noticed that the light was flashing fast, and when I inserted the card the light was steady instead. Even connecting to a pc is useless because the camera is not seen at all by the pc. In a desperate attempt I also tried to flash the firmware I found on the Internet... I fear I now have only a nice metal tube...

Const on 10 October 2014 07:56 says

Claudio, I am sorry to hear that. It looks like the only option is to return it back.

Anyway, computer should see the camera at least somehow.

Power off your camera, switch to 1080 mode, insert a sd card, plug in usb cable to the camera and to the computer, and then power it on.

If computer cannon recognize the device, that means it's definitely broken.

Claudio on 10 October 2014 14:00 says

Const, thank you. As I wrote the computer doesn't see at all the camera when plugged in, whether it is powered on or off. I fear I have in my hand only a nice, crappy, piece of solid metal... I have started an RMA ticket with Regards Claudio

Claudio on 13 October 2014 00:21 says

I'm astonished... I left the camera alone for a couple of days, with the battery and the card in, and now it works... looks so strange, I was also able to adjust the date... Thanks for your attention Cheers Claudio

Mark Weston on 15 January 2015 19:35 says

How???? How did you adjust the date? I've tried everything on mine, but nothing seems to work.


Const on 15 January 2015 21:16 says

Mark Weston, I do not have the manual right now, but it was something like create a time.txt file and write date time in there. There are a lot of fake cameras and the sj2000 itself vary from one to one, so it may not work for you.

Man on 02 March 2015 15:10 says

Hi,you said that it does not have any printed sjcam in the box and camera.

Looks like you've got a clone unit. It is fake sj cam sorry to say.

So thats explain why the quality is so bad.

Const on 03 March 2015 17:12 says

Man, hello. I might be true. Could you share any pictures or video samples of a real sj2000 in case you have any?

mor on 22 April 2015 21:54 says

of you guys want to remove the date on the sj2000 video you can watch the video here :

michal on 24 February 2017 00:34 says


Does this camera has a replaceable lens? Is this possible to unscrew the 1/4 lens when you disassembly the front cap and mount another one?

Kind Regards, Michal

Const on 24 February 2017 00:53 says

michal, sorry, I no longer have that unit, but as far as I remember, it was not possible to replace the lens.

JM on 08 March 2017 23:41 says

I upload the a bin file and the time.txt and the camera stop working, any idea how can I get the original firmware

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