35 random facts about incredible India

I want to share my impression about India after two weeks business trip. I thought it could be a nice blog post, but the time is running, the emotions slowly settling down, that is why I decided to go with the facts only.

So here are 35 random facts about incredible India.

  1. Indian people speak English, but it is Indian English. Sometimes it is difficult to understand what they talk about.
  2. New Delhi airport is huge, it takes about 15-20 minutes to get to the international gates.
  3. There are lots of armed guards in the airports.
  4. Traffic in New Delhi is terrible. The roads are overloaded and nobody knows/follows driving regulations.
  5. Border inspectors are polite, but may ask you a few tricky questions.
  6. You can't get into airport without printed version of your flight ticket and passport.
  7. The majority of the flights get delayed.
  8. Airport is clean, but you can see a mr. mouse walking here and there as if it was its home.
  9. Air in New Delhi is awful, make sure you don't stay in this city.
  10. Chandigarh is a very nice and young city with 2m population.
  11. Chandigarh is split into sectors like chess board.
  12. Because of earthquake possibilities you won't see many high buildings or skyscraper in India.
  13. Indian people do not eat beef and pork, you are lucky if you can find some lamb, but most of the time it's only chicken.
  14. Most of the people don't smoke.
  15. There are lots of bacterias, that is why you have to clean up your hands with alcohol before taking food.
  16. Indian spices may upset your stomach, be careful.
  17. It is better not to consume cold food in India, but I still ate fruits and smoked salmon.
  18. Indian people are very hospitable.
  19. Most of the Indian girls are quite modest and polite.
  20. Some people own camels and you can buy a short ride.
  21. Indian King Fish beer looks almost same as Stella Artois, but tastes different.
  22. During shopping you will be asked to buy any kind of things you don't need.
  23. Many goods are imported from China. "Indian" souvenirs could be bought in China for cheaper price.
  24. Prices for different things may be same as european, cheaper, or more expensive. Walk around, check prices, and find a good deal.
  25. Indian people understand and respect power, don't try to make yourself be on same level as they are.
  26. If you have Indian employees you better keep them under control, otherwise they start to play around and do something you don't pay for.
  27. Indian people are good listeners and quick learners.
  28. Many Indians are proud of Bollywood, better not to argue if you have a different opinion.
  29. Indian people don't drink beer much, but do drink vodka.
  30. Better not to visit India in Summer. The temperature goes as high as 50C and the humidity is extremelly high.
  31. Internet in India is slow, you might not be able to connect to "free hotel WiFi" at all.
  32. Road surface is good and new, but don't think you can enjoy riding in there.
  33. There highest available motorcycle engine volume is 350cc.
  34. The only road sign I saw was speed limit, which is 45 km/h for motorcycles and 50 km/h for cars.
  35. Indian riders don't care about protection at all.
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