Homosexuality is a crime

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Recently I have been more and more often asked and forced to accept homosexuality as a normal and a healthy thing. This is why I am writing this short article.

If you are that kind of a person who never changes their mind even if there is nothing to say in return, or you are furious after reading the title, then I suggest you stop reading right now.

We live on a wonderful planet with many different plants and animals. Every plant and every animal has its own place and role. Everything is perfectly aligned together to maintain the life forever. There are many different natural phenomena and chemical reactions happening all the time. Everything has its own unique place and nothing is redundant.

All the beauty is under control of the humans, which stay on the top of the nature. The humans are the most important part of the nature. There are no intelligent creatures on the Earth except the humans. However wherever humans go they bring catastrophes and cataclysms. The humans do not want to live in harmony with the nature, lust and passion is the top priority. This leads to different catastrophes, nuclear explosions, eruptions, extinction of animals and plants.

If changes on the low level of the nature lead to such horrific consequences, then what we should expect from the perversion of the most important part – the humans? There are many different organizations which claim to protect nature from the humans, but perversion of the humans is accepted and supported.

There are two human natures – male and female. Both of the natures are equally important and play indispensable role in the life of the entire nature. Every happy human has warm memories about their parents, their father and mother, which gifted theirs life. The father cannot replace the mother, and the mother cannot replace the father.

Every human is a part of the nature with own role and duties. If a body cell refuses to fulfill its role, this is called cancer in the medicine. This horrific disease is being etched with every possible method, very often killing functional body cells together with malfunctioned. What will happen if let cancer be? The disease will spread out and kill the human body very quickly. Why do we fight against the body cancer, but do not care about much more vicious cancer in our nature and society? Why we should respect and accept gays and lesbians in our nature?

Why ruining human mind with narcotics is a crime, while ruining the human nature is not? What will happen if all the men became gays? The answer is very simple – the humans will extinct. You can observe this in some of the European countries. The number of Europeans decreases and the empty spots are filled up with Asians.

“Freedom” – the word that many use to cover up. They say that everyone has rights to choose whether to be or not to be a gay. This is just a lie, and it turns out to be opposite. We fall into the gay captivity, while the advertised freedom is just an illusion. Of course, everyone has rights to choose the route of life, same as drug addict decides whether to use or not to use drugs.

Why the gay propaganda is allowed? Why it is obligatory to recruit gays in some countries? Why it is forbidden to protest against gays and express personal disgust?

How some unhappy children without parents end up in a “family” with two “dads”? This is a crime against the children. A small and inexperienced child suffers in an unnatural family. Moreover the child may experience psychic deviations. Who is responsible for this? Where are the “green organizations” fighting for the nature? Why everyone is silently accepting the gay captivity? Where is the freedom?

Quite often I hear: “he was born like this”. No! It’s not possible to be born as a gay! There is no such thing in the nature. This is just a perversion of the humans, which can’t be seen between animals.

Just imagine you have constructed a farm, bought some cocks and hens, and are hoping to see some chickens next year. Suddenly all of your cocks declare themselves be gays, and there won’t be any chickens for you. What will happen with the cocks? You will eat all of them.

People it is time to think! Gays and lesbians are cancer of our society and nature. They commit a disgusting and perverted crime against humanity.

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