Let me show you another cute "mate in three" chess puzzle

I wanna show you another very cute chess puzzle. I have spent a couple of hours before got the answer. Let me know how much time you spent for the puzzle.

So, here is the puzzle:

White starts and mate in three moves.

Hamburgischer Correspondent (1930) by Chéron, André

See more here: http://chessfield.ru/chess-puzzles/6

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John Price on 23 July 2013 13:06 says

Yeah, cool task!

I solved it after a while;)

Sergej on 23 November 2013 19:05 says

This problem has no solution. (After knight f5 and knight g7 the black pawn has its move on a3 and no mate in 3 moves by white is granted.)

Const on 23 November 2013 20:19 says

Hi Sergej. Could you please explain me, how the black pawn could move from a2 to a3? It looks like you turned the board upside down.

Sergej on 23 November 2013 20:48 says

Agreed. This makes the situation pretty simple though.

Const on 23 November 2013 20:54 says

Yes, and the final position is just beautiful.