Honest review of dintarta.se (★★☆☆☆)

A few months ago, I have received a new role, and now I am a release manager at Starcounter. For the very first release under my supervision I have decided to order a nice cake for a Friday lunch.

After some research I have found this service - dintarta.se. They can bake a cake with a photo printed on top. The website looks okay and the published photos are attractive. The reviews available on the website also indicate that the service is on the level.

That is why I have decided to order a cake with names of all who were working on the release to honor their hard work. The design was simple - Starcounter logo in the middle and the names all around. For the security reasons I have to blur the names.

The order was placed well in advance and the cake was delivered on Friday at about 17:00. It was well packaged and looked good.

The disappointment came when we tried the cake. It was extremely dry and the cream felt like an artificial substance. In total we were almost 40 people tasted the cake and no one found it be tasty. The cake was left in the kitchen for a few days, and eventually the leftovers were thrown away. It was such a sad disappointment.

A few days later I received a letter from dintarta.se asking to leave a feedback. I left an honest feedback with two stars out of five. Later the same day I have received a call from their staff. The manager was explaining me, that "it's just such kind of a cake" and that "Swedish people may have different taste compared to Germans".

If it would be just me not happy with the cake, I would not say anything, but I was not alone. After the call I went to their page to see whether they have actually published my review. Of course, they did not. Still, I was able to spot another feedback from Sweden, saying the following:

Snabb leverans! Allt gick smidigt och bra med beställning och leverans, dock tyckte vi att tårtan var lite torr. Men annars bra!

You really need to know Swedish people to understand that "a little dry" ("lite torr") for a Swedish person means "extremely dry". The person was kind enough to give them three stars out of five, and they published the feedback.

In short dintarta.se:

  • Produce artificial (non-edible) cakes.
  • Cheat on users by not publishing the honest reviews.
  • Has a good quality printer.
  • Sends the orders with DHL.
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