Euro shame parade

Disclaimer: I do not belong to any kind of extremist organization and do not support or propagate any kind of discrimination or violence.

Warning: if you are that kind of a person who believes that you are the only right one and are not able to adequately perceive others point of view – I strongly recommend you stop reading this blog post.

Reasons: this blog post is written because I have to stay up for my rights, for the future of my kids, and for the freedom of speech and belief.


  • I believe that sexual orientation is something we select as humans. There is a lot of buzz around this subject, and many people believe that sexual orientation is something you born with. If you are one of such people, then I recommend you to think about it. Why we don't accept as “born like that” pedophiles and zoophiles? And of course, I recommend you read this very broad article - I am gay - but I wasnt' born this way.
  • I believe that homosexual relationship is a bad thing.
  • I believe that random sex and homosexual relationship lead to weaker families and nation degradation. Such phenomena can be easily observed in Germany.
  • I believe that Euro Pride is a Euro Shame and homosexual propaganda shall not be allowed.
  • I believe that I have freedom of speech and don't have to stay shut, just because it's a "sensitive" subject in Europe.
  • I believe that I have rights to teach my children (if I will have any) those believes.
  • I believe that no one should be forced to accept every person "as is". Everyone has their rights to choose friends, mates, employers, employees, spouses, and any other kind of social contacts. The choice can be made based on the candidate's race, culture, gender, age, sexual orientation, or anything else.

This is my belief and you are free to agree or disagree with it. Based on my belief you can decide whether to be my friend or whether to have any kind of social contact with me, but according to the “Human Rights” advertised in Europe and Sweden in particular, you are not allowed to disrespect me or treat me badly.

Three years ago, I have moved to Sweden, and since that time, every now and then, I was targeted and treated badly by different kind of individuals and groups due to my point of view, which does not align with theirs and my attitude to homosexual relationship in particular.

The famous United Nations "Protection against violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity" document requests equal treatment of humans with different religion, culture, sexual orientation, and gender. I believe that the voting for the document is a complete fake, because the population of countries voted against the document is more than three times greater than those who voted for the document.

The population numbers were taken from the online resources.

Still, I am not breaking anything described in the document. I have my belief, my point of view, and I have rights for that. I have never performed any kind of discrimination or violence actions towards a human being based on their beliefs, cultural values, gender, or sexual orientation.


  • Why it is okay if someone calls me "underdeveloped", "stupid", "in stone age", "idiotic" and other kind of not very nice adjectives, but it’s not okay if I say, that homosexual relationship is bad?
  • Why it's okay to put homosexual propaganda signs on my equipment, but it's not okay when I kindly ask to remove that?
  • Why it's okay for a colleague to stop talking to me and ignoring me just because of my belief?
  • Why it's okay for someone to forcibly tell me private details of a homosexual relationship, but it's not okay to ask the person to keep it private?
  • And finally, why it is okay to perform homosexual actions towards me, but it's not okay if I prevent such actions with force?

It gets even worse when you get to know that many Swedish people share mine believes, but they don't dare to speak about it. What is this? Is not it called "suppressed by the society"?

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Thomas Stöberl on 02 January 2020 14:13 says

Hello Miyconst!

I would like to ask you about the logical consequences of your views and believes. If a majority of society shares your point of view, how bad can the consequences turn out then? Just think about what will happen to people who just want to live in peace with their loved one. They would not be able to just have a nice time in public together or would have to retire from public life alltogether. They would be without rights if they cannot gain them through marriage resulting in huge problems for example if one of them dies and inheritance law would not accept their partner as such or the dead persons will. Or look back a couple of decades when in Europe being gay resulted in prison sentences or more or less torture(thinking of Alan Turing). How does it help anybody if society or the law decides homosexuals are a problem? What good does it to push them into hiding, where actual criminal actions or prostitution are fueled? We need to look at history and learn from it. Homosexuality is nothing new and in fact many great countries had homosexuals contributing.

To put it simply I find your views very dangerous, not only for homosexuals but for society as a whole. Pressuring the minorities has only led to misery for everybody and and highlighting differences instead of similarities is a destructiv force. It is the easy way and a welcomed opportunity for populists who love to put all the blame on one group. Homosexuals, muslims, jews, gypsy,.. all easy targets because they tend to differ and what is different is met with fear, hatred, angst,..

I mean you have experienced it first hand how it feels to be the minority at work, so how can you be against protection of minorities? The absolute rule of the majority only leads to oppression. The minority will at first vanish from public life, then they will get attacked in the streets, they will lose their jobs and have to leave schools or universities and finally the will be put in camps.

Now, I have read your part of you being against discrimination or violence but you are a very intelligent person. This was my first impression after looking up your blog and videos and there is no way such a person cannot comprehend the danger of their views.

As for your colleagues and their behaviour: Shame on them for their reaction. One thing you have to understand though: freedom of speech does not mean you can voice your (drastic) beliefs without the risk to meet with resistance. And to me your beliefs seem rather extreme, so it is probably hard or seems impossible for the colleague who stopped talking to you to close that gap. At least when I try to put myself in their position that would be the case. I do not know what you would expect of somebody who gets told by you that him being in a gay relationship is a bad thing.. I could not tolerate somebody telling me being in a relationship with my girlfriend(or any) and that I would like to have it this way for the rest of my life is a bad thing. It's one thing to step a line but here there are no lines left when you deem their very basic choices in life as unacceptable.

have a nice day Thomas

ps: of course your sexuality is something you developed over time and has not been given to you at birth, but how is that even a point of discussion? If you have developed some kind of fetish it's not like it is going away because you say to yourself "from now on I don't like random fetish anymore". That is the problem with pedophiles or zoophiles because they can only try to learn to subdue their urges through therapy but it will never actually go away. But what "born that way" can mean a more broader sense is that there has always been homosexuality and the human is no the only species. So all the talk about it being unnatural is proven by history to be nonsense.

Miyconst on 03 January 2020 01:25 says

Thomas, I appreciate that you took your time to actually read my post and provide grounded (as you think) response.

Unfortunately or fortunately, I have been in too many places, seen too many things, and got into contact with too many radically different people. As you say, I am an intelligent person, thus I am not going to argue with you, instead I am going to provide you with some points based on your response, and let you think yourself.

Looking and learning from the history and other species, we will find that polygamy relationship, pedophilia (marrying under age girls also counts), zoophilia, murder, cannibalism, prostitution and other similar actions are as grounded as homosexual relationship. Thus, if something is “natural” and a “historical fact”, it does not yet mean that it’s good.

You are talking about minorities not having social life, hiding and being discriminated by the law. For me, it seems like you have selective view on which “minority” to defend. For example, I knew quite a few people from Asia, Africa and central Europe, who were behaving exactly the way you describe, because they don’t feel safe to even join a company event due to their views and believes are considered to be “wrong” and “outdated” in EU. Somehow this minority is left to hide and “suffer”.

You defend homosexuals because, as you say, they “just want to live in peace with their loved one”. In multiple countries it’s officially allowed to have multiple wives and marry under age girls. Majority of the people living there are truly believing that it’s the right way of living, and they also “just want to live in peace with their loved one(s)”. When such people happen to be in Europe, they are forced to hide and being discriminated by the law. No one would dare to tell about their “first night with a 12 year old” in public as they would do in their country. If such a man brings their wives to Europe, he will be arrested and imprisoned for multiple child rape. This is suffering. Why this “minority” is not defended and left to “suffer”?

From your expression, I assume, that you count prostitution as a bad thing. If you go to Amsterdam’s Red Lights street, and ask local prostitutes about their opinion, they will tell you, how much they have to suffer because they can’t go public in other places, how much the other countries’ laws are discriminating them and not letting them “just peacefully enjoy the life while earning money”. Why this “minority” is left to “suffer”? In case you wonder: yes, I was at the Red Lights street and talked to the local people.

How about the religions where homosexual actions are considered to be a sin? Shall people with such believes be banned from entering Europe because they form a hiding and “suffering” minority?

I have many other believes, which contradict with large groups of other human beings on the planet. For example, I do believe that the following things are bad: polygamy relationship, pedophilia, zoophilia, prostitution, porno and porno anime, random sexual contacts, communism, corrupted government systems, smoking and snoozing. I was in the countries were these things are considered to be “normal” or even “good”. I was always publicly expressing my belief when needed be and never had a problem with it. In Europe though, I risk to lose my job by saying that according to my believes homosexual relationship is a bad thing.

Anyway, I believe that each person has their rights to make their choices. If two men decide to live with each other – it’s their thing, I am not pursuing anyone with my instructions of how to live the life. Still, I have my rights to count this action as a bad action, I have my rights to speak about it, I have my rights to teach my children the way I want. If I am forced to hide and shut up, being bullied by colleagues, and risking to lose my job for my belief – this is the discrimination and violation of the human rights.

Boyan Radkov on 03 June 2020 16:29 says


You have a right to your opinions. Expressing those opinions might cause offence and might be illegal. That holds for many opinions people may have! We should all have freedom of conscience even if we cannot always have freedom of action. I may believe my neighbour is an idiot, but if I told him to his face, I might cause trouble! Western democracies do not police your thoughts and beliefs, only your actions. It's an important distinction and differs from totalitarian regimes in Eastern Europe, Russia, and Asia. This is very the point George Orwell was making in "1984". Big Brother doesn't want your obedience. The party wants your love. If you don't love the party, you need to be cured. I'm quite sure your fellow Swedes are not seeking to 'cure' you of your beliefs or want you to love homosexuality. They might want your actions, including public speech, not to cause offence to others.

You frequently compare homosexuality with other 'taboos' (paedophilia, incest, polygamy). I'm not always sure of the point you are making. You say homosexuality is as 'grounded' as these other practices, as in occasionally tolerated in human history. The same is true of slavery, gladiatorial contest, and human sacrifice. Societal norms change over time. Homosexuality was not considered at all noteworthy in Ancient Greece. Tempora mutantur, nos et mutamur in illis. Many of the cultural practices described and advocated in the Christian Bible, Tanakh, or Koran, seem out of place or offensive to us today, such as stoning to death a woman who has been raped, or forcing her to marry her rapist. History is a poor guide to morality.

It is helpful to society if our idea of what is morally right is grounded on commonly held beliefs. In previous centuries public morality took its lead from religious texts based on the morality of nomadic semitic tribes. In our current time, Western society places a high premium on personal freedom and choice. Paedophilia, like rape, is now held to be wrong because the child is not seen as able to give informed consent. Often, coercion is invovled (physical or emotional). The same goes for slavery and even polyagamy, which is held as exploitative of low-status women. The examples of polyagamy you give are always of a husband with many wives, and not polyandry where a wife with many husbands (which is far less common). Even prostitution is often regarded as the sexual exploitation of vulnerable women by powerful men (yes, of course there are male prostitutes, and female customers, but men are the usual customers in our societies).

Looking at it this way, our current abhorrence of slavery, involuntary canabalism and paedophilia is entirely consistent with our acceptance of homosexual relations between consenting adults. Same-sex adults consenting to live and love together is an action that does no actual harm to others, and does not exploit anyone involved. It does not infrindge anyone elses rights to life or freedom. Alas, we do not have the right not to be offended by other people's choices when they do us no harm.

As an intelligent man, I ask you to think again about why you are so offended by homosexuality and why you feel the need to share your beliefs with people who will be offended by hearing them.

Miyconst on 05 June 2020 11:36 says

Boyan, I have read you message a few times, but still find it hard to understand what your point is.

Opinion vs action: I have been living with my opinions for as long as I can remember myself, and never had a need to publicly express myself until I happened to be in Europe. When you say that you are not allowed to tell your neighbor that they are an idiot, it also implies that the neighbor is not allowed to tell you, that you are an idiot. Right? Also, even though you might be restricted when it comes to your neighbor, you are still free to teach your children, that whatever neighbor does to be an idiot is a bad thing. Speaking of actions, during my entire life, I have not done anything towards homosexual people, I let them be, it’s their lives, their choices, their responsibilities. On the contrary, I have experienced quite the opposite from them and the people who support them. It’s not okay to publicly insult me because I refuse to join the pride shame parade, it’s not okay to preach me of how stupid and underdeveloped I am, it’s also not okay to threaten me with social services, which suppose to take my children if I tell them, that homosexual relationship is a bad thing.

History is a poor guide to morality. Here I totally agree with you. The only reason I brought it up, is because many people believe that I am not allowed to say or believe that homosexual relationships are bad, because ancient Greece already had it.

Vulnerable women vs powerful men: it is another subject, which is not as straightforward as you might think. If you would like to have a discussion: I am open for it.

No harm. First, how do you define what brings harm and what is not? Some people believe it does not bring any harm, others believe it brings a lot of harm, but even if “no harm to others” assumed, it does not automatically make it be a good thing. If someone commits a suicide, does it harm others or not? Probably not, but is it a good thing? Definitely not.

Why are you so offended by homosexuality? I am unsatisfied with the fact that people try to restrict me in my opinions and beliefs. I am unsatisfied when people insult me for my beliefs and opinions. I am unsatisfied that I am threatened to be thrown from work for not agreeing with someone’s belief. I am unsatisfied when people come and try to rudely preach and force me into their beliefs. I am unsatisfied when people apply physical actions towards me due to my beliefs are not aligning with theirs. I really doubt that you would enjoy such treatment by people around you.

Boyan Radkov on 19 August 2020 15:47 says


Thank you for your reply. The point of my message was to you was to ask you to reflect upon why your actions, rather than your beliefs or opinions, may cause offence in your new community. In my experience, people in Scandinavian are tolerant of others, while personally conservative. The Protestant, Calvinist faith is based on personal conscience. Many Swedish people, especially older people, hold very 'traditional', conservative views. They may not approve of homosexuality, but they tolerate other people who are homosexual. I think your fellow Swedes may feel you are not being very tolerant, and hence not conforming to their values. As I said before, your beliefs and conscience are your own. Many Swedish people may privately agree with you about questions of the morality or whether the Christian God 'approves' of homosexuality. However, they would be tolerant of other people's beliefs. When visiting Vaxjo a few years ago I was shocked at how racist some Swedish people were in private, but how tolerant they were in public. That is their way. Maybe, this is the secret to having a stable, egalitarian society? You don't have to approve of other people's behavior, but you might need to tolerate it in public if it really doesn't harm you directly.

You are right, I do take a 'narrow' view of harm. I regard harm as being material, economic and psychological. I do not regard being offended emotionally or witnessing behaviors opposed to your religious beliefs as harmful. I am open to challenge on this point.

Social service will not take your children away for your beliefs. Again, social services in Western countries are focused on harm to the child, as defined above. Anyone threatening you otherwise should be ignored. They may have their views, but you can safely ignore them. Modern European society does not use social services or state psychiatric facilities as mechanisms of social and political control as used to happen in the Soviet state. No one is going to put you in an asylum or take away your children because you disagree with state dogma. We know this used to happen all the time in our past, in Eastern Europe and Soviet Union, and still happens today in China, Russia and elsewhere. I can always tell Russian commentators on European politics because they make frequent references to people who disagree with them as being mentally ill. GRU/FSB need to train their trolls a little better!

What troubles me is how anyone of your colleagues or neighbors even know what your views are? When asked if you want to go to "Pride" do you politely refuse, or do you give them an explanation as to why Pride offends you and should be banned? Do you teach your children only your personal beliefs, or do you also try to explain what other people in your community may believe? There is a chance that your children may grow up to be gay or bisexual, or to hold very different views to your own on many topics. Would you love them any less? I say this because my Aunt, a very committed evangelical Christian, who believed homosexuality was a sin, recently attended the wedding of her daughter to another woman. It took her a long while to accept her daughter was a lesbian, and she feared for her soul, but in the end decided that Love was Love, and Love was what Christ was all about. That was her personal journey. None of know the mind of God, but Jesus did say that only those without sin should cast stones at others, and none of us is without sin.

So... when you are asked about gay people, why not say it's a matter of personal belief. When you see gay people being happy, or celebrating their love, why not just tolerate it? No wants wants or needs your approval. When your children ask what a gay person is, why not think about the answer you would give if your own beloved child was gay? Or what answer you would want to hear if you yourself were gay? That is practicing tolerance for others. Turning the other cheek. Loving your neighbor as yourself. Your Swedish neighbors will respect you for it.

Boyan Radkov on 19 August 2020 16:06 says

RE: No harm. If someone commits a suicide, does it harm others or not? Probably not, but is it a good thing? Definitely not.

Questions of right and wrong are questions of morality, and views change over time. Some people oppose voluntary euthanasia, suicide, even if the person is terminally ill and in great pain. Some feel differently. The Catholic and Orthodox church holds that suicide is a mortal sin, and that people who take their own lives will never gain salvation. Such a belief must be very hurtful to relatives of people who commit suicide. I had a friend who killed himself. I never blamed him, but I did feel guilt that I was a bad friend who should have noticed how much pain he was in. Many countries made suicide illegal... that doesn't seem to work! I may not approve of suicide, but I do understand why for some people it may seem their best choice. I cannot know the depths of their pain or despair. Making it illegal or a social stigma may only stop people from seeking help or telling friends and family about their problems.

Miyconst on 22 August 2020 10:42 says

Boyan Radkov, once again thank you for actually going through my writings and not just throwing @#$% on me just because I have a different point of view. It seems like there is a lot to discuss and we can spend days for that, but to keep it short and straight to the point:

  • I have never said anything specifically about Swedish people. In fact, I was never treated bad by a native Swede for my belief or misbehavior (according to the Swedish unspoken rules).
  • I kept my believes with myself, and didn't cause any trouble, until a very intelligent person started to physically bother me with different actions regarding this matter.
  • After I politely asked the person to stop these actions, because I don't enjoy them, the person went to my employer and reported me as a "homophobe".
  • Then I was called out for a not very pleasant meeting, the person started to behave like I am not existing, but still expressing deep disrespect and despise towards me in the public meetings.

Prior to that, I had a very unpleasant moment in a public restaurant, where I had to confront two gays due to their actions towards me. I would not even know that they are gays if they would not bother me.