Euro shame parade

Disclaimer: I do not belong to any kind of extremist organization and do not support or propagate any kind of discrimination or violence.

Warning: if you are that kind of a person who believes that you are the only right one and are not able to adequately perceive others point of view – I strongly recommend you stop reading this blog post.

Reasons: this blog post is written because I have to stay up for my rights, for the future of my kids, and for the freedom of speech and belief.


  • I believe that sexual orientation is something we select as humans. There is a lot of buzz around this subject, and many people believe that sexual orientation is something you born with. If you are one of such people, then I recommend you to think about it. Why we don't accept as “born like that” pedophiles and zoophiles? And of course, I recommend you read this very broad article - I am gay - but I wasnt' born this way.
  • I believe that homosexual relationship is a bad thing.
  • I believe that random sex and homosexual relationship lead to weaker families and nation degradation. Such phenomena can be easily observed in Germany.
  • I believe that Euro Pride is a Euro Shame and homosexual propaganda shall not be allowed.
  • I believe that I have freedom of speech and don't have to stay shut, just because it's a "sensitive" subject in Europe.
  • I believe that I have rights to teach my children (if I will have any) those believes.
  • I believe that no one should be forced to accept every person "as is". Everyone has their rights to choose friends, mates, employers, employees, spouses, and any other kind of social contacts. The choice can be made based on the candidate's race, culture, gender, age, sexual orientation, or anything else.

This is my belief and you are free to agree or disagree with it. Based on my belief you can decide whether to be my friend or whether to have any kind of social contact with me, but according to the “Human Rights” advertised in Europe and Sweden in particular, you are not allowed to disrespect me or treat me badly.

Three years ago, I have moved to Sweden, and since that time, every now and then, I was targeted and treated badly by different kind of individuals and groups due to my point of view, which does not align with theirs and my attitude to homosexual relationship in particular.

The famous United Nations "Protection against violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity" document requests equal treatment of humans with different religion, culture, sexual orientation, and gender. I believe that the voting for the document is a complete fake, because the population of countries voted against the document is more than three times greater than those who voted for the document.

The population numbers were taken from the online resources.

Still, I am not breaking anything described in the document. I have my belief, my point of view, and I have rights for that. I have never performed any kind of discrimination or violence actions towards a human being based on their beliefs, cultural values, gender, or sexual orientation.


  • Why it is okay if someone calls me "underdeveloped", "stupid", "in stone age", "idiotic" and other kind of not very nice adjectives, but it’s not okay if I say, that homosexual relationship is bad?
  • Why it's okay to put homosexual propaganda signs on my equipment, but it's not okay when I kindly ask to remove that?
  • Why it's okay for a colleague to stop talking to me and ignoring me just because of my belief?
  • Why it's okay for someone to forcibly tell me private details of a homosexual relationship, but it's not okay to ask the person to keep it private?
  • And finally, why it is okay to perform homosexual actions towards me, but it's not okay if I prevent such actions with force?

It gets even worse when you get to know that many Swedish people share mine believes, but they don't dare to speak about it. What is this? Is not it called "suppressed by the society"?

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