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chrisk2305 on 25 September 2020 17:19 says

Hi, I now also own this board and all my M.2 and PCIe nvme devices only operate with PCIe 2.0 instead of 3.0. Can I adjust this somewhere in the BIOS? I looked around and couldn't find any options. I am using your unlocked Bios version. Thanks!

Miyconst on 25 September 2020 18:02 says

chrisk2305, could you please specify which PCI-E devices are you talking about and how you validated that it's 2.0?

Gaurav on 12 October 2020 07:33 says

Hello, Thanks for this woderful site. I just brought a x99 tf with E5-2678V3 combo. Can i update the bios from and then apply the turbo boost unlock? or should i use only the default bios i got with motherboard.

Miyconst on 12 October 2020 21:06 says

Gaurav, the latest BIOS from Huananzhi does not have RAM timings configuration and does not support overclocking. Thus, I would recommend you the BIOS from iEngineer. Also take a look at mine Mi899 application - Mi899 – X99 Tool Set | read, write BIOS & unlock turbo-boost with a few mouse clicks.

Gaurav on 13 October 2020 12:55 says

Thanks Miyconst. I am very new to this bios flashing. As iEngineer BIOS need a programer device, i am very sceptical about it. I like your Mi899 application. I will use this to unlock turbo boost. I just need turbo boost unlock as this is my first x99 system.

Few question om Mi899 application :

  1. Can I use the application to flash Bios-iEngineer on my default bios? ID: Name: BY99RD25 BIOS for Huananzhi X99-TF Republic of Belarus Edition, Mi8

  2. All undervoltage BIOS are x99-F8 bios. X99 -F8 BIOS works on X99-TF? if yes then i will use hz-x99-f8.tu.v3p50.ffs.mi8 BIOS.

Miyconst on 13 October 2020 13:08 says

Gaurav, you can use Mi899 to flash the BIOS modification from iEngineer. At least that worked well for me. As usual though, if something goes wrong your motherboard will be bricked, and the responsibility is on you.

Gaurav on 16 October 2020 19:25 says

Miyconst, thanks for the suggestion. I flashed iEnginner BIOS, its working fine. But i couldnt find any videos or blog on it. Just want to know what else it can do.

Alos i want to do undervolting maybe -50 , but not sure from where should i change the setting. Will XTU work? I can see other BIOS in Mi899 application with undervolt. Not with iEngineer BIOS.

Miyconst on 17 October 2020 00:32 says

Gaurav, the latest version of Mi899 1.0.2 has a few BIOS modifications based on the BIOS from iEngineer with undervolting. If you use the base BIOS, without Turbo Boost Unlock applied, you can reduce the CPU voltage using Intel XTU and maybe the BIOS settings.

Egidijus on 29 October 2020 12:28 says

Did this Bios version m.2 NVME disk support? Otherwise, then I insert SSD to nvme socket, motherboard won't start ata all. No postcodes. Only FF.

Miyconst on 29 October 2020 18:28 says

Egidijus, sorry, I don't quite understand what you mean.

Egidijus on 29 October 2020 22:40 says

Miyconst, propably m.2 nvme disk is broken. It shortening motherboard then plugged and postcodes doesn't starting to run.

diantel on 11 November 2020 22:11 says

Great job!. Thank you four job and dedication. I used your tool to use the hack turboost with undervolt and works wery well.

diantel on 16 November 2020 14:20 says

Hi, myconst all was working fine but I was trying diferent bioses. I changed the bios to iengineer myconst optimals, booted ok from ubuntu but next day I put the computer in the car and after the journey doesn't boot any more. 5 beeps and Ad message in the motherboard. I tried to clear cmos, put the ram on off and even the processor but doesn't boot. ¿Any clue of what is happening? Thanks

Miyconst on 16 November 2020 14:24 says

diantel, it's very hard to guess like this, but I would suggest to try to boot with just one memory module, also try to switch the graphics card from one slot to another slot. From my experience, the 5 beeps are indicating that the motherboard does not detect the GPU.

diantel on 16 November 2020 14:27 says

Ok. I'll try. Thanks you very much for the reply.

diantel on 16 November 2020 14:39 says

I tried with one memory module only and switching the graphics card and also tryied a diferent graphics card. The same result. It is very strange.

Miyconst on 16 November 2020 14:41 says

diantel, what is your graphics card? It could be that your GPU does not support UEFI mode, and during transportation your BIOS settings got reset to the default, the default values of the iEngineer BIOS disable legacy mode.

diantel on 16 November 2020 15:03 says

Myconst you were totally right. My card is gt 1030. The problem is that it was loose and the motherboard din't detect it. The other card was and old one and didn't detect it posibly because of the legacy mode.Now works. Thank you very much for all the help.

diantel on 18 November 2020 23:31 says

Finally I changed the bios. iEngineer BIOS gave 5 beeps when the hdmi cable is disconected also so I flashed the stock bios with afuwin because fpt doesn't work anymore. Something it's not correct. When I power on boots then the computer powers off and restarts. The second boot boots the operating system normally and all works fine. But I loaded defaults, reset CMOS for a night and nothing changes. The computer works perfect with linux and windows, didn't crash in games or tests but I'ts annoying and very slow when powers on because the it restarts and has to boot 2 times. When I suspend the computer it works correctly and doesn't restart. Do I have to use usb programmer to reflash the BIOS ? Thanks.

Miyconst on 19 November 2020 01:36 says

diantel, I didn't have such issue, thus it's very hard for me to guess how to fix it, but it might be that you have to get a flash programmer and restore the original BIOS the hard way.

diantel on 19 November 2020 02:10 says

Thank you for the reply. I'll try with the programmer.

diantel on 19 November 2020 21:24 says

Finally the problem with the double POST disappeared. I flashed diferent BIOS and the last one x99-f8 TU -50,50 Miyconst optimals gave a warning with afuwin if I want to erase the BIOS because is different I enter e, reset CMOS and the problem dissappeared. I'm very happy. The system works really well.

David Anthony on 01 December 2020 00:49 says

Hi Miyconst! Great youtube channel! I got an x99-tf and was able to do your permanent BIOS turbo unlock. Thanks.

I have a little problem now. "Windows boot manager" does not appear within my boot options so I can't boot into windows, even if I select my windows hard disk (all my hdds appear in the boot list, but not the "windows boot manager" entry). I can make it boot one time if I restore bios defaults. The next boot it fails and I have to go back into bios to restore defaults again.

I've kind of deduced that it has something to do with legacy mode vs uefi mode, but I don't understand enough to find a solution. I'm migrating my system from a "PlexHD x79 turbo". Does that mean I installed windows in legacy mode and the x99-TF is in UEFI mode so it won't boot or something?

Man I really need your help :P Thanks!

David on 01 December 2020 00:55 says

I have further clues: My HDD is in GPT mode. I was able to check in disk management in windows. So now I'm thinking that my x99-TF is trying to boot in legacy mode. Do you know how to change it to boot in UEFI mode? Thanks!!

Miyconst on 01 December 2020 01:10 says

David, this is a bug in the original Chinese BIOS, sometimes, after flashing a new BIOS or clearing CMOS, the motherboard stops seeing UEFI boot partitions. You can try to go to the CSM section of the BIOS and disable Legacy boot & Legacy support for your drives, this helped me a few times.

Even if you manage to boot from your existing driver, I would still strongly recommend to do a fresh Windows install, since X79 drivers are not the same as X99.

David on 01 December 2020 01:15 says

Thanks a lot! Can I get rid of the bug by reflashing it over and over until it works? Or is it permanently "broken" once you performa BIOS update or clear CMOS? For the time being, I will look for CSM in the bios and report back.

Miyconst on 01 December 2020 01:26 says

David, this bug is present in the original Huananzhi BIOS and fixed by iEngineer in his BIOS, thus, if you want to rid of the bug, you have to use the iEngineer version.

For now, you can just reinstall your OS and enjoy the PC, as long as you keep your current BIOS & don't clear CMOS, there shall be no issues with UEFI.

David on 01 December 2020 01:37 says

Miyconst, your fix worked like a charm. I found CSM in the bios and changed my boot and storage options to UEFI right after a fresh "restore default settings". It saved the changed correctly and I can now boot fine every time.


diantel on 09 December 2020 19:46 says

Hello. I've received the usb programmer. If I flash the bios with the usb-programmer I will recover the ability again to flash with fpt? or it is lost forever for flashing biosiengineer bios? Thanks.

Lukasz on 31 December 2020 17:38 says

You did a great job with your program, the Mi899. Successfully flashed bios to "spare huananzhi x99-F8 TU FFS -70 / -50. Turbo unlock worked.

But I couldn't set the ram frequency and therefore changed the bios again to "BY99RD25 (...), Mi8)

Now I can set the ram frequencies but I don't have turbo unlock.

Can I still unlock the turbo with the iEngineer bios?

Methanoid on 09 February 2021 00:33 says


What about you starting with iEngineer's BIOS (with updated modules etc) and then putting Turbo Boost unlock on it and add that to your tool? I'm sure most board owners would want BOTH ;-) BTW love the videos, been watching for ages. Great job!

Miyconst on 09 February 2021 02:09 says

Methanoid, you can check my Mi899 application, it has many BIOS mods, including the ones from iEngineer.

Methanoid on 09 February 2021 12:08 says

Miyconst, already had....none of them have the FFS Turbo Unlock installed... (also, just noticed, iEngineer BIOS locks the board so you need programmer to put new BIOS on???)

Miyconst on 09 February 2021 22:39 says

Methanoid, you can still use AfuWin to flash the original BIOS after flashing iEngineer mod, but it locks out FPT.

jerry aycock on 15 February 2021 19:02 says

I have X(( Tf and am getting Event ID 4155 and Freezing. I have tried everything I can think of to pinpoint it. I updated bios last year, Not sure which it was This is file name from it Chipset 主板驱动. Should I reload bios ? Any Help will be MUCH appreciated. Thank You Jerry

Martin Der Vall on 15 February 2021 19:24 says

Hello, I would like to ask you something. I bought an X-99 tf motherboard and it doesn't work. I removed all the ram memories to know if it was ram failure but it does not work, nor does it make any error noise or give video image. I have some way to fix it with a bios flash with CG341A. I sent a message to the seller but they don't answer. Could you help me please? Thanks.


Miyconst on 16 February 2021 23:47 says

Martin Der Vall, your issue description makes it next to impossible to guess what is wrong with the motherboard. Feel free to text me on Instagram and I will try to help -

Lulian on 17 February 2021 14:15 says

Hi I tried with your tool mi899 turbo hack with mine x99 tf board. I have crash using the in linux , stressing with handbrake encode video, some hours using the tool and crash. I'm using bios 5070 what do you recomend for test ? Thx

Martin Der Vall on 18 February 2021 17:16 says

Miyconst, Hello, the X-99 Tf that I bought with the E5 2678 V3 processor turns on, everything goes well but does not give video signal, it shows error code 53. What according to the SAV Huananzhi service means ram memory error. I have used 2400 and 2600hrz non-ecc ddr4 memories. I've tried everything I can, but I don't know what to do. Buy ecc memories, maybe it is the motherboard or the processor is faulty. Thank you for taking the time to reply. Thank you.

Miyconst on 20 February 2021 14:43 says

Martin Der Vall, most likely you have a memory compatibility issue. Could you please specify specs of your memory modules?

Martin Der Vall on 21 February 2021 15:58 says


Hello Miyconst, I bought the ram memories on Aliexpress because I was thinking of building a computer with Ryzen, then the pandemic came, the value of the products increased, and I found your videos on Yuotube and I thought it was a good alternative and my computer with an AMD Phenom II X6 1090T is already becoming obsolete by these times. The Ram brand is Juhor DDR4 2666Hz, 1.2V PC4-21300U CL-19-19-19-43. I know, they are not the best but they are at a good price and I thought they were fine for my workstation. Thank you for taking the time to respond. I always follow your content on YouTube.

david on 22 February 2021 00:19 says

hi, by mistake I installed republic of belarus bios, the pc works fine but I don't know exactly if I have turbo boost. I have tried to make a bootable usb with rufus and msdos to try to change the bios but I can't get it to boot with msdos. I want to try insert Another bios with afudos, but I don't know how to get it. Can you help me? What steps should I take to do it? What else can I do? Thank you

Jaume on 28 February 2021 18:06 says

Hi, do you know if second nvme is bootable? In bios options I can only see first nvme as a boot option. NVME is gpt formatted and available from Windows

Miyconst on 28 February 2021 18:12 says

Jaume, yes, it is surely bootable, but you might need to change the hard drive priorities in the BIOS settings.

Jaume on 28 February 2021 18:14 says

Miyconst, but I cannot select it in bios settings. Just appears first nvme. Maybe I am missing something.

Gim on 03 March 2021 23:56 says

Hi Miyconst.I bought a 10gb pcie 4x card, but it is not working in the third slot. I have 2 graphic cards, 1 16x and other 8x, and 2 nvme on a 2678v3. As you mention in your video, sometimes pci are not working. Do you suggest any special gondiguration? I dont know how to activate third pci 4x. (The card is working, I tried in another pc). Thanks!

Miyconst on 04 March 2021 00:01 says

Gim, it is very hard to suggest something without having the hardware on my hands. I think, you should start digging into what is going on by removing most of the stuff from the motherboard and plugging one thing at a time. The card might not be working with this motherboard in general.

Gim on 04 March 2021 00:06 says

Miyconst, I plugged the card in the second pci slot and works. I dont know if the third slot works or not as I dont have anything else to plug in. Maybe am I using all pci lines? I have all pci express config in auto mode

Miyconst on 04 March 2021 07:00 says

Gim, in this case you have to figure out if the last slot works at all. As far as I know, the last slot is shared with the M.2 slot and it has to be set to x4x4 PCI-E Bifurcation. These Xeons have 40 lanes in total, so it's split like [x16, x16, x8] between the three slots, and the last slot is further shared with the M.2 drive as x4x4

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