Xeon E5-2600 V3 Turbo Boost Unlock

This is a step by step guide of how to unlock Xeon E5-2600 V3 Turbo Boost frequency on all CPU cores using Chinese X99 motherboards.

  • ❗ IMPORTANT: The step “6. Windows driver installation” does not seem to be required any more. First validate if Turbo Boost Unlock works without it. Install Windows drivers only if unlock does not work without them.
  • ❗ IMPORTANT: Use the V3DUAL.EFI driver for dual socket motherboards. Google Slides presentation has been updated, but the video guide is not possible to update.

Required files

Download x99-tu.zip archive required for this guide.

Hashes of the x99-tu.zip file:

MD5: 272621266752a1df69cfa57c88a3f2df
SHA1: e6c43b03cabf3d21b8b023f21c7d64c2fc09bc6e
SHA256: 88a9cc5d15d3ac59e896600c6c2706ca0cd99a55b45be6e18874df2b7c23d2bd

To validate hashes of the file execute the following commands:

certutil -hashfile x99-tu.zip MD5
certutil -hashfile x99-tu.zip SHA1
certutil -hashfile x99-tu.zip SHA256

Google Slides Presentation

Review of the Chinese X99 Motherboards

JingSha X99 Dual

Huananzhi X99-TF

Huananzhi X99-8M

Machinist X99Z

Runing X99 V1.2

PlexHD / Atermiter X99

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Вадим on 10 January 2020 12:16 says

Use afudos instead of FPT for Z99 v102. Other steeps are made by this instruction. Proof: CPU-Z Validation, userbenchmark.com/UserRun/23542225.

Miyconst on 10 January 2020 14:29 says

Вадим, do you mean Machinist X99Z? So, AfuDos worked for you? In my case AfuDos failed to write the BIOS.

Вадим on 10 January 2020 21:07 says

Did you tried with /gan key?

LUI Siu Man on 30 March 2020 11:25 says

I stumbled a thread on guide on win-raid, where the xx.efi file is inserted into his ASUS board ROM as xx.ffs usinf the UEFITool after the efi-to-ffs conversion.Link here: https://www.win-raid.com/t3874f16-GUIDE-Haswell-E-EP-Xeon-CPUID-F-Turbo-Unlock.html

I think this methods seems more convenient than loading the v3.efi with the USB EFI method, since the overclock process is done on startup, and the boot process into the EFI is not required anymore

Do you think it is doable with those Chinese board? I hope you can have a try :)

Miyconst on 30 March 2020 11:30 says

LUI Siu Man, I plan to try this method to validate Turbo Frequency Unlock on Ubuntu, but I am not sure when I will have time for it.

LUI Siu Man on 30 March 2020 16:07 says

I have successfully tested the ffs method and it worked! I put the v3.ffs and another .ffs linked by the ASUS thread to the ROM.

It is done on my Huananzhi X99-F8 with E5 2678 v3. All cores at x33 mutiplier

One important thing is that for some reason, or maybe just me and some others, Windows 10 will lockup very very soon if I just delete the microcode . I had to set the "IntelRCSetup> Advanced Power Management Configuration>Power technology" to "disable" to boot normally into Windows 10 (not sure about other OS). I used AMIBCP v5.02 and set the "CPU C State Control" to USER so I could disable the C3 and C6 report in the UEFI, like what the user did to his ASUS board.

My resource x99_ffs_v3.rom, guide & notes.

The X99_ffs_v3.rom is the rom I use now. And the document is a messy but useful steps I took to achieved the ROM mod.

Miyconst on 30 March 2020 22:20 says

LUI Siu Man, thanks a lot for the info! This will be the next thing I try out, if it works for me as well - then the Turbo Boost unlock procedure will be way more stable and easy.