Original BIOS for Chinese X99 Motherboards

Machinist X99Z / X99-CE5

Can be found on AliExpress under Kllisre and Qiyida names.

Download Original BIOS for Machinist X99Z 16 MB.

MD5 hash of .\mn-x99z.rom.zip:

SHA1 hash of .\mn-x99z.rom.zip:

SHA256 hash of .\mn-x99z.rom.zip:

ZX-DU99D4 V1.11

Can be found on AliExpress under Atermiter, Kllisre, Machinist names.

Download Original BIOS for ZX-DU99D4 V1.11.

MD5 hash of zx-du99d4.rom.zip:

SHA1 hash of zx-du99d4.rom.zip:

SHA256 hash of zx-du99d4.rom.zip:

JingSha X99-GT

Download Original BIOS for JingSha X99-GT.

❗ This BIOS was taken from a motherboard with Intel B85 chipset.

MD5 hash of js-x99-gt.b85.rom.zip:

SHA1 hash of js-x99-gt.b85.rom.zip:

SHA256 hash of js-x99-gt.b85.rom.zip:

Veineda X99

Download Original BIOS for Veineda X99.

MD5 hash of .\veineda-x99.rom:

SHA1 hash of .\veineda-x99.rom:

SHA256 hash of .\veineda-x99.rom:

Huananzhi X99-8M Clone

❗ This BIOS was not tested with the original Huananzhi motherboards.

Download Original BIOS for a noname X99 motherboard, which looks similar to Huananzhi X99-8MD3.

MD5 hash of hz-x99-8m-clone.rom.zip:

SHA1 hash of hz-x99-8m-clone.rom.zip:

SHA256 hash of hz-x99-8m-clone.rom.zip:

Huananzhi X99-F8D

Download Original Huananzhi X99-F8D BIOS.

MD5 hash of x99f8d.rom.zip:

SHA1 hash of x99f8d.rom.zip:

SHA256 hash of x99f8d.rom.zip:

JingSha X99 D4

Download Original JingSha X99 D4 BIOS.

MD5 hash of x99d4.rom.zip:

SHA1 hash of x99d4.rom.zip:

SHA256 hash of x99d4.rom.zip:

JingSha X99 Dual

Download Original JingSha X99 Dual BIOS.

MD5 hash of x99.dual.rom.zip:

SHA1 hash of x99.dual.rom.zip:

SHA256 hash of x99.dual.rom.zip:

Kllisre X99 D4

Download Original Kllisre X99 D4 BIOS.

MD5 hash of x99d4.rom.zip:

SHA1 hash of x99d4.rom.zip:

SHA256 hash of x99d4.rom.zip:

Kllisre / JingSha X99 D8

Download Original Kllisre / JingSha X99 D8 BIOS.

X99 D8 motherboard can be branded as Kllisre or JingSha, but it's the same motherboard with the same BIOS.

MD5 hash of x99d8.rom.zip:

SHA1 hash of x998m.rom.zip:

SHA256 hash of x998m.rom.zip:

Huananzhi X99-8M

Download Original Huananzhi X99-8M BIOS.

MD5 hash of x998m.rom.zip:

SHA1 hash of x998m.rom.zip:

SHA256 hash of x998m.rom.zip:

Huananzhi X99-F8

Download Original Huananzhi X99-F8 BIOS.

MD5 hash of x99f8.rom:

SHA1 hash of x99f8.rom:

SHA256 hash of x99f8.rom:

Huananzhi X99-TF

Download Original Huananzhi X99-TF BIOS.

MD5 hash of x99tf.rom:

SHA1 hash of x99tf.rom:

SHA256 hash of x99tf.rom:
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Francisco Gomes on 01 June 2020 07:08 says

Need usb flash bios tool for huananzhi x99 tf. my device start and any seconds crash. need help for instal bios for usb flash bios. need process for instal and tool usb flash. hug

Miyconst on 01 June 2020 08:56 says

Francisco Gomes, I can recommend you this tool: CH341A. Is your PC stable to get into the BIOS?

Vincent on 09 June 2020 19:24 says

I thought it would be fine to get the X99 V102, as I wasn’t planning to overclock.

However, I think I bricked it... I modified a setting in the BIOS, something to do with UEFI and GPU, and the option rom thing, and now it wouldn’t boot. (No display, fan and gpu light does light up, click of power button immediately shuts down). I had previously had a Z87 system with full UEFI (switched off option rom and stuff), but it failed after 4-5 years. This was meant to replace. GPU is known working. I have tried moving the jumper, as an effort to reset the bios.

Based on your experience with your “dead” X99 V102, was it considerably doable to recover? Do you have any other suggestions? Also, was also wondering if you spotted this problem when testing?

Thanks in advance.

Miyconst on 09 June 2020 19:54 says

Vincent, X99Z V102 motherboard seems to have some strong capacitors on board, which keep the BIOS settings even if you shorten the clear CMOS jumper. Thus, my recommendation would be:

  • Remove the batter from the motherboard.
  • Shorten the clear CMOS jumper.
  • Let the motherboard be like this for a few days.
  • Try it again.
Vincent on 09 June 2020 20:01 says

Thanks for the quick reply! That gives a glimmer of hope. Will do it tomorrow! (It’s night time here)

Vincent on 10 June 2020 19:26 says

Hey Miyconst, thanks for your advice! I didn’t leave it for days but tried like 10 minutes, and now it’s bootable again!

Miyconst on 11 June 2020 02:55 says

Vincent, thanks for the update, it's good to know since my motherboard didn't clear its CMOS even after 30 minutes without the battery.

Andres Cera on 16 June 2020 00:00 says

Francisco Gomes, you need to use a ch341a programmer to do it

Wayan on 16 June 2020 05:47 says

Hello bro do you have Kllisre X79 Motherboard BIOS file? My board doesn't working and not want to start. Thanks

Miyconst on 16 June 2020 08:47 says

Wayan, unfortunately, I don't have BIOS for this motherboard, but you can take a look here - Kllisre X79 M2 \ M3.

junior on 20 June 2020 01:27 says

hello guys is there a fix for dual x99 motherboard to resume power after power loss

Miyconst on 20 June 2020 08:24 says

junior, unfortunately no.

Max on 21 June 2020 09:27 says

junior, I browsed through bios of Kllisre / JingSha X99 D8 a lot, trying to find an option to resume power state on power loss. I feel that I found it but it's not called something like "power management". Look for something where you can choose states D0-D5. D0 is for power off, I selected something like D3 and it powers on on power loss - I've already tested it. Unfortunately, I can't tell exactly now because it's in remote location but I will get back to it after I get the next motherboard :)

EmmaPF on 24 June 2020 16:24 says

Hello... It happens that some time ago I bought a Chinese mother (huananzhi x99-f8) and a xeon e5 2678 v3 processor to experiment, I made a server in minecraft and played at the same time, etc ... but I came up with the idea of doing OC, use this tutorial https://youtu.be/n70kVysFM3E

I saw this tutorial and I did it, But boy, when I get to the part where the bios are modified by entering the Uefi I realize that it is not the same as in the video, it gives me an error and well, now I cannot start Windows and I cannot format :) It freezes, I don't know if I already have a good piece of paper or can I do something, advice?

Psdt: load the file into FS0, but when you go from FS0 to FS1, I noticed there was no FS1 and hey ... now the problem :)

Miyconst on 24 June 2020 16:33 says

EmmaPF, so, you have stuck in the situation when the 06F2 CPU microcode from the BIOS has been removed, but the EFI drivers are not installed.

Since you don't have the FS1 partition, I can assume that your Windows is installed in the legacy non-UEFI mode, which is not supported to add extra EFI drivers.

Now you have the following options:

  1. Go to the BIOS and put CPU Power Management to Disabled. I don't remember the exact settings name, but there shall be three options: Disabled, Custom, and Energy Efficient. Put it to Disabled, save changes and reboot back to Windows.
  2. Restore your default BIOS and be happy with a working system.
  3. Use my Turbo Boost Unlock method with injecting FFS driver straight into the BIOS without extra EFI drivers.
EmmaPF on 24 June 2020 17:31 says

ooohhh maaan, amazing..... but how to reset the default Bios? I already removed the battery and made the bridge... I download the Bios you have?

of course I will use your method <3

Miyconst on 24 June 2020 18:01 says

EmmaPF, you can't restore the original BIOS by clearing CMOS, you have to use FPT tool to flash original BIOS. You can also flash BIOS with injected FFS driver straight away.

EmmaPF on 25 June 2020 05:03 says

I don't know how this process is done :(

Miyconst on 25 June 2020 10:21 says

EmmaPF, you can watch two of my Turbo Boost Unlock tutorials, and you will learn everything you need to know - Xeon E5-2600 V3 Turbo Boost Unlock.

Mark on 27 June 2020 11:44 says

Miyconst, Hi Miyconst, can you please tell me which pins you jump on the Machinist Board?

Miyconst on 27 June 2020 11:45 says

Mark, I don't quite understand your question, sorry.

Mark on 27 June 2020 12:15 says

Miyconst, Sorry, I meant can you please tell me which pins you jump on the Machinist X99Z v102 board? I am used to seeing 3 pins near the CMOS battery and you change the jumper to the other 2 pins. But I can't see anything like that on this board. Thanks Mark

Miyconst on 27 June 2020 12:48 says

Mark, as far as I know it's located between USB 2.0 and 3-pin fan header. Unfortunately, the clear CMOS jumper is not functioning well with the stock motherboard's BIOS.

Thom on 03 July 2020 21:37 says

Hello Miyconst. Not the correct place to post this I'm sure but not sure where else to! I've just acquired an Atermiter X99 board (same as Killsre X99-D4) with a 2620v3. I'm trying to install windows from the NVME but it just cannot see it! I've disabled CSM etc but the NVME will not show in the drive selection on W10 setup. I've even tried reseating the drive but no change. You've tested these boards with NVME SSD, any advice you could give me would be appreciated. Many thanks.

Miyconst on 03 July 2020 21:42 says

Hi Thom. First of all, please provide your SSD model name, and tell me if the SSD is recognized in the BIOS.

Thom on 03 July 2020 21:53 says

The SSD is a Patriot P300. It does not show in the BIOS. The BIOS is AMI Aptio 5.11, but I have noticed its an Evaluation copy (shows on post). There is an NVME option in BIOS but the sub menu is empty.

Miyconst on 03 July 2020 22:00 says

Thom, there might be two reasons for this issue:

  1. The SSD is not compatible with this motherboard.
  2. The motherboard is defective.

The evaluation version of the BIOS shall not affect it's functionality.

Thom on 03 July 2020 22:08 says

Thanks for the information on the BIOS. I fear you maybe right. I think I will pull my SATA SSD from my other machine and possibly flash the BIOS to the F8 version. I will also test the SSD on my Ryzen system with MSI mobo. Thanks for the advice.

Miyconst on 03 July 2020 22:13 says

Thom, some other of my subscribers reported that Kingston SSDs didn't work properly on this motherboard as well. Thus, I suspect, that your SSD is totally fine, but the motherboard is not compatible with it.

Thom on 03 July 2020 22:27 says

Maybe I'll just swap the drives around from the two machines then. Sounds like the best value option! I do have a King Spec 480gb NVME on order from Ali, I hope that one works! Thanks again for your help.

Ivica on 03 July 2020 23:07 says

Miyconst, HI! I have a Huananzhi X99 TF mobo and its wont boot.Led shows A6 error, and 1 long and 5 short beeps. Try with DDR3 and DDR4 in all slots combination but screen still black...I acquired same mobo but act the same. Only cannot try with different CPU(e5+2678v3).Solo board (no ram, cpu, vga) show FF, with CPU only 53, Any idea? I hope that I am only one whos got dead cpu.... Thanks in advance and best regards.

Miyconst on 03 July 2020 23:10 says

Ivica, if I understood you correctly, you have tested your Xeon E5-2678 V3 in multiple motherboards, and the CPU would not boot. In this case I can recommend you to clean the CPU contacts with a clean spirit. Do not use hand sanitizing gel, use clean spirit. A6 post code does not really tell much, but you can see the list of the post codes here - AMI BIOS Post Codes.

Ivica on 05 July 2020 13:56 says

Hi! Yes you correct, i try CPU in two identical x99 Tf board, and act the same. I separately test Ram, VGA card in other mobo and worked well. Also try with DDR 4 RAM, but no luck.Also I have different ram boards, used in hp Z600, and in Z820, so i know thats wirking, ECC ,non ECC, diferent speed, but no luck.I try to clean CPU Contacts and let you know the result. I can also add some photos of behavior if you need. Thanks in advance and best regards.

JSJ on 06 July 2020 22:09 says

I put a modified russian bios in my Kllisre D4, but I had some issues with HDD, so I reinstall the original bios. Now I'm triying with other bios, but my current bios (supposedly the original) is protected against write. How can it be, if the first time that I flashed I just replace the stock bios with re russian one without write protection?. How can I unlock the protection?

Miyconst on 06 July 2020 22:12 says

JSJ, you have to disable the BIOS write lock in the BIOS settings. Carefully watch my review for the motherboard, and you will find the answer of how to do that.

JSJ on 06 July 2020 22:40 says

Miyconst, Ok My friend, I found it but in the JingSha X99 D4 video, thanks for your job.

LOT on 09 July 2020 17:47 says

My friend, my motherboard X99D4 Kllisre is dead after a bios update made via DOS by afudos, I was just trying to put the stock bios back after issues with a modified bios. Now the system does not show video. There is a way to recover it?, or the motherboard is totally dead?, I'm waiting for another k99 MB, in the meanwhile I'm trying to probe different things in my current MB. kind Regards.

LOT on 09 July 2020 22:44 says

I bought Ch341A tool as you said In a earlier comment, Hope it works, regards.

Miyconst on 10 July 2020 09:25 says

LOT, you have screwed the motherboard BIOS and now you need the CH341a USB flash programmer to restore the BIOS. I plan to make a video of how to do that.

LOT on 10 July 2020 16:43 says

Miyconst, That will be very useful for many of us, thanks, kind regards.

Laurent on 16 July 2020 01:26 says

Hello, do you have any updated bios for Kllisre X99 dual DU99D4? Many thanks

Miyconst on 16 July 2020 09:49 says

Laurent, sorry, I don't have it. This motherboard has not yet arrived to me.

Gabor on 16 July 2020 10:06 says

Vincent, "something to do with UEFI and GPU, and the option rom thing"

I am awaiting a KLLISRE X99Z V102 board too. I was shocked as you wrote, that you bricked the motherboard, by changing settings in the BIOS :-O

Do you remember what have you done exactly?

I didn't plan to overclock my CPU, so I don't plan to tamper with the BIOS (very probably), but I would like to feel safe, that if I enter the BIOS, accidentally I am not able to brick the mobo.

Thanks! Gabor

chrisk2305 on 27 July 2020 14:54 says

Hi Miyconst,

Do you know where I can find the latest BIOS for the Kllisre X99 Desktop motherboard (https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000880394156.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.7f094c4dgS3W6B)

Thank you!

Miyconst on 27 July 2020 15:54 says

chrisk2305, what do you count as the latest BIOS? The latest official BIOS or different mods?

chrisk2305 on 27 July 2020 16:05 says

Actually the latest official BIOS. I would still need to mod it for Turbo unlock. But if you already have the latest BIOS with unlock mod I would not mind also :-) Thanks!

Miyconst on 27 July 2020 21:17 says

chrisk2305, there are some new modifications for this motherboard, but I do not feel comfortable to suggest it before I test it myself. I would pick the BIOS from the Mik Gambit video, it works well.

chrisk2305 on 28 July 2020 09:27 says

Thank you. I wouldn't mind trying out the version you have, as this is an experiment only. Thanks again. Chris

Pavithran on 28 July 2020 21:59 says

Does Huananzhi boards work well with Intel Vtx ?

Miyconst on 28 July 2020 22:35 says

Pavithran, they do, as far as I know.

Diego on 30 July 2020 20:11 says

Hi, I need some help please I have jingsha x99 dual with e2678 v3 64Gb of ram. First, there is one slot of memory ram that doesn't work, the motherboard shows b7 in its display and the computer doesn't start. I've tried each of memory of 8 in that slot and always the same, the motherboard shows b7 and doesn't start. Second, in other slots there is one memory ram that doesn't work, whatever I put that memory ram the display always shows b7 and he computer doesn't start. So I think I have one slot that doesn't work and one memory ram that doesn't work neither. I've thought probably it's a factory problem but I'm not sure. What do you think? Many thanks

Miyconst on 30 July 2020 20:23 says

Diego, I think, you shall contact the seller and ask for the help. According to your description, you seem to either have a defective motherboard or a defective CPU. The non working memory module is most likely defective as well.

yorladys de on 01 August 2020 07:47 says

Hello friend, sorry I do not speak English so I am using the Google translator, I have a problem with my board or I think so, I explain a few days ago perform the steps to unlock the turbo to my e5 2620 v3, after that I have started to experiencing system crashes, at first I thought it was the Ram, so I changed them, but the problem continued, then I thought it was my ssd, but I tried to install Windows in an hhd, and the same thing happened in the middle of the installation it hung and I did not answer anymore, then searching the Internet, I could read several comments of similar cases and they said that it was the bios, so I decided to ask you because I see that you have a lot of content about these Chinese plates, my plate is a huananzhi x99-f8

Miyconst on 01 August 2020 17:50 says

yorladys de, did you perform system stress test and memory validation before applying the turbo boost unlock? To be able to solve the issue, you need to know the culprit. It could be hardware or software related. To rule out hardware reasons, you shall always stress test your system before any BIOS modifications.

yorladys de on 01 August 2020 18:49 says

Miyconst, I have done the ram stability test through the Linux distro test, but it only reached 40% and it was freezing, so I changed the memories and it is still the same, I tried to install a clean copy of Windows in my ssd m. 2 and could not because it hung in the installation, so to discard the ssd look for an hdd of a friend and the same thing happened, during the installation it hung and did not let Windows install, searching the Internet I came across its forum and I could read the case of Francisco Gómez, who was passing something similar to my case and you recommended the eeprom CH341A

Miyconst on 01 August 2020 20:18 says

yorladys de, did you perform these tests before or after modifying your BIOS?

yorladys de on 02 August 2020 01:08 says

Miyconst, The tests were done after modifying the bios, I was also trying to raise the Ram to 2400mz, but my xeon e5 2620 v3 only recognizes them until 1866, in that step I did the stability tex and everything was fine, the problem started when I tried touching the system quick start options from the bios, removing the image from American trends, after that the crashes started, so I reset the bios to factory state and it was still freezing, the same thing happened when I tried to reset with the jcmos pin

Miyconst on 02 August 2020 13:24 says

yorladys de, go back to the original BIOS and don't mess up with the Quick Start and other things if you want to have Turbo Boost unlock. Xeon E5-2620 V3 supports DDR4-1866 maximum, so far there is no known way to overcome this limitation. Also, I don't think I will be able to assist if you apply some custom BIOS modifications which cause system instability.

yorladys de on 02 August 2020 15:01 says

Miyconst, Is it possible to return to the bios originate from a usb drive? Without having to use the eeprom programmer

Miyconst on 02 August 2020 21:00 says

yorladys de, yes, it's possible, but if you computer hangs during the flashing process, the motherboard will get bricked. To do that you have to create a bootable MS-DOS USB flash drive, copy FPT tool, all its files, and the original BIOS file onto the USB flash drive, boot from the flash drive and use the FPT tool to flash the original BIOS.

JD on 04 August 2020 12:53 says

Hello Miyconst, I just built my pc with xeon e5 2620 v3, huananzhi x99-tf and 8gb ddr4 ram from samsung. Then today I bought a 16gb ram kit for an upgrade since I just borrowed the 8gb ram to to setup the turbo unlock. Now the motherboard is stuck with error code 53 which I googled and it seems the ram is the problem, so here are the troubleshootings I’ve done:

-Reseating ram -Testing 1 ram on every slot -Clearing cmos every reseat and test

And it still doesnt work. So, I tried the new ram on a different computer and it works, then I also tried using the previous 8gb ram I borrowed and it is working. Then lastly I tried both the old and new ram together and the new ram doesnt read by the motherboard.

What seems the problem? and is there a solution? I read some posts that says to try a different bios My bios ver. is 2.18.1263

Miyconst on 04 August 2020 13:40 says

JD, as far as I know, there is no solution for this problem. The 8 GB memory modules you have are simply not compatible with X99-TF motherboard, unfortunately. It is a known problem, that all (at least most) of the Chinese X99 motherboards are not working with 2 and 4 banks modules. In the past, only 4 GB modules had such configurations, but lately there are 8 GB modules as well.

The DDR4 ECC REG memory has way less compatibility problems on these boards, but if you want to buy desktop memory from AliExpress, then the best option would be 16 GB memory modules.

JD on 04 August 2020 15:00 says

Miyconst, Oh that is sad to hear. I am hoping there is a work around the ram I bought is from China, it is HRUIYL 2x8gb DDR4. If ever I tried to swap the 2x8 gb to a single 16gb ram of the same brand, is there a possibility that it will work? or not because its the same brand?

Miyconst on 04 August 2020 15:28 says

JD, it does not matter which brand it is, what matter is the physical memory layout. You can read about memory banks here.

JD on 04 August 2020 16:09 says

Miyconst, Ok I see, I just checked the new ram I have and it only has 4 banks so that is probably the case, thank you so much for the fast response!

Rondinelle on 08 August 2020 21:03 says

Hello, could you help me, recently I bought the Kllisre X99 D4 card, when trying to install the OS, I come across the error presented, follow youtube link. I removed the memories and tested a slot at home and the error still persists. What do you think it can be?


I thank you for your help.

Luigui on 10 August 2020 18:48 says

Hi! I had a x79 with E5-2650 and 64GB RAM. it turns out that I changed the processor for an E5-2670. But it does not start me with the 64GB of RAM. It only works with 2 slots (2 and 4 or 1 and 3). If I put the RAM or the 4 slots in another device, it throws me "ERROR 67". Can you help me please.

Miyconst on 10 August 2020 18:58 says

Luigui, try to remove the CPU and carefully clean its contacts with clean spirit do not use anti-bacterial gel. If that doesn't help, you might have got a CPU with damaged memory channels.

Miyconst on 10 August 2020 19:01 says

Rondinelle, did you test your memory with Memtest86? Did you apply any turbo boost unlock procedures? Do you have CPU C3/C6 states disabled or enabled in the BIOS?

Rondinelle on 10 August 2020 20:43 says

Miyconst, Hello, first thanks for answering my question, I have no way to test the memories, I bought this kit on aliexpress to show a PC GAMER for my son, the tests I did was to remove the memories from the slots and test them one by one at home slot and yet the problem persists. I also tried to change the video card, but without success. I did not make any configuration in the motherboard BIOS, except, choose the boot through the pendrive to install the OS, when I get home I will check these options that you mention. CPU C3 / C6. And I return here to tell if it worked.

EmmaPF on 12 August 2020 02:54 says

Miyconst, i love you... thanks for the help

Rondinelle on 14 August 2020 00:38 says

EmmaPF, Hello my friend, returning here to inform you that I was unable to solve the problem, I will narrate what was done. The card recognizes Windows 7, but Windows 10 does not, when I install Windows 10, and on the Windows logo screen loading ... it restarts and the monitor flashes. I did the following tests, I took the HD of my notebook that is installed on windows 7, put it on the board and started normal, so I decided to put the HD SDD on my notebook and install windows 10 on it, and when I put it on the board, and when start it turns off on the windows 10 logo screen and has the same problem with the monitor flashing, so I decided to try to enter the safe mode, started, however, stayed with it in black and white. I think it is some configuration in the BIOS that is enabled that is not compatible with windows 10. But, I can't find what it is. Could you help me solve the problem? Please!

Miyconst on 14 August 2020 07:36 says

Rondinelle, text me on Instagram and we can try to solve it.

Rondinelle on 14 August 2020 18:36 says

Miyconst, Thank you, I sent you a message.

Fo0se on 15 August 2020 02:23 says

Hello Miyconst, I have some doubts about really needing to change the Kllisre x99 D8 bios to the Huananzhi X99-F8 bios to unlock the turbo boost? this procedure is not for all x99 motherboards? the other question and about DDR4 memories, did you use Kllisre brand memories? Are they good for the x99 platform? especially with the e5 2678 v3, or do you think it is better to use ddr3 1600mhz eec reg memories? Thanks!

Miyconst on 15 August 2020 10:16 says


  • As far as I know, every JingSha/Kllisre X99 D8 motherboard works well with Huananzhi X99-F8 BIOS. All you have to do is disable the BIOS write protection in the BIOS and use FPT to slash the X99-F8 BIOS on the motherboard.
  • Kllisre DDR4 memory is a gamble. 8 GB modules may have a different layout, the ones with 8 banks work well, the ones with 4 banks are not supported by the Chinese X99 motherboards. Thus, if you plan to buy these memory sticks, I would suggest to buy it as a bundle from AliExpres, then the seller will check that the RAM is compatible with the motherboard, otherwise, I would suggest buying DDR3 ECC REG.
Fo0se on 15 August 2020 22:56 says

Miyconst, First thanks for answering me! I'm about to buy an E5 2678 v3 kit! I’m consuming all the content on your youtube channel to get my questions answered. has 2 kits with attractive price on aliexpress, E5 2678 v3 + Kllisre x99 d8 + 4x8 32gb Kllisre DDR4 2400mhz and the other kit is E5 2678 v3 + huananzhi x99-tf + 4x8 32GB DDR3 ECC reg 1600mhz. The only procedure I intend to perform is the turbo boost unlock and maybe tighten the time of the memories, in your opinion what is the best kit? Thank you very much for your attention! (I'm Brazilian and I use Google translator so I'm sorry for any grammatical errors)

Miyconst on 15 August 2020 23:48 says

Fo0se, out of these two options I would pick Kllisre X99 D8, but you would have to flash Huananzhi X99-F8 BIOS to get access to the RAM timings.

Fo0se on 16 August 2020 00:01 says

Miyconst, Thanks for the tip, I will buy the Kllisre X99 D8 kit, as soon as I arrive I give feedback.

chrisk2305 on 17 August 2020 18:00 says

Hi, I have a X99Z V102 and I cannot change the memory frequency. I have 2400Mhz DDR4 RAM and it always defaults to 2133 no matter what I set in the BIOS. Can somebody help out here? Thanks!

chrisk2305 on 17 August 2020 18:33 says

EDIT: Ok, My CPU ist the culprit. I have a Xeon E5-2678 v3 that only supports DDR4 2133. But one other thing: I have modified the bios and unlocked it. It should boost to 3,3 Ghz but stays at 2,9Ghz under heavy load. Cooling is more than sufficient. Maybe you have a clue? Thanks

Doc brown on 18 August 2020 06:29 says

I've been looking through all of the comments on your blog after I received my motherboard/cpu today. I decided on the kllisre D8 with a E5-2678 v3. I downloaded all of the files needed to unlock turbo but to my surprise it was already unlocked! My motherboard came with a turbo unlocked bios, with driver injected, and undervolted from kllisre's official store.

Everything works flawlessly luckily. I'm supprised.

Christian Klutich on 21 August 2020 09:07 says

I also set some too tight timings for my ram on the x99z v102 and now the system won't post. Clear CMOS does not work as stated a few posts above. Is there really no way to do a faster cmos reset than waiting a few days without battery and power?

Miyconst on 21 August 2020 13:59 says

Christian Klutich, as far as I know, there is no other way. You can try to wait a few hours, that could be enough, for some users even a few minutes is enough, but not for me.

chrisk2305 on 21 August 2020 14:45 says

Ok, thanks. I left it overnight an that was not enough. Hopefully 24h will be enough.

Miyconst on 21 August 2020 14:49 says

chrisk2305, you also need to shorten the clear CMOS jumper.

chrisk2305 on 21 August 2020 14:57 says

Yes, this is the JBAT1 Jumper, right?

Miyconst on 22 August 2020 10:44 says

chrisk2305, yes, as far as I remember.

Adam on 26 August 2020 15:46 says

Does anyone know how to lower the chasis fan speed in x99-d8?

Hamza on 26 August 2020 18:25 says

hi i have x99 d4 motherboard. I used the x99 d4 motherboard for 2 months without any problems, but today I played with the bios settings.

In the bios menu, I just clicked the uefi option, save and exit, the computer turned off and then it was not turned on, so there was no image on the screen, please help.

Trying: I took out the Bios battery and installed it. I removed the rams and installed them. I tried a different display card. I changed the location of the bios jumper. None of it worked

Miyconst on 26 August 2020 23:16 says

Adam, unfortunately, you would have to use a low noise adapters like this one - Noctua Low-Noise Adaptor NA-SRC7.

Miyconst on 26 August 2020 23:18 says

Hamza, remove the battery from the motherboard and shorten the clear CMOS jumper. Wait like this for a few minutes and put the batter and the jumper back, then try to boot again.

Adam on 26 August 2020 23:23 says

Miyconst, great thanks for quick answer. I've ordered simple controller with high and low speed (will connect straight to PSU instead of mainboard).

Adam on 27 August 2020 13:18 says

One more question: I've TU my bios of x99-d8 with offset 20/20. E5-2673 works fine with turbo freq on all cores. Temps are low, cpu is stable under load of many different benchmarks... But it gives me BSOD (WHEA uncorrectable error) on cinebench r20 every time. Previous version runs smoothly. Btw. Is it possible that I've locked my bios somehow? I cannot reflash it again to version without undervolting...

Adam on 27 August 2020 13:35 says

Adam, i forgot to unlock bios after setting default settings. Reflashed to 0/0 version without any luck with r20 - crashing after few seconds. :( Any advices would be very appreciated, as I really want to beat my friend's ryzen in this benchmark :D

Adam on 27 August 2020 14:07 says

Miyconst, I've installed f8 bios on my x99-d8 and have a problem with freq. How to uninstall the driver you've mentioned in review?

Hamza on 27 August 2020 15:34 says

Miyconst, battery and jumper did not work I kept it for 1 day

Miyconst on 27 August 2020 16:40 says

Adam, to uninstall an installed EFI driver you have to clear CMOS, to remove an FFS driver you have to flash another BIOS file, which does not have the FFS driver installed.

The WHEA uncorrectable error BSOD usually indicates that the CPU has too low voltages, and it may hit you only when with the AVX instructions, which Cinebench R20 is known to be using.

IGOR SEIXAS on 30 August 2020 03:58 says

Hi! Miyconst! Greetings from Brazil!! You have some information about maximum TDP supported by X99-F8 Chinese Motherboard? I am looking to buy a E5-2693v3 wich has a TDP of 160W.

I am wondering if X99-F8 can support the wattage. And about Turbo Unlock, maybe it will be as usual for this processor too?

Thanks again for your great work!

Regards, Igor

Miyconst on 30 August 2020 11:10 says

IGOR SEIXAS, I would not recommend installing anything higher than 130 Watt on this board, but overclocked E5-1650 V3 easily consumes around 200 Watt, thus the 160 Watt E5-2693 V3 should also be fine with extra airflow over the VRM zone. Anyway, I would strongly recommend you JingSha X99 D8 instead of X99-F8.

IGOR SEIXAS on 31 August 2020 03:00 says

Miyconst! Thanks for your reply!! I will take a look in x99 d8. And about memory modules, can you recommend some specific model? I am trying to find SK Hynix 8G or 16G modules in Aliexpress but it hard to find hynix modules.

Thanks again!

Miyconst on 31 August 2020 07:37 says

IGOR SEIXAS, you don't need SK Hynix memory in particular, almost any ECC REG 8GB/16GB module should work. For example this ones - Samsung DDR4 Server RAM 8GB 16GB 32GB.

You can also buy the desktop RAM, but if you buy from AliExpress, ask the seller to send you 2/4/8 identical modules with 16 banks. The best is to buy a set of memory + motherboard + CPU, the seller will validate that the memory is supported by the motherboard.

sergio on 08 September 2020 23:57 says

I did something stupid. By mistake installed a single cpu one in a double cpu. My mainboard is a ZXDU99D4 v1.11 ... i used the Huananzhi x99-f8 -20mv in a Kllisre ZXDUx99D4... I know i screwed it up. The board starts, but is stuck in the american megatrend logo. it shows that the installed bios is GHX99014 but i cant get to pass through it.. Any solution? is there any bios recovery ?

Miyconst on 09 September 2020 00:36 says

sergio, the solution to your problem is described here - CH341a - minimal usage guide, how to read and write a motherboard BIOS.

Atretador on 09 September 2020 03:02 says


I got a X99Z 102 which doesnt give me video on bios on my RX5500XT, but I can boot on a previously installed linux installation.

To get to the bios, I need to use a old HD 4850 I have around as backup. Anything I could change to access the bios with the 5500 XT?

sergio on 09 September 2020 03:20 says

Miyconst, Man you rock! thanks, just ordered one from amazon and will try to fix it!

Miyconst on 09 September 2020 10:37 says

Atretador, you can try the following:

  • Boot with your HD 4850.
  • Go into the BIOS.
  • In the CSM configuration section change Video option to UEFI.
  • Save and reboot.

Beware, the HD 4850 may not work in the UEFI mode, but it's also not guaranteed that RX 5500XT will work on this motherboard even with UEFI mode enabled.

Mister0 on 09 September 2020 13:12 says

Hi Miyconst,

I really appreciated your work and effort in spreading the chinese motherboards awareness to the english speaking community as well! I'm on a very tight budget and are thinking on getting a Veineda x99 and a Xeon e5 2620 v3, but I'm unsure about the ram.

Do you have any particular recommendation for a 16gb (either 4x4 or 8x2) kit of desktop ram, on Aliexpress or sites like Amazon? Also any suggestion for a cpu cooler for the Xeon v3 on Aliexpress, one that also has a bracket for am4 motherboard?

Thank you again for your awsome work.

Miyconst on 09 September 2020 15:16 says

Mister0, I do not recommend buying desktop DDR4 memory from AliExpress for X99 motherboards. It's because these Chinese boards don't work with 4 & 8-bank modules, only 16-bank modules are supported. Thus, you have two options:

  1. Buy a motherboard / CPU / RAM set, in this case the seller will have to validate that everything works together.
  2. Buy ECC REG memory, for example this one - Samsung DDR4-2133MHz RAM 4/8/16 GB.
Diego on 11 September 2020 02:09 says

I have installed an E5-2650Lv3 in a Kllisre X99 LGA2011-3 with a Micron MTA9ASF1G72AZ–8GB (DDR4 ECC). I know is not an usual combination, but I was looking for a low power consumption with lots of cores. Everything is working ok (can install linux, runs memtest), but after testing it I have noticed that ECC, although detected, is not used. ECC support in BIOS is Enabled, lots of options about scrubbing, patrolling, but none about enabling usage of ECC.

Linux at boot says:

kernel: EDAC sbridge: CPU SrcID #0, Ha #0, Channel #0 has DIMMs, but ECC is disabled kernel: EDAC sbridge: Couldn't find mci handler kernel: EDAC sbridge: Failed to register device with error -19.

Memtest86+ also states that ECC is disabled, this is the easiest way to test, without booting Linux.

All the reviews I have found talk about the support of ECC memory, but I have never found more info regarding the actual usage of ECC. So I understand that support is only about the system using DIMMs with ECC capabilities, but not using the actual error correcction.

I have tested other DIMMs with ECC, and results are the same.

As far as I have discovered, something is missing in the motherboard or in the BIOS to enable ECC usage, or as some post in other forum says, there are missing traces in the motherboard that make ECC usage not possible.

You are by far the most expert person in chinese X99 boards. Have you ever run memtest to check if ECC is being used, as part of any of your reviews? What is your opinion about ECC usage? Maybe I could flash other BIOS that could add the support I'm missing? Nobody cares about using ECC? :)

Miyconst on 11 September 2020 09:18 says

Diego, from your comment it's not clear which Kllisre X99 motherboard you talk about. I have validated Memtest86 on JingSha X99 D8 and Huananzhi X99-TF/F8/T8, these boards are surely using ECC, since I have some memory modules which are slightly faulty, and Memtest86 detects errors corrected by ECC.

Diego on 11 September 2020 10:01 says

Miyconst, This one (it doesn't say much more on the description):


By your videos, looks the same as the Machinist X99Z V102.

Suprinsingly, it has an option for turning on when power is recovered (an option that I read was not available).

Miyconst on 11 September 2020 10:29 says

Diego, this is a Machinist X99Z renamed to Kllisre. I remember testing it with Memtest86, but I don't remember if ECC is actually enabled or not.

DIego on 11 September 2020 10:33 says

Miyconst, do you think I could flash another BIOS to be able to use ECC? If not, could you recommend another micro-atx board that could use ECC?

Thanks for your time!

Miyconst on 11 September 2020 12:46 says

DIego, I don't think there is any BIOS which would enable ECC on this motherboard, if it's disabled. As far as I know, all available modifications were made from the same original BIOS. You can try this option though - BIOS-iEngineer / MACHINIST-X99ZV102. Beware: I have not tried this BIOS myself and can't guarantee that it works well.

Regarding the other motherboards, I could guess that Huananzhi X99-8M should support ECC, but I can't guarantee that either.

sergio on 11 September 2020 19:24 says

Miyconst, Finally, the programmer arrived and i was able to recover the bios. The main problem is that the socket for cpu1 (the second one) and the rams of the second socket are not detected. This was actually the original problem i had and why i was trying another bios. Did you ever encounter this problem? I tried it with 2 identical E5-2670 V3 xeons. Also tried 2695V4 ES and 2695V3 ES, but the result is the same. Only 1 CPU detected. I already asked for a refund in amazon and i got the money, but i kept the motherboard and want to see if there any way to solve this, because other than detecting 1 cpu, it works fine...

Miyconst on 12 September 2020 08:29 says

sergio, it sounds like the second CPU socket is broken. The motherboard should refuse to start if you install two different CPUs, and it should see both E5-2670 V3, if they are identical. Take the CPU out from the second socket and see if you can spot any damage. Also try to connect both 8-pin CPU power connectors (if not connected yet).

Diego on 12 September 2020 12:16 says

Miyconst, do you have any screen capture of starting memtest of this boards? There is the info I need to be sure it has ECC enabled. Many thanks.

sergio on 12 September 2020 14:38 says

Miyconst, Yes, i connected both 8-pin CPU powe connectors and examined visually the socket to spot any bent pins, but it all looks fine at sight. Just wondered if you ever encountered this issue before, but it appears that the whole second socket section is non functional.

Miyconst on 12 September 2020 16:26 says

sergio, no, I didn't have such issue before.

Miyconst on 12 September 2020 16:27 says

Diego, I do have entire Memtest86 run recorded on a JingSha X99 D8, but I am not sure it shows the info you are looking for.

Diego on 12 September 2020 18:05 says

Miyconst, This is the thing I'm looking for... It should say ECC Enabled: Yes.


Miyconst on 12 September 2020 18:18 says

Diego, unfortunately, in my run I skipped this screen and went straight into the test. I still have the motherboard, so I will try to take another screenshot.

Bert on 12 September 2020 23:49 says

Hi,Miyconst. I made a custom loop pc with huananzhi x99 tf motherboard back in February. I was very happy with the machine. I followed your tutorial to turbo unlock the CPU by injecting driver directly into bios. Last night 09/11, my computer got an Windows update. This morning it's not able to boot up with an error code of 61: NVRAM initializing failure. How would I solve the problem? I feel like it's definitely has to do with the bios driver flash I did months back. Now I'm not able to boot up. Is there anyways to flash it back to stock bios like asus x99 motherboard has a physical usb bios flash button? Many thanks!

Miyconst on 12 September 2020 23:51 says

Bert, I am afraid that you have to use such tool to revive the motherboard - CH341a - minimal usage guide, how to read and write a motherboard BIOS.

Bert on 13 September 2020 00:01 says

Miyconst, sounds good! I will give it a try. Maybe this could be something you could take a note in case other people in the community has the same issue. I will keep you posted once I have fixed the problem! Thanks again!

Chew on 13 September 2020 10:03 says

Miyconst, hi, I think I might have the same issue like Vincent posted in June, I tried to take out the battery and power for 30mins but seem the pc won't boot into bios screen, as ur suggestions previously, I following the method below now

Remove the battery from the motherboard and power cord Shorten the clear CMOS jumper. Default is 23 pin, now I put 12 pin at JBAT1 Let the motherboard be like this for a few days as u recommend

Do I miss anything else?

DominicDT on 13 September 2020 17:08 says

Vincent, When you put the battery back did you do the bios factory reset by putting jbat1 interface (jumper) to the left or you just turn it on after putting the battery?

DominicDT on 13 September 2020 17:12 says

Miyconst, I think changing bios setting in machinist x99 is very sensitive because i change my CSM configuration all to uefi now it won't post I'm thinking about doing the same as vincent

Dlll on 13 September 2020 17:33 says

Miyconst, I forgot to put back the jumper pin to normal and pressed two time on the power switch before realizing it didn't powered on . Can it damage the motherboard? after putting it back it started the fans but still no post after modifying csm configuration in bios

DominicDT on 13 September 2020 17:37 says

I notice that the vrm and cpu are heating up when i just let it run without post

Chew on 14 September 2020 04:52 says

Hi, would anyone here have any backup copy of X99Z V102 BIOS? can share?

Miyconst on 14 September 2020 10:10 says

Chew, I have added the original Machinist X99Z BIOS to this list.

DominicDT on 14 September 2020 10:14 says

Chew, Does your motherboard look like the newer version of the machinist x99z v102? I regretfully change csm configuration in the bios now i have to wait for 7 days for my CH314a programmer. Now i dispute aliexpress for giving me faulty jbat1 cmos reset.

Miyconst on 14 September 2020 10:19 says

DominicDT, both of the X99Z V102 motherboards (with new and old heat sink) are exactly the same. The only difference is the size and appearance of the heat sink. I am not sure that you will be able to get anything back from AliExpress for this fault, but it is worth trying.

Anyway, there are some BIOS mods for this board, which claim to fix the clear CMOS function, but in my experience, it didn't fix it for any of the boards I have tested.

Right now, your only option is to use an external CH341a programmer.

Regrading damaging the motherboard by starting it with clear CMOS jumper shortened, it is theoretically possible to cause some damage, but I have not experienced anything like that in the past, while happened to do the same mistake a few times.

Chew on 14 September 2020 10:21 says

Miyconst, thanks hopefully after few days my pc able to boot. if really cannot boot, can i use ch341a to fix or my motherboard? or it already permanently been damage cannot been fix?

Miyconst on 14 September 2020 10:24 says

Chew, I can't say for sure, but if the issue is BIOS related, then you will be able to fix it with a CH341a.

DominicDT on 14 September 2020 10:37 says

Miyconst, Thank you very much!!! But is it really normal for the vrm and cpu to heatup when i leave it 5 - 10 mins even tho its not posting. Im worried that maybe my bios is damaging the cpu by overloading it with voltage. I know its a tough request but is it possible for you to make a video specifically for using CH314a to the machinist so that many of us will know what to do if were about to reflash the bios. Thank you again!! Wish you the best for helping others in your way

Miyconst on 14 September 2020 10:39 says

DominicDT, I already have a video about CH341a, it works identical on all motherboards, including Machinist X99Z.

DominicDT on 14 September 2020 11:21 says

Miyconst, Yep but there are things that i don't understand like plugging in the power supply? Should i just plug it in and turn the switch on in the power supply without pressing the power on button on the motherboard or should i connect the power supply and turn the motherboard on while flashing? Then should i use the 25 or 24 specifically for the machinist?

DominicDT on 14 September 2020 11:28 says

Miyconst, HAHAHAHAHAH sorry i replied without watching the video

Miyconst on 14 September 2020 11:30 says

DominicDT, it seems to be beneficial to watch the video before posting a question 😁.

DominicDT on 14 September 2020 11:37 says

Miyconst, Is it possible to for me to edit the bios that backup from my machinist. Is there a user friendly software for me (Converts binary) to change back my csm configuration to default

Miyconst on 14 September 2020 11:38 says

DominicDT, yes, there is. It's called - AMIBCP 5.02.0031.

Alex on 14 September 2020 13:04 says

Hi! I tried to flash Huananzhi X 99-EA original BIOS for Chinese X99-the computer hangs when loading with the code b0. Everything worked fine before flashing. What could be the reason and how to flash the BIOS without a programmer now?

Alex on 14 September 2020 13:06 says

I'm sorry, Huanyanzhi x99-tf

Miyconst on 14 September 2020 13:13 says

Alex, you need to provide more information:

  • Which BIOS?
  • Which motherboard?
  • How it was flashed?
  • When does the system hangs?
  • Are you able to get into the BIOS?
  • Did you clear CMOS after flashing the new BIOS?
DominicDT on 14 September 2020 20:41 says

Miyconst, Hi Miyconist i just wanted to ask if you're going to choose x79 or x99? And if you're going to choose x99 the cpu is e5 2620 v3 and if you're going to choose x79 (Choose cpu with same price range with e5 2620 v3). What are the advantages and disadvantages and which is the best to choose? Does x79 already unlocked turbo boost than x99? Does buying cpu for x79 with the same price as e5 2620 v3 is much faster and price performance? Thank you for you're response!!

DominicDT on 14 September 2020 21:45 says

Miyconst, I don't know how to describe my feeling right now Miyconst i didn't lose hope i tried many ways until i tried to close my eyes and imagine I'm going to the bios and figuring out the shortcut key for the Optimized default and finally after an aggressive guessing I accidentally figure out the right combination, It's f3 for the Optimized default and f10 for save and exit.I'm very happy right now

DominicDT on 15 September 2020 03:29 says

Miyconst, I installed a modified bios by VK239 Is it ok when I didn't install the EFI drivers and didn't disabled the C6 report parameter (I didn't experience any freezes or bluescreen). The turbo boost works without it, is their anything that can happen when i didn't install EFI driver?

DominicDT on 15 September 2020 03:32 says

Miyconst, I think the bios have a problem with sensors. My original bios shows integer not decimal in Power (Hwmonitor) But when i flash a modified bios ""(BIOS Date: 05/27/2020 12:00:00 Ver: AAX99018 + Optimized version. Changes: 1. The BIOS menu structure is taken from the HUANANZHI X99-TF board 2. The standard Machinist logo is returned 3. All BIOS settings are open 4. The multiplier control item is open 5. The timing setting item is open 6. The 306F2 microcode has been removed 7. The undervolt V3_MOF_505050 is sewn in 8. Updated OROM of the network card to 2.67 9. RESET BIOS WORKS WITH JUMPER 10. Versions for 16MB and 8MB 11. Updated OROM Intel RSTe for sSATA - 12. Updated microcode 406F1 13. Fixed board name 14. Replaced undervolt driver v3x2_39_vcc_50- 50-50-1.7.efi.)"" My Hwmonitor is showing 0.34w -0.7 w, Does it mean 34 and 70 watts? or is it just normal with Undervolted v3 mof

Miyconst on 15 September 2020 08:00 says

DominicDT, I have not yet tested that BIOS myself, thus I can't answer your questions. If Turbo Boost unlock works well in yrou case without any extra drivers installation, it means that you are using a BIOS with already applied hack.

Please text me on Instagram if you would like to discuss this thing further.

Omar on 15 September 2020 13:45 says

I have a Huananzhi X99-8M Clone - I want to use M2 but how can I setting it to work?

Anderson on 16 September 2020 21:39 says

I bought an atemiter x99 and does not work ssd m2, where can I find manual, or updated bios? Which bios is compatible?

Bert on 16 September 2020 23:47 says

Miyconst, Hi Miyconst. I don't know if it's appropriate to post under this thread again. If you remember my last post. I flashed the stock bios for huananzhi x99 tf but the same error still exist. I later realized that the error code might have been b1: runtime ap installation ends, not 61. I have tried to debug the problem by removing all unnecessary connections and rams. But the problem still exists. I was wondering if you have seen similar issue that a simple Windows update and a reboot would cause complete black screen and hardware breakdown? Any recommendations and advice would be greatly appreciated!

Miyconst on 17 September 2020 08:13 says

Bert, hi. You have got your CH341a and flashed the stock Huananzhi X99-TF BIOS, but the system still does not boot. Am I getting you right?

The only thing I could suggest is to try the following:

  • Flashing the stock BIOS.
  • Clear CMOS.
  • Remove everything you can remove from the motherboard, leave just one memory stick in one of the furthest memory slots from the CPU socket.
  • Try to boot.
  • If that doesn't work - try another memory stick.

If nothing works - we can conclude that the motherboard somehow got damaged by the Windows updates.

Chew on 17 September 2020 10:57 says

DominicDT, wow bro, congrats, my units after off power for 3 days CMOS still won't boot, need to wait till C314a reach to retest hope mine goes well as yours

DominicDT on 17 September 2020 14:49 says

Chew, Wish you luck bro!!!

Andres on 18 September 2020 20:48 says

Hello, i bought the JINGSHA X99 D8 motherboard LGA2011-3. It freezes sometimes when it is rebooting and when it enters in Windows 10. Do i have to replace the BIOS? I think i readed that i had to put the BIOS from the Huananzhi X99-F8 LGA 2011-3 cause it's better and can be used for the JINGSHA X99 D8.

Am i right?

Miyconst on 18 September 2020 21:24 says

Andres, please specify your full PC configuration and what you have done to isolate the issue. Personally, I am using Huananzhi X99-F8 BIOS with mine JingSha X99 D8 motherboard.

Andres on 18 September 2020 22:25 says

Miyconst, my PC configuration is this

JINGSHA X99 D8 Intel Xeon E5 1650 V3 SR20J 3,5 GHz 240ml liquid refrigeration system 1 DDR4 16GB 2400 Gloway RAM 1 JASTER SSD 2,5 "SATA 3,0 Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER OC 6GB GDDR6

When i was installing Windows 10, i had many problems cause it was freezing and maybe it was my fault cause i didn't knew how to order the boot.

It seems that when i installed the Windows 10 and it rebooted, and the Windows pendrive was still on, the computer freezed, but sometimes not.

Finally i used my old computer to install the Windows 10 in the SSD and inserted the SSD in the new computer.

But although i didn't connected any pendrive, it got freezed sometimes in different points, like in the Windows logo screen or when it just entered in Windows. Don't know why it freezes sometimes and in different points.

But when it freezes i reboot the computer and it's ok.

What kind of tuning do you recommend that i do in the BIOS? Maybe setting the RAM frequency?

What i'm going to do is replacing the BIOS with the Huananzhi X99-F8 LGA 2011-3, as you said it's better. Do you have any tutorial for flashing the BIOS? I'm a bit newbie, so i don't want to make it crash by a mistake.

Thanks a lot for your support Miyconst.

Miyconst on 18 September 2020 22:47 says

Andres, most likely you have received a motherboard with modified BIOS to supported the Turbo Boost Unlock hack. Such BIOS is not compatible with Xeon E5-1650 V3. You shall do the following:

  • Go to the BIOS.
  • Disable CPU Power Management. There shall be three options: Energy Efficient, Custom, and Disabled. You have to pick Disabled.
  • Disable CPU C3 & C6 state.
  • Boot into Windows and make sure that the system does not freeze.
  • Flash full BIOS without any modifications.
  • Turn off the PC and clear CMOS.
  • Turn on the PC and enjoy.
Andres on 19 September 2020 12:40 says

Miyconst, thank you.

Do you know where can i find any tutorial of how to flash the bios correctly? I'm searching through the Internet and can't find much. Don't know if these X99 chinese motherboards need to be flashed in a particular way or i can use any system, cause i fear that i make it incorrectly.

I saw in your tutorial 🇬🇧 Xeon E5-2600 V3 Turbo Boost Frequency Unlock – Detailed step by step guide https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VkwEvATIgW0&t=8s a section of the video telling how to update BIOS, but i don't know if the process is for turbo boost only or can be used in general for updating bios (i see something about deleting CPU patches that confuses me).

Thank you.

Miyconst on 19 September 2020 19:57 says

Andres, the technique described in the tutorial can be used to flash any BIOS, the CPU microcodes part is only applicable if you want to perform the turbo-boost unlock hack. If you are still not sure how to read & write BIOS, you can take a look at my latest video - 🇬🇧 Mi899 – X99 Tool Set | read, write BIOS & unlock turbo-boost with a few mouse clicks.

Andres on 21 September 2020 12:05 says

Miyconst, thanks a lot for this program, although i already made the bios flash following a russian tutorial i found. As they were using the same processor as mine, the E5 1650 v3, i thought it will be a useful tutorial.

But it is strange that as many persons are buying these chinese motherboards, there are not any tutorials for flashing or tuning them correctly.

So this program you made will be very useful for many people.

The only thing i'm confused, is that there are many options for every motherboard, and i don't know which is the best or what does it means every option. For example "TU" is Turbo Unlocked i imagine, but don't know what is "FFS", and don't know what's the difference between -90/50mv and -50/50mv (for example).

I already flashed the JingSha X99 D8 with the Huananzhi X99-F8 bios and changed:

  • Memory frequency to 2400
  • Core max OC ratio to 45
  • Core voltage override 1300 As i saw it in your https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IiojHBaQ4hs video for the E5 1650 V3

Now the computer doesn't freezes, is fine, and doesn't shows the error "v3 cpu_00 error:0x194.14" when i reboot the PC, as before it showed that message with the stock JingSha X99 D8 bios.

So i assume that the motherboard is fine tuned. But do you recommend me to flash the bios again with any of the presets of your Mi899-X9 tool? Don't know if the Miyconst optimized preset or any other like TU FFS -90/50mv will be better.

By the way, as i'm spanish, maybe i can help you with the spanish translation of the Mi899-X9 tool if you want, it will be nice for helping more people.

Thanks again.

Diego on 21 September 2020 14:38 says

Miyconst, after some flashing, result is that ECC in my original bios was disabled, don't know why. Using bios from https://vk.com/@2485616-running-x99z-v102-20113, or the one that you suggested from BIOS-iEngineer solved the problem. I was able to update with Afudos from https://vk.com/@2485616-running-x99z-v102-20113.

Miyconst on 21 September 2020 19:47 says

Andres, I am glad to hear that you have got your system working stable. Your problem was surely related to the Turbo Boost Unlock, which is not compatible with Xeon E5-1650 V3. This CPU has unlocked multiplier and works differently.

That being said, you surely don't have to flash anything else from the Mi899 suite. Enjoy your system and let's hope it's going to serve you well and for long.

Miyconst on 21 September 2020 19:48 says

Diego, thank you very much for the update. I have not yet had a chance to validate the iEngineer BIOS for X99Z, but right now I am using his Huananzhi X99-TF BIOS, so far I am very pleased.

Chew on 22 September 2020 18:45 says

Wow my PC is alive, thank for all the guidance

Chew on 23 September 2020 06:55 says

Miyconst, Really need to thanks for the mod BIOS, really don't know what to say, your really my idol

Diego on 24 September 2020 02:01 says

Hi again! Regarding Kllisre X99 V102, in aliexpress website says that maximum supportd memory is 64GB. How did you get to test 128GB? Has it something to do with a modified BIOS?

Miyconst on 24 September 2020 07:33 says

Diego, I have tested 32 GB modules with Machinist X99Z, 128 GB of RAM is possible with the stock BIOS. I believe there are some 32 GB modules, which are not compatible with X99Z motherboard, that's why Chinese only claim 64 GB support to don't bother with questions why this or that 32 GB module is not recognized.

JM on 26 September 2020 15:56 says

I want to share my experience with X99I-CE5 MiniDTX. I set it up with 2660v3 and 2x8GB micron 1Rx4 2133mhz rdimm. Clear cmos does not work, same behavior as X99Z. From user ANDRIKSTORM on overclockers.ru, he stated using modified bios made by Vasily Temnikov for X99Z (ZX-DU99D4_V1.11 version) works for X99I-CE5. He said other modified bios for X99Z from Vasily did not work. I have flashed that bios and so far it works great for my X99I. It fixes clear cmos jumper, has working turbo boost unlock, and memory timings. My X99I had 8MB bios chip.

I may try other bios (iEngineer or VK239). But I have to take off low profile heatsink to fit bios flash clip in case bios is incompatible, so that is annoying work.

One issue I see is frequent I/O logic retry error on Disk in event viewer. I had to install intel rst driver for x99 to resolve that problem. Default win10 ahci driver was causing problem.

I have one question about CPU power. According to cpu world, xeon e5 2600v3 have C6 state ~12-13W. But with default locked turbo bios and C6 state, my CPU idle power is ~30W. How is everyones idle power consumption? With turbo boost unlock, I only have C1 idle and it is ~50W. If I enable CPU Power Management to Energy Efficient, then supposedly I have C2 idle and it is ~42W. Turbo boost unlock still works with Energy Efficient option in bios. Anyone know how to achieve lower idle power?

Miyconst on 27 September 2020 11:59 says

JM, thank you for sharing your experience, I am yet to test that Mini-DTX board. Sadly, I can't help much with the idle power consumption as it's never a priority for me.

Luca Caremi on 28 September 2020 02:58 says

Hello, I've bought a X99-F8 mb from huananzhi with 32gb. Could you please send me a bios configuration for us with a nvme m2 drive (it's a kingston SA2000M8500G) The boot time is a pain (3/4 minutes)... Thank you

Miyconst on 28 September 2020 16:19 says

Luca Caremi, you have to specify your deman/question a bit more clear. I don't quite understand what kind of a configuration you are asking about.

Luca Caremi on 28 September 2020 16:35 says

Hello,sorry. My configuration is the following: X99-F8 with 32gb ddr4 ram (2600mhz) Nvme m2 kingston SA2000M8500G in M2 slot 1 I have other ssd and hd on sata GPU XFX 580x 8gb I've installed windows 10 pro on the M2 but when i try to boot the boot time is very long (about 3/4 minutes). Do you have any tips about it? There's something in bios to change? in menu NVme i see the drive. Thanks

Luca Caremi on 28 September 2020 16:37 says

I've tried with your modified bios (optimized one) but same issue as the original one...

Miyconst on 28 September 2020 18:55 says

Luca Caremi, yes, I have a tip for you. The issue is not related to the BIOS. Use Google Translate and read this article - Решение проблемы «долгой» загрузки Windows10 на китай мамках..

Luca Caremi on 29 September 2020 01:40 says

Miyconst, thank for the info. I've tried the workaround but i have no Intel Management Engine Interface in the menu. I've tried to install the driver but no luck :-(

Luca Caremi on 29 September 2020 09:48 says

Miyconst, I've put the latest bios from Huananzhi (august) and the things getting better. I try to test some parameters to get it better, thanks.

JM on 29 September 2020 12:06 says

I want to add more concerning x99i-ce5. I was too quick to judge it is good. As mentioned before, there is sata issues in windows, unless I use intel rst driver. Also, there are usb 3.0 issues. External drives would keep disconnecting / reconnecting and crystaldiskmark can lock up system, depending on bios I use. I have tried every option in bios, but no solution. If I route all usb ports to ehci 2.0 controller, they work fine. Intel usb3.0 driver does not install on windows 10, only driver is windows default driver. Motherboard has C612 pch and usb 3.0 controller is from pch and not external chipset.

I tried more bios mods for x99z to attempt to fix usb3.0 issue. Also the bios chip is 16MB, not 8MB. I was confused as afudos backup was only 8MB. I have also tried these x99z bios mods and they work, x99z102-aax99018-27-05-2020 16MB, x99zv102_iEngineer 16MB. None of these fix usb 3.0 issue, and usually made it worse and made sata issue worse. But then I tried bios X99-T8D_for_x99zv102, and the motherboard stopped working. It would turn on briefly and turn off, and keep repeating that. Clear Cmos/ battery didn't resolve it. No video signal or boot.

Using CH341, I program bios back to both stock bios and x99z102-(ZX-DU99D4_V1.11 version). But the motherboard still seems dead. It would turn on but there is no video signal and no boot. I have tried everything I can think of, reset cmos/battery, different ram, different video card, different pcie port. I have removed all components and reassembled.

When I use CH341 to reprogram bios before, it worked easily first time. After the T8D bios that killed motherboard, I was having alot of difficulty using CH341. It would fail frequently to verify during programming. I tried 20+ times before it succeeded to reprogram to stock bios and DU99D4 bios. Maybe the clip is becoming bad. T8D bios was 16MB.

Now I need to find another motherboard to check if CPU or motherboard is damaged part.

Miyconst on 29 September 2020 19:11 says

Luca Caremi, thank you for the feedback, it seems like I can't help you more without having access to the hardware. The issue can be caused by many reasons, and I can't guess something else at the moment. If I manage to find some more tips - I will let you know.

Miyconst on 29 September 2020 19:16 says

JM, it is sad to hear that the motherboard is dead now. If you manage to revive it, please try these USB 3.0 drivers and see if it solves the issue.

According to your description, I can assume that the BIOS was not flashed correctly and you are having an issue with the programmer or with the clip, thus there is a hope, that the motherboard is not dead.

Leo on 02 October 2020 21:06 says

MIYCONST, Jginyue X99m-plus motherboard bios version 5.11 American megatrends. 1 m.2 slot

I am having issues with my m.2 sata and NVME slot on the motherboard, in bios configuration it won't show any of my m.2 drives. Under nvme configuration nothing shows. Same in windows disk part it will not show the m.2 drive.Has anyone run into this issue?

Nuppi on 03 October 2020 02:03 says

I bought a Kllisre mATX 2011-3 motherboard. 2xDDR3/2xDDR4 slots. Turned out it is an X99Z-V500. Temperature sensors are not working correctly. BIOS is little problematic Aptio V (core 5.11 version 2.18.1263). Old version of afudos worked good tho. Dumped rom. Removed microcode and flashed rom back in. This board isnt too picky on the C6 reporting on/off thing. I'm having C6 reporting on and no issues yet.

Now using efi driver hack (-50mv for both vid and cache) and so far looking oorrait. CPU-Z Validation. E5-2678 V3 runs +200 - +300 MHz higher than stock. Can't get full 3.3Ghz on all cores but I happily take the +200MHz. At stock clocks Cinebench R20 runs at 2.8GHz and now between 3 and 3.1GHz.

I haven't come across this same bios. I read you can flash other bioses easily like the older Machinist 1.02 one but I'd rather not. Other V500 bioses I seen are 16MB but bios for this board is 8MB version. There are several brands selling this board. Kllisre, Machinist, Qiyida, Alzenit(X99M-TE5), for example. Sold mostly as model X99Z-V500 and X99 TF-M. Price is under 60€ at the moment.

I made a little pack with original stock bios + bios with microcode removed + afudos i used and some pics my board. Also included pics from other brands. Maybe someone finds this useful.

Thanks for good articles and videos Miyconst.

afonso on 04 October 2020 13:30 says

Miyconst, hello miyconst have a new x99z v102 machinist and it is having issues when turn it on, has no video signal or keyboard. and to turn off need to hold pw button 5 seconds (one click isnt enough) what is going on? factory defect / bios? already tried reset jumper, nothing changed

Miyconst on 04 October 2020 19:05 says

afonso, in order to be able to at least somehow assist you with your question, I need to know your entire system setup. Please text me on Instagram, it will be faster.

Miyconst on 04 October 2020 19:08 says

Nuppi, thank you for sharing your info. You can also try this BIOS if you are willing to risk and experiment - C612RD23 BIOS for MACHINIST X99Z V102 Motherboard, as far as I know it's compatible.

Malbs on 05 October 2020 18:13 says

Hello bro do you have Kllisre X99 d4 Motherboard BIOS file? My board doesn't working and not want to start. Thanks

BlnKaby on 07 October 2020 15:04 says

Hello, I bought the zx-du99D4 a few days ago. I also bought 2x E2678 v3. regardless of that I bought 4x samsung ddr4 ecc memory 2133 mhz. Now comes the problem, the mainboard only recognizes 2 pieces in the orange places? put all 4 in the orange places of the error code b7. Can you help me?

Paul on 07 October 2020 15:18 says

Miyconst, does x99 boards support gtx1660 super gaming videocard?

Miyconst on 07 October 2020 16:24 says

Paul, yes, it does. There is nothing particularly different with GTX 1660 Super.

Miyconst on 07 October 2020 16:27 says

BlnKaby, sorry, I can't help you here as I have way too little info about the problem. Start with one memory stick per CPU by testing every possible configuration and see what works. Then add the second stick to each CPU.

Paul on 07 October 2020 16:29 says

thanks miyconst appreciate your reply

BlnKaby on 08 October 2020 12:27 says

@Miyconst. Today I tried the combinations as you advised me to. Lo and behold, the samsung ddr4 2133 Mhz run on Dimm 3.4 and 5.6 when 2 CPUs are installed. So just unlock the turbo. The GTX 1070 was also recognized.

Jürgen on 08 October 2020 15:29 says

I have the same problem as Francisco Gomes, my pc wont boot into Windows anymore, just freezes entirely.(i have tried to swap out everything except the motherboard(Huananzhi X99-TF) and still freezes. It lets me install windows via USB, but when booting to Windows from the SSD it freezes completely. It only happens when loading an operating system. BIOS is stable. Do I really have to buy a seporate tool in order to fix this issue? Is there no other way?

Miyconst on 08 October 2020 16:07 says

Jürgen, it depends on what is the source of your issue. Did the motherboard ever worked well? Did you try to apply the turbo boost unlock procedure?

Jürgen on 08 October 2020 16:12 says

Miyconst, Thanks for the quick reply! Yes, the motherboard worked well with Windows 10(ver. 2004) for a few weeks. Then i decided to downgrade to Win 10 ver 1903(via USB). After installing, i tried booting to Windows and the freezes started happening. I did do the full turbo boost unlock while using Win ver 2004.(E5-2678 v3)

Miyconst on 08 October 2020 16:15 says

Jürgen, which method did you use to apply the TBU hack?

Jürgen on 08 October 2020 16:19 says

Miyconst, I followed this guide from Tech YES City and it worked well, until i installed an older version of Windows 10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n70kVysFM3E&ab_channel=TechYESCity

Jürgen on 08 October 2020 16:20 says

Miyconst, I essentially made an EFI bootable USB drive in Rufus and followed the steps.

Miyconst on 08 October 2020 16:30 says

Jürgen, now it's clear. That method installs an EFI driver required for the system to function on the OS level. Once you have reverted your OS, the driver was gone and your system is not able to function properly.

In this case you have to do the following:

  • Go into the BIOS.
  • In the Advanced Power Management Configuration set Power Technology to Disabled.
  • Save changes and boot into Windows.
  • Install a BIOS with an FFS driver inside it. This driver applies Turbo Boost Unlock hack on the BIOS level and does not rely on your OS.
  • Stop watching Tech YES City.
  • Reboot your system with a new BIOS.
  • Restore BIOS defaults.
  • Save changes and reset.

To understand how FFS drivers work you can read my guide: Xeon E5-2600 V3 Turbo Boost Unlock.

Mine Mi899 application can help you with flashing a desired BIOS with a few mouse click. Here you will find all required info: 🇬🇧 Mi899 – X99 Tool Set | read, write BIOS & unlock turbo-boost with a few mouse clicks.

Jürgen on 08 October 2020 16:54 says

Miyconst, Alright, will report back at you soon for results! Love the 5th step, I completely agree with you.(after watching your content)

Zsolt on 14 October 2020 14:50 says

I read on a Russian forum that the Huananzhi X99-TF bios was successfully flashed on the Jingsha X99 v1.0 motherboard. I don't understand how this could be because Jingsha's .rom file is 8 Mb while Huananzhi's is 16 MB !?

Please help me to understand. Is there a method to transform a 16 MB bios to be able to flash on the 8 MB chip?

Miyconst on 14 October 2020 14:54 says

Zsolt, JingSha ROM file is also 16 MB, but if you try to make a backup with AfuWin, it will read only half of the BIOS.

Zsolt on 14 October 2020 15:01 says

Thanks for the rapid answer. Then that means that I can flash the newer modded Huanazhi bioses onto my Jingsha without any risk?

Zsolt on 14 October 2020 15:09 says

I have a Xeon E5-2696v3 in the Jingsha board with 64 GB DDR3 1866. A need a modded Huananzhi bios with all core turbo, undervolting and increased TDP features to avoid using EFI drivers. I was just surprised when seeing the size diefferences of stock .rom files.

Chang Huang on 15 October 2020 18:43 says

Hello Sir,

Do you know all these X99 motherboards can work with nvidia Tesla K80. Does BIOS have "Above 4G decoding" option. This option need enable to make Tesla K80 works.



Miyconst on 15 October 2020 19:05 says

Chang Huang, I can't promise about every board, but JingSha X99-D8 & Huananzhi X99-TF/X99-F8 do have the Above 4G decoding option in the BIOS.

moska on 19 October 2020 00:47 says

Hello, I'm trying to run the same Tesla K80 video card, on DU99D4 motherboard by enabling the Above 4G decoding option. Yes the option is there I can confirm.

The problem is that after enabling this option, I can't enter the BIOS anymore, and the start-up DOS text is not shown anymore immediately after computer powers-up. It seems to me that the BIOS has crashed. Even so the systems boots to Windows as normal, but as I said, I'm not able to enter or change anymore the BIOS settings.

At the end Tesla K80 card is not recognized by the system, so I have to remove it, to be able to run Windows as normal. The BIOS can be accessed again after a "BIOS reset" - by removing the battery.

It would be great to make a tutorial, about BIOS setting with "Above 4G decoding" activated, typically NVIDIA boards are requiring this option.

Does someone tried other compatible BIOS with "Above 4G decoding" option activated? I need to find out what bios works better, with this option.

Miyconst on 19 October 2020 10:22 says

moska, I have tried multiple motherboards with the Above 4G decoding option enabled. No issues where detected for JingSha X99-D8, Huananzhi X99-TF/X99-F8/X99-T8, and Machinist X99Z. I do not own a graphics card which requires this option, but mine GT 710, RTX 2080 Ti, and RX 5700XT worked with zero issues.

Manny on 20 October 2020 05:28 says

Hello, I brought new Huananzhi X99-F8D,CPU Xeon E5-2678 V3 * 2 and Ram from Huananzhi official. One of CPU doesn't work. Then I've tried to remove and test each single CPU with the different motherboard sockets(CPU). I find that CPU(2) are work. But one of motherboard sockets(CPU) indicated FF error code. Another motherboard socket with CPU is OK to access Window. I don't know that it's about setup Bios? Could anyone help me? Thank you so much

Miyconst on 20 October 2020 09:37 says

Manny, this sounds like a motherboard defect, you have to contact the seller. If you text me on Instagram, I could try to help. One thing I can say for sure - the issue has nothing to do with the BIOS.

Joseph Baumgartner on 23 October 2020 12:19 says

Hi Miyconst,

Would you happen to know why an AX200 wifi/bt 5.0 m.2 card is not recognized after being installed on my HuananZhi X99TF motherboard. Please note, the BIOS has already been successfully turbo-unlocked (using your excellent tutorial). I have also installed the 64 bit BT and wifi drivers off of the INTEL driver download site. Is there a BIOS setting for this wifi-m.2 slot that needs to be configured? Best Regards, J.B.

Miyconst on 23 October 2020 12:31 says

Joseph, I am sorry to say, but when it comes to the WiFi cards I have very limited knowledge and can't really help. As far as I know, there are no BIOS settings related to the WiFi slot, some cards are just incompatible.

alex on 24 October 2020 04:54 says

Just in case (haven't read all the comments). If anyone changed bios settings of kllisre x99 motherboard and 'bricked' it, so that it doesn't recognize graphics card (5 short beeps). You can do the following: turn it on, wait for MB to beep, then press 'del' a few times to enter the bios settings (blindly, yes), wait for 10-15 sec. Then do the following combo sequence: press 5 times right, 6 down, 2 enter, 4 up, 2 enter. Then you should see MB rebooting and loading bios defaults. NB: make sure your graphics card got it's additional power plugged in :D

Herman on 27 October 2020 02:54 says

Just Like to ask for help My Kllisre X99 Dual Motherboard can't recognize the 2nd M.2 NVME SSD, thanks for helping.

Christian on 27 October 2020 15:19 says

hi i have a kllisre D8, i can't install a sapphire r9 280x toxic it gives me black screen. While with an old HD 2600 Pro it works great. What can I do?

Miyconst on 27 October 2020 15:27 says

Christian, I am sorry to say, but I don't know what can be done about the R9 280X issue. The best option would be to try and contact the seller.

Miyconst on 27 October 2020 15:27 says

Herman, is your second SSD a SATA or NVMe drive? Did you validate the jumpers to enable/disable one or the other mode?

Christian on 28 October 2020 01:30 says

Miyconst, thanks for the answer, isn't there some parameter in the bios to change to make this graphics card work?

Christian on 28 October 2020 01:39 says

Miyconst, is there a bios to load of another same card to load (jingsha or other model)? Now i have version x99-d8 v.003

Pedro on 28 October 2020 06:28 says

does the jginyue x99m - plus motherboard support unlock turbo boost on an e5 2620 v3? has anyone had this experience? is for a game user is not just a benchmark strength.

Miyconst on 28 October 2020 12:16 says

Pedro, please provide a link to the motherboard.

Miyconst on 28 October 2020 12:17 says

Christian, you may try to tweak CSM configuration, enable/disable legacy support for video output, but I am not sure if that is going to change anything.

Pedro on 28 October 2020 23:30 says

Miyconst, board website: http://www.jginyue.com/index.php?m=content&c=index&a=show&catid=6&id=114 aliexpress: https://pt.aliexpress.com/item/4001027456639.html

Miyconst on 29 October 2020 18:25 says

Pedro, this motherboard is another clone of Machinist X99Z, it's also compatible with the X99Z's BIOS. If you plan to use E5-2620 V3, then there is no point in buying this motherboard because E5-2620 V3 supports DDR4 memory only.

Luis Lopez on 30 October 2020 14:35 says

Hi, many thanks to your support Miyconst. I have a Qyida X99Z-V500 motherboard, trying the TU of your tutorials i cannot make a backup of my BIOS. Dump.bat sends me Error 26 The host CPU has not read access to the target flash area. To enable read access for this operation you must modify the descriptor settings to give host access to this region. So as far as i can say I have a locked BIOS. BIOS settings has no option to unlock BIOS as Kllisre D4 motherboard. The only option is using a usb BIOS programer?

Thanks in advance.

Miyconst on 31 October 2020 03:45 says

Luis Lopez, as far as I know, X99Z-V500 is another version of Machinist X99Z, it is compatible with the X99Z BIOS modifications and its BIOS is locked for FPT access the same way. You have to use AfuWin/AfuDos to read/write the BIOS.

If you are willing to risk, you can use ready made Machinist X99Z BIOS modifications from the Mi899 app.

Luis Lopez on 31 October 2020 14:07 says


Thanks, I´m aware of the risks, by the way I´ve seen your video tutorial of the Mi899 app, very useful. What driver do you recommend to inject to the X99Z BIOS?, I´m running a E5 2678 v3 in my motherboard.

Miyconst on 31 October 2020 22:58 says

Luis Lopez, every E5-2678 V3 I had was stable with -70mv driver, thus I would recommend it. Some of my CPUs were able to go as long as -90mv, but not all of them.

Pedro on 01 November 2020 05:51 says

Hi Miyconst.

I'm having issues installing Windows 10 into a NVME SSD.

I have a Huananzhi X99-8M with the flashed BIOS from your tool. I'm using the one that has the Turbo Unlocked option but is not optimized by you. I currently have a SATA SSD, which has my working version of W10 and an HD, with various files.

I created a Windows Media Drive with the official Windows Media Creator. Booted with it, formatted the NVME SSD, installed Windows. And that's where my problems begin.

After resetting the computer, I put the NVME drive as the first in the booting order but it refuses to boot. After the BIOS logo, I get an error that says "reboot and select proper boot device". When going into the BIOS, I don't see Windows Boot Manager, only NVME SSD 1TB, which is very weird.

Do you have any idea what might be the problem? I read it might be a faulty SSD, but if that's the case, how can I prove to Aliexpress I have a faulty SSD and they should refund me?

Thanks in advance!

Pedro on 01 November 2020 07:19 says

A couple more info bits:

I just tried to install Windows with Rufus, making sure everything was UEFI. I made sure CSM and Fast Boot was disabled. I installed Windows normally but, again, I don’t see a Windows Boot Manager in my BIOS and I can’t boot from the NVME drive.

After a day of troubleshooting, my two guesses are:

  • The NVMe SSD is faulty
  • The MB doesn’t support boot from M2
Miyconst on 01 November 2020 23:56 says

Pedro, this is most likely an issue with UEFI boot. It happens on these Chinese X99 motherboards. You have two options to try:

Beware: I have not tried the iEngineer BIOS with X99-8M motherboard.

Luis Lopez on 02 November 2020 00:14 says

Miyconst, Ok, last question. My original BIOS rom is 8MB size, is there any problem flashing a 16MB from your list of BIOS for the X99Z-V102?. The BIOS chip is a W25Q128BV with 16MB size.

Miyconst on 02 November 2020 00:23 says

Luis Lopez, the original BIOS you talk about was taken with AfuWin, right? In this case, it's a backup of a half of your entire BIOS chip and it's safe to use Mi899 BIOS modifications.

Luis Lopez on 02 November 2020 00:55 says

Miyconst, yes was taken with the Mi899 app. I have modified this 8MB BIOS file, cpu patch, ffs driver & CPU C States, now I doubt if is safe to flash this half size BIOS. I will try your modified BIOS instead.

Pedro on 02 November 2020 01:29 says

Miyconst, that makes sense. I thought NVMe was UEFI only. I’ll try to install it as Legacy and I’ll post an update soon for those with similar issues.

Thank you!

Pedro on 02 November 2020 07:18 says

Update: I couldn’t install Windows into my NVMe in Legacy mode. I was got this error message: "Windows cannont be installed to this disk. This computer's hardware may not support booting to this disk. Ensure that the disks controller is enabled in the BIOS menu."

I think option #2 is very risky and I don’t have a MB programmer so I’ll just use my NVMe as Storage. It’s annoying but not the end of the world.

Thank you Miyconst for your support and patience.

Jorge Rafael on 03 November 2020 00:34 says

Could you tell me what is the eeprom of the huananzhi x99 tf and where is it on the motherboard please

Miyconst on 03 November 2020 00:45 says

Jorge Rafael, my motherboard had Winbond W25Q128BV and it's located under the chipset heat sink.

Nuppi on 03 November 2020 07:21 says

Luis Lopez. I have the same motherboard as you. I used afudos to backup bios. Removed microcode and flashed it back. 8Mb bios file. Works ok.

Miyconst. Do you know any software which can read/write the full 16Mb bios data of X99Z-V500?

LUIS on 03 November 2020 23:37 says

Hi.Can someone confirm me if the latest official BIOS version is 5.11 dated 17 OCT 2020? Thank you

Jorge Rafael on 07 November 2020 23:19 says

Please help Huananzhi x99 tf error FF

Jorge Rafael on 07 November 2020 23:43 says

Error FF despues de actualizar Bios y corte de luz grabe la bios con Ch341a graba todo bien pero la reviso y sigo con ese problema MI eeprom es la W25Q128JV

Luis Lopez on 08 November 2020 21:18 says

One question Intel Xeon Broadwell E5.2600 v4 are TU capable?


Miyconst on 08 November 2020 23:14 says

Luis Lopez, no, turbo unlock is only compatible with V3 CPUs.

Luis Lopez on 09 November 2020 14:57 says


In any motherboard? Including mainstream LGA 2011-3 motherboards from Asus, Gigabyte,MSI, Asrock, etc..?

Anderson Silva on 12 November 2020 17:13 says


I buy the Machinist X99 ( https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000750170401.html?spm=a2g0s.12269583.0.0.5c055bbaFhKm5x ) and I need to know which PCI WiFI I need to buy to work Wifi in this Motherboard, do you know?

I'm thinking to buy this onde ( https://pt.aliexpress.com/item/32788004336.html ) but I don't know if this will work properly. The description said that I need to connect energy on 9-pin and I can't find if this motherboard have 9-din.


NewMan on 13 November 2020 17:19 says

Got a new Kllisre/Killers X99z version, it's v102A. It seems they removed the serial port, used a new chipset (Grantley-EP??) and possibly different audio IC. I've dumped the Bios with AFUDOS but got an 8MB file out of a 25Q128 IC, does someone know if it's safe to use the patched bioses? And what about the size difference?

Vittor de Castro on 13 November 2020 18:14 says

Hello Miyconst, thanks for the great info about the Huananzhi x99-F8, i just recently got one and its working quite nicely but my PCIe lanes are a total mess. I have a R9 280x TOXIC (2x8-pin) and at the beginning I was only able to run it in the 3rd slot with x4, slots 1 and 2 simply gave no video and a long beep meaning it was not able to detect video (I think, it even displays the debug code 9C). After messing a bit with the BIOS I was able to make all slots work but only on x8, when I change it to x16 the same error happens. The funny thin is that with a low budget GPU, all slots worked even at x16. I really have no clue on what's going on since i tested this GPU on another mobo on x16 and it worked fine, any idea on what I should do? Thanks in advance!

Miyconst on 13 November 2020 21:34 says

NewMan, AfuWin does not read entire BIOS chip, it reads only half of it. You can still try to perform the Turbo Boost Unlock procedure, you can also try to use FPT with the -bios flag.

Miyconst on 13 November 2020 21:36 says

Vittor de Castro, unfortunately, I don't have much to say about the issue. I had a similar problem with an RX 560 graphics card, unfortunately, I didn't find how to solve it. You can try to contact the seller where you bought the motherboard.

NewMan on 14 November 2020 08:29 says

@Miyconst: I'd like to have a copy of the BIOS before trying the turbo boost. With FPT I'm getting an error that says "The host CPU does not have read access to the target flash area", so an hardware reader may be the only option.

Are you sure about the BIOS size? On https://xeon-e5450.ru/socket-2011-3/x99z-v102/, towards the bottom of the page it says (Google translated):

There are 2 modifications of the board, with bios 8 (early revisions) and 16 mb. Versions are not interchangeable, be careful when choosing!

Maybe it's an 8mbit bios?

Miyconst on 14 November 2020 12:40 says

NewMan, the BIOS size is very easy to check - input the chip model number in Google and search for the specs. FPT also shows the chip model number before attempting to read/write the BIOS.

fobius on 15 November 2020 00:42 says

alex, hi and thanks it worked perfectly for me. I also broke bios by change graphic setting from legacy to uefi in CMS menu. Then i lost visual contact, no graphic signal. Bios cant be reset by jumper reset because new setting is always like new default bios settings. But motherboard was starting still good to to bios with no graphic signal. So i did the blind steps on keyboard and load default bios settings. After restart i could see normal screen on my monitor. Graphic option was back on legacy again.

NewMan on 16 November 2020 06:34 says

So, after wasting an afternoon testing a couple of devices to use as an SPI flash reader, I was finally able to dump the BIOS with FPT with the audio chip pin hack/mod. I then flashed one of the unlocked BIOSes and everything seems OK.

Miyconst: Is there any risk (as in -need to use an USB flasher to recover-) in using the undervolted BIOS versions? And do you have a suggestion for an heatsink/cooler that is smaller (shorter) than the Snowman clones? Thanks.

Miyconst on 16 November 2020 11:25 says

NewMan, if you flash a BIOS with too much undervolting, your system may fail to post, thus you have to either use a safe option, such as -50mv or experiment with EFI drivers to figure out what your CPUs can handle before flashing the BIOS.

Regarding the cooler, I used Noctua NH-L12.

yonn on 16 November 2020 15:01 says

What is "the best" bios por a 2478 v3 on a Huananzhi x99tf?

-30mv/-30 -50mv/-50 etc, etc

Or is a trial and error process?

Tnaks in avance

yonn on 16 November 2020 15:05 says

Another qestion. At this moment I have installer bios mod xxxxx-30mv/-30 on Huananzhi x99 TF with ddr3

On bios there is no option for:

"Memory Frequency"

Maybe I can´t find it.

Memory default at 1600 but are 1866 modules.

yonn on 16 November 2020 17:37 says



yonn on 16 November 2020 18:00 says

Fantastic, finally 1867 DDR3 mems!!!!

More questions. It is possible to skip the maximum consumption limit (120w for e5 2678 v3) on bios to avoid thermal throttling?

Thanks in advance

Miyconst on 16 November 2020 20:11 says

yonn, no, 120 Watt TDP is a hard limit of the CPU, there are no BIOS settings to lift it up.

yonn on 17 November 2020 13:02 says

Many thanks!!

Clark Kenneth on 18 November 2020 11:36 says

How do I identify what X99 Motherboard I have? I'm planning to buy one but the model isn't shown at the page. I am going to try and unlock full turbo, but I don't know what type of motherboard it is and I don't want to brick the board.

Miyconst on 18 November 2020 11:58 says

Clark Kenneth, do you have a link or a picture of the motherboard?

Clark Kenneth on 18 November 2020 12:01 says

Miyconst, https://www.lazada.com.ph//products/i734774068-s2166162556.html?spm=a2o4l.cart.0.0.36ab3e17fo3dmt&urlFlag=true That's where I order from because Aliexpress has very expensive shipping to my country.

Miyconst on 18 November 2020 12:02 says

Clark Kenneth, this motherboard is known for its poor quality, that's why I don't recommend it and can't say much about it.

Clark Kenneth on 18 November 2020 12:12 says

Miyconst, how about this motherboard? https://bit.ly/3lFYDFu I've also seen a similar one so its probably the same model https://bit.ly/2UBOWff

Miyconst on 18 November 2020 12:18 says

Clark Kenneth, the first one is the same as Machinist X99Z / X99-CE5, it does not support CPU overclocking and clear CMOS function might be buggy, but other than that, it's the best mATX X99 motherboard from China. The second one is the same as before - very bad quality, not recommended by me.

Clark Kenneth on 18 November 2020 12:24 says

Miyconst, I don't have any plans to overclock just turbo boost so no problem! Thank you for your help, enjoy your day!

yonn on 18 November 2020 18:24 says

Fascinated with the performance of this platform. I understand that not all the cores go up to the maximum turbo frequency due to the limitation of watts consumption. It is right?

(My 2678v3 does not exceed 3000Mhz with all cores at full on a Huananzhi x99 tf/ modified bios -80/-50)

Thnaks in advance

Miyconst on 18 November 2020 21:29 says

yonn, yes, you are correct. These V3 CPUs have a TDP limitation, with Turbo Boost Unlock in place, CPU will clock up to the highest turbo boost frequency and then reduce the clock to stay within the TDP limitation.

Still, 3.0 GHz is rather low with a -80mv undervolting. What memory do you use? My E5-2678 V3 with -70mv offset goes below 3.3 GHz only under AVX workloads.

yonn on 18 November 2020 23:22 says


4x8GB Kingston Savage 1866 DDR3

I am currently using test programs to check stability. Still "no real" programs :-).

Cinebench r23: 3Ghz

Intel Burn test: oscillates cores between 3-3.3Ghz

Prime95: oscillates cores between 3-3.1Ghz

A snapshot from HWMonitor when running Prime95:

    Voltage 0		-0.08 Volts (IA Offset)
Voltage 1		+0.00 Volts (GT Offset)
Voltage 2		-0.05 Volts (LLC/Ring Offset)
Voltage 3		+0.00 Volts (System Agent Offset)
Voltage 4		0.98 Volts (VID #0)
Voltage 5		0.96 Volts (VID #1)
Voltage 6		0.95 Volts (VID #2)
Voltage 7		0.96 Volts (VID #3)
Voltage 8		0.95 Volts (VID #4)
Voltage 9		0.94 Volts (VID #5)
Voltage 10		0.97 Volts (VID #6)
Voltage 11		0.95 Volts (VID #7)
Voltage 12		0.97 Volts (VID #8)
Voltage 13		0.95 Volts (VID #9)
Voltage 14		0.96 Volts (VID #10)
Voltage 15		0.95 Volts (VID #11)
Power 00		119.79 W (Package)
Power 01		n.a. (IA Cores)
Power 02		n.a. (Uncore)
Power 03		95.85 W (DRAM)
Clock Speed 0		2992.86 MHz (Core #0)
Clock Speed 1		2992.86 MHz (Core #1)
Clock Speed 2		2992.86 MHz (Core #2)
Clock Speed 3		2992.86 MHz (Core #3)
Clock Speed 4		2992.86 MHz (Core #4)
Clock Speed 5		2992.86 MHz (Core #5)
Clock Speed 6		2992.86 MHz (Core #6)
Clock Speed 7		2992.86 MHz (Core #7)
Clock Speed 8		2992.86 MHz (Core #8)
Clock Speed 9		2992.86 MHz (Core #9)
Clock Speed 10		2992.86 MHz (Core #10)
Clock Speed 11		2992.86 MHz (Core #11)

I can see the power limit: always oscillating betwween 119-120 watts :-)

Aziep on 23 November 2020 07:05 says

Hi Miyconst I have a motherboard Atermiter X99 dual could not boot with error code FF ....Have you got any experience with that Error ...If so pls help us how to fix that error ...However I download several bios you have, I wonder the file is 16MB, If I wasn't wrong the capacity of ic bios is 8MB. Could you clarfy that matter ?

Miyconst on 23 November 2020 10:13 says

Aziep, as far as I know, all these Chinse X99 motherboards have 16 MB BIOS, and I had FF issue in a few cases when:

  • The BIOS is corrupted.
  • Something is connected way off.
  • The CPU power is not connected.
marquis on 25 November 2020 11:10 says

Are the 2697V3, 2687V3 2699v3, 2696v3, 2690 v3 compatible with chinesse mainboards?

Miyconst on 25 November 2020 11:25 says

marquis, E5-2690 V3 is surely compatible, I am using one myself. The rest I have not tested, but shall be compatible as well.

woody on 28 November 2020 02:31 says

i have a Huananzhi X99-F8 with Xeon 2678V3 and 4x32GB LRDIMM with ECC running happily. i would like to upgrade the BIOS to iEngineer CX99DE27.BIN or anything that will let me see all 4 fan speeds. can you add CX99DE27 to MI899 or do i need to use a programmer?

Miyconst on 28 November 2020 11:09 says

woody, if the PC works fine, I would just leave it as is. The fan speeds can't be fixed with a BIOS, it's a hardware limitation.

The CX99DE27 BIOS can be flashed with FPT, AfuWin, AfuDos, or programmer. AfuWin is included into Mi899 package, and how to use you can see in any of the flash scripts generated by Mi899.

Eli on 28 November 2020 22:56 says

Comprei a placa mãe Huananzhi X99-F8 e o processador Xeon E5 2680v4, conssigo desbloquear a velocidade deste processador com uma bios mais atualizada?

Grato Miyconst

Miyconst on 28 November 2020 23:06 says

Eli, no, you can not.

Maik on 30 November 2020 09:58 says

Hi Miyconst,

first thanks for sharing and pushing information for the x99 boards... ordered a X99-F8 2678 64GB combo yesterday. can you help me understand some topics?

1.) what's your opinion about CX99DExx bios, changelog sounds god to me? Is undervolt and TU working out of the box?

2.) did you tried to overcome powerlimit... this guy have done it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jT-zy3baqHI&ab_channel=CraftComputing What does the "current limitation" of 2048 instead of 1024 actually mean in therms of a 120W powerlimit? Does that make sense at all?

3.) is there a way overclocking a 2678 (except TU)?

Thank you

Miyconst on 30 November 2020 11:58 says

Maik, here are some answers:

  1. I like the BIOS. It is more stable, works faster, and has all required features. The BIOS from GitHub does not include Turbo Unlock or undervolting, you have to do that yourself. Beware that you won't be able to use FPT after flashing this BIOS, and make sure to donate the author some $$ if you find his work useful.
  2. The method shown in the video is only applicable for CPUs with unlocked multiplier. You can watch my other video where I explain it a bit more. Overclocking Xeon E5-1660 V3 on MSI X99-S04, Huananzhi X99-TF, and JingSha X99-D8. There is a way to disable CPU's TDP limitation, but I would strongly recommend to don't do that.
  3. No, there is no way to push E5-2678 V3 above 3.3 GHz.
Kenneth J Daum on 01 December 2020 06:15 says

I want to locate a installation manual for a Kllisre X99 Dual (ZX-DU99D4 v1.11) motherboard, and a pdf for the fault code numbers. Is there thing made in any language?

Ian P on 01 December 2020 15:08 says

Hi Miyconst,

Can you please tell me in your experience which BIOS is best for the Jingsha X99-8D3?


Miyconst on 01 December 2020 15:15 says

Ian P, from my experience the original BIOS is the best, but I have had the motherboard for a rather short amount of time, thus I might have missed some better BIOS modifications.

Ian P on 01 December 2020 15:19 says

Miyconst, Thanks for the information. In that case can I use your tool to do turbo unlock and undervolt?

Miyconst on 01 December 2020 15:25 says

Ian P, Mi899 does not have ready-made BIOS modifications of the original JingSha X99-8D3 BIOS, but you can still use BIOS options from Huananzhi, if you wish.

Russ R on 02 December 2020 12:28 says

Thank you for the very good testing work and explanation of what to look out for.

You would'nt happen to know where to get Win7 drivers for the Machinist X79? It is missing a bunch of SMB Bus Controller, Base System Device as well as the Ethernet controller drivers. I can't find them online by hardware id.

The other thing I hate that is missing on the cpu socket holder is the front plate with threaded inserts to hold a cooler. Just has holes on the board. So cheap.

Clark Kenneth on 05 December 2020 08:26 says

I just ordered an X99Z board but I got this instead https://imgur.com/a/GAc6NWM It says on the box that it is a Runing motherboard, does turbo boost work with this motherboard?

David on 06 December 2020 23:39 says

Me acaba de llegar una placa KLLISRE X99 Z v102 y funciona perfectamente, lo unico que no me reconoce la placa es el audio integrado en la misma placa, ¿donde puede verse en la BIOS si el AUDIO esta Disabled or Enabled? En el administrador de dispositivos en el apartado de sonido, audio y juegos solo me aparece la grafica nvidia gforce gtx 1650 pero Realtek audio HD no aparece


Luis Lopez on 07 December 2020 22:06 says

Hi, Miyconst Do you have a review of the Jingsha X99-8D3 motherboard?. I´m willing to mount a system with plenty of RAM and server DDR3 is enough cheap for me, 100€ 64GB. Jingsha X99-8D3 is the version with DDR3 memory of the Jingsha-D8 I suppose, do you think is worth buying it?. I can buy it for 65€ fron Aliexpress. Thanks

Miyconst on 07 December 2020 22:11 says

Luis Lopez, I don't have a video review about that board, but I have had one and it was a decent board. If you need lots of RAM then X99-8D3 might be a good option.

Paulo on 09 December 2020 00:47 says

Max, I´m looking for resume power after power loss at kllisre X99 d4 and didn´t find it. Do you know if I need specific BIOS version. my is KLX99 1.09 x64, build at 04/20/2020 10:42:07. Thanks

Paulo on 10 December 2020 17:19 says

Hi, I found the solution in kllisre X99 d4, exist a jumper at motherboard called 'Auto On', localized near the buzzer and the numeric display. I change the position and now when the power return the PC turn automatic.

myne on 14 December 2020 08:40 says

Has anyone here (With a Ch341) tried any of the big OEM bioses on the Chinaboards?

Ie, Asus, Gigabyte etc?

I figure they often have overclocking options that the Chinaboards don't. They should be practically identical from a major hardware perspective except maybe things like the voltage regulators.

I wonder if they'll boot?

I'm curious whether a 125mhz strap will enable some overclocking on the 2011 xeons.

Miyconst on 14 December 2020 11:05 says

myne, you can take here, this guy has basically done what you are asking - BIOS-iEngineer.

thorazine74 on 14 December 2020 15:16 says

Hi, I have a Huananzhi X99 and I purchased an Asgard M.2 NVME SSD. I found out the drive is not detected when plugged in the main M.2 slot (the closest one to the CPU) but its detected and works fines when plugged in the secondary M.2 slot (the one physically labeled as SATA on the board). I think the main slot is connected directly to the CPU PCIe lanes while the secondary slot goes thru the PCH PCIe and thus would have the bandwidth shared with the rest of the PCIe devices connected to the PCH. Can someone confirm this is correct? If this is correct indeed I would like to have the SSD plugged on the main M.2 slot of course. After purchasing it I've read on some other chinese sellers selling the same drive warning about this drive not guaranteed to work in Huananzhi X99 (I would love to have this information when I purchased but unfortunaley I missed it). Does someone knows if? A) Asgard M.2 NVME SSDs are confirmed to be incompatible with Huananzhi X99 (main M.2 slot)? B) Whats the cause for this incompatibility? Is the SSD's controller or maybe is it some hardware issue on the Huananzhi board? C) Is there any workaround for this incompatibility? A new BIOS? A new NVME Option ROM?


kagir on 14 December 2020 19:37 says

I try to update BIOS on my jingsha x99m-h, but the flash programming give me this error: Error 280: Failed to disable write protection for the BIOS.

can you help me?

kagir on 14 December 2020 20:03 says

kagir, OK I solve it. :-)

Maik on 14 December 2020 22:47 says

Hi to all,

i discovered some issues while reading rusian forums and Koshak1013 Bios readme

  1. Can someone confirm that ECC Ram Support is lost on X99-F8 with newer bios versions later than 2020/05/25?
  2. Can you downgrade without programmer from stuck bios with newer date?
  3. What is the "base" bios of Mi889 moded versions? Is ECC working?

thank you Maik

Miyconst on 15 December 2020 10:01 says

Maik, here are some answers:

  1. I am sure that ECC REG RAM works even with the latest BIOS, but it might be functioning in non-ECC mode.
  2. Yes, you can, but FPT is blocked and you have to use AfuWin.
  3. Mi899 uses previous BIOS with all the features enabled, but there is also the newest BIOS for those who want to try.
Miyconst on 15 December 2020 10:05 says

thorazine74, you are correct about the M.2 NVMe slots on the X99-F8 / X99-TF motherboards. The one close to the CPU is a PCI-E 3.0 version, connected to the CPU, the second one is PCI-E 2.0 and connected through chipset.

I have already got multiple reports that some Chinese M.2 NVMe SSDs refuse to work with the X99 boards when connected to the CPU. Unfortunately, I don't have such an SSD to validate, but this can be caused by some hardware or software failures.

If you are willing to experiment, I would appreciate if you can validate if this SSD works properly with BIOS from iEngineer.

So far I don't know any successful workaround for this problem.

kagir on 15 December 2020 13:58 says

There is no way to get the resume to work on a JingSha X99M-H? And then, exist a solution to Intel ME?

Miyconst on 16 December 2020 01:05 says

kagir, nope, so far there is no solution for Sleep Mode & Intel ME issues on any of the LGA 2011-3 motherboards with desktop chipset form China.

thorazine74 on 17 December 2020 16:58 says

Miyconst, thanks for the answer.

I've tried another chinese SSD, branded Yucun, looks more or less like another chinese clone, and it works on the main CPU-linked slot (its detected both in BIOS and Linux and Windows).

Incidentally, the Yucun that works uses the ubiquitous SMI2263XT controller, while the Asgard that does not work seems to use a different controller (which I cannot identify without peeling the sticker, which I cant do yet).

So this may be in part caused by different SSD controller incompatibilty?

Maybe someone else could chime in and recommendo M.2 SSDs which are known to work with this board=

I'd try the iEngineer BIOS but if I read it right I would need the USB Programming Clip device to flash that BIOS over the built-in stock Huananzhi BIOS, is that correct? I would need to purchase it (and got it delivered) that, any hints of specific Aliexpress item I should look to?

Miyconst on 17 December 2020 19:24 says

thorazine74, I have not tried many of the Chinese SSDs, thus I can't claim that some will surely work, but I have heard many different reports that many different Chinese SSDs refuse to work in the PCI-E 3.0 M.2 slot. This is a some sort of a compatibility issue.

iEngineer believes that the BIOS can only be correctly written with an external flash programmer, but I have used his BIOS with FPT & AfuWin, worked well. Sill, you shall be aware, that after using this BIOS you will lose FPT, as the BIOS will be write protected, AfuWin still works.

In any case, I strongly recommend you to buy an external USB flash programmer before messing up with the BIOS. I am using CH341a, which is a very basic item, still works well.

dj on 20 December 2020 09:11 says

hello - ty for ur videos; how do I "flash" back the original BIOS? do i need to buy that external flash programmer?? i just want to confirm.

Miyconst on 20 December 2020 11:48 says

dj, you can flash the original BIOS using exactly the same method as I used to flash a modified BIOS.

dj on 20 December 2020 21:23 says

hello myst, thanks for everything - all is well now. i just wanted to greet you happy holidays. ty for everything. keep safe, keep warm. ur the man.

Wagner on 22 December 2020 00:26 says

Hey Man! First off all, you are doing a excellent job bring us a lot of knowledge about these Chinese MB.

I'm facing some problems with Machinist X99 K9 mobo. It doesn't recognize any device (SSD, HDD, DVD) on SATA ports. On BIOS all ports appear as "not installed".

I've tried basic things like changing cables, checking the power supply, changing ports, disabling secure boot and resetting the BIOS, but it didn't work. Do you have any idea what can cause this?


Miyconst on 22 December 2020 12:09 says

Wagner, I am sorry to hear about the issue, at the moment I am testing mine X99-K9 and have a couple of other issues, but the SATA ports work well. I guess, at this point you have to contact the seller and report the defective motherboard.

JSJ on 23 December 2020 05:35 says

Miyconst, Hi, I'm using x99-k9 too by a couple of days. In my case the main issue is the smart fan function, it does not work at all. My last machinist mobo was a v1.04, but the smart fan function worked ok. Is this problem the same for you?, regards.

Miyconst on 23 December 2020 11:56 says

JSJ, yep, I have the same issue with both of mine Machinist X99-K9, smart fan does not work at all, it's a disappointment.

kagir on 23 December 2020 17:56 says

I have try to unstall a pci-m wifi card intel AX210NGW but it not working! any suggestions?

Le Podo on 23 December 2020 21:05 says

thorazine74, Hi , received my X99-F8 yesterday , and Asgard AN3+ 512GB is working well on the first M.2 slot (CPU one) , AN3 1GB is ok at the same time in 2nd M.2 will AN3 2TB is in 2nd 16x 3.0 Slot. All works fine in group. Regards Antoine

thorazine74 on 24 December 2020 13:03 says

Le Podo, thanks for answering!

To be more specific, I also have a Huananzhi X99-F8 and my SSD is an Asgard AN2 256Gb, this one doesnt work on first M.2 slot (not detected anywhere).

I took out the sticker and found out that my particular Asgard SSD model is powered by a Maxio MAP1002A controller and populated with Unic2 nand modules.

I have another M.2 SSD that works well on first M.2 slot, its powered by Silicon Motion SM2263XT controller (its yet another chinese clone branded Yucun).

I have searched online and found both Asgard AN2 and AN3 are powered by SM controllers, can you confirm your AN3+ is also powered by this controller brand?

Aparently Asgard silently changed the controller on the AN2 256Gb model (or maybe I've been scammed by the AliExpress seller?)

So, while this is not conclusive info, for now I'd say its safer to avoid Maxio powered SSD and Silicon Motion are a safer bet for Huananzhi X99 compatibilty.

Le Podo on 24 December 2020 13:30 says

thorazine74, I don't think it's a scam, lots of 256GB ssd are cheaper and weaker than 512GB or 1 TB, and have bad performances. Tested my AN3 1TB on slot one with already a WIN10 on it and works well. AN3+ is SM2263XT too. In your case I will recommend to buy an NVME to PCIE 4x gene(5USD on Aliexpress) and put your 256GB on it on the 2nd PCIE 16x slot (Gen 3 too), I think the third 16x slot is only Gene.And you can boot on it with a Windows even if it's your only disk.Buy another NVME for Data and M.2 slot one. Buy the way, I modify last bios iengineer and flash the first time with FPT64 (after wasn't possible, only afudos), and after numbers of modification, need always to reset bios by jumper because No ssd (UEFI) was seen as bootable.At the and bricked the F8,and reflash with CH341A with manufacturer last August Bios (don't have timing config, and Ram is at 3T). I have this F8 since 2 days now, oups 😅 Antoine

dj on 26 December 2020 00:12 says

hi Miyconst - merry xmas. when choosing bios on mi899 for the x99-tf motherboard, i noticed that bioses for the x99 f8 motherboard is also shown on the page... i just wanna confirm that this can be used for the "tf" version, too. i know from one of your earlier videos you said that the tf and f8 are almost the same except that the other supports 8 sticks of ddr4 ram. anyway, thanks. mxmas.

Miyconst on 26 December 2020 03:47 says

dj, I confirm that Huananzhi X99-F8 BIOS is fully compatible with the X99-TF model, you can safely use these options.

Christopher on 02 January 2021 01:23 says

First ever PC build, using the Machinist X99Z V102 and its going to be a sleeper. I'm at the point where it's all coming together, but I've hit a roadblock. Fans power on for a second or more but then shut off. Playing with the PSU power switch and case button sometimes get the fans to run indefinitely. The CPU does get warm to the touch. I'm getting no video output. Here's what I'm working with:

-Used i7 5820k -Used Gigabyte Windforce GTX 970 -Machinist X99Z V102 Motherboard -320 GB Hard Drive from gutted PC -120 GB SSD from a friend (formatted) -90's case from the dump -CPU cooler from gutted case -2 Mid size cooling fans -16 GB Crucial DDR4 RAM -Rosewill 750W Power Supply

I've already tried one RAM card at a time in every slot, left the power unplugged for a few days, put a Windows 10 USB in. Wondering how to force a CMOS reset and where it is located?

Mauricio on 03 January 2021 01:06 says

How to boot from NVME memories in RAID 0, for the zx-du99d4 platform? Is it possible?

Miyconst on 03 January 2021 01:35 says

Mauricio, it's not possible, unfortunately.

Taw on 03 January 2021 06:58 says

Today I got my x99-t8, set everything up and started experimenting with bios mods. At the end of the day I decided to revert back to the original bios so I downloaded the latest from the huananzhi website and flashed it. Now it doesn't post, with the original bios even. Stuck on postcode 19 and I'm sad.

I will try the suggestions you gave here already, that is to set the clear CMOS jumper, remove battery and disconnect power over night. I'm praying it will post again tomorrow.

Paul on 04 January 2021 08:57 says

Hi Miyconst, Have You ever tried Huananzhi X99-AD4? Do you have video link review? Thank You

Miyconst on 04 January 2021 11:05 says

Paul, I have not reviewed Huananzhi X99-AD4, but I might do that in the future.

Paul on 04 January 2021 11:54 says

Hi Miyconst, Have You ever tried Huananzhi X99-AD4? Do you have video link review? Thank You

Julian on 04 January 2021 23:10 says

Hello Miyconst,

Is there a possibility to turbo boost unlock a Machinist X99Z v102A motherboard with your Mi899 application? Would the bios mod of the V102 be worth it? My cpuz tells me that I have version 102A but on the board is written Machinist X99Z v104. Thank you very much, greetings.

Macno on 05 January 2021 02:59 says

Hi! Your work in the x99 platform is incredible, I've read some forums and your nick kept appearing, so you might know the answer. I recently bought a cheap huananzhi 8m-F version and the bios doesn't have ram timmings & voltage menu. I've done the bios mod to unlock turbo on all cores, and I was wondering if there's a similar method to show hidden menus in the bios. If not, it is even possible? Right now I'm stuck at 1866 (due to my cpu) with a cl13 latency, that's... suboptimal.

Miyconst on 05 January 2021 03:03 says

Macno, I am currently working on my Huananzhi X99-8M-F review, a BIOS with unlocked RAM timings will be added to Mi899 together with the video, so stay tune.

Miyconst on 05 January 2021 03:03 says

Julian, yes, it is surely possible. Machinist X99Z V102A is compatible with the X99Z V102 BIOS.

intolko on 05 January 2021 04:47 says

I bought a X99-TF and it came with the 5.11 BIOS version with date 2020/26/08. That version of BIOS does not have the memory timing option so I used the Mi899 tool to flash one of the modded versions of the tool and now I can use memory timings. Thank you Kostiantyn!!

Macno on 05 January 2021 11:01 says

That's good to hear! Regarding tdp, the CPU turbo unlock allows the CPU to run all the clocks at the maximum multiplier BUT always if it stays within the power /tdp limit right?

I'm using a 2630L v3 (that I found compelling against the all mighty 2620 due to the extra cores and cache) and even using the 90-50 driver, the cpu although perfectly stable is not capable of keeping all cores at 2,9ghz in heavy apps. Cinebench stays at 2.8ghz but prime95 "only" reaches 2.5ghz. Is there a way to increase the tdp/power limit?

Btw your paypal mail is the main one that appears on your website right?

Stanley on 27 January 2021 20:30 says

Hi Miyconst, i just bought Huananzhi X99 F8 + E5-1620 v3. i installed windows 10 the first day, it's ok.. But after failed install 3dsmax (in the middle installation, it reboot itself, 3ds max become always failed the next installation). so i reinstall windows 10, but it always stucked in the getting ready black screen. my ram is kingston hyper fury x 8gb x 4, storage adata ssd xpg s40g 256gb, used working nvidia gtx 650 (currently no gpu stock, wish to buy rx 5700xt or 3060ti, which one is better, i have read that rx5700 can't show bios for certain x99 mainboard, will this mainboard have same issue?) i want to ask whether there is compatiblity issue with the hardware? or should i flash bios with iengineer bios version? thanks..

Vittor de Castro on 31 January 2021 05:28 says

hey @Miyconst, It's me again from the problem with the r9 280x, i somehow managed to make it work at 8x and then 16x, but some other day it just stopped working and i went back to just working on 8x, i got another GPU (gtx 1070) and now it's all like a fairytale for me. I'm posting here again cuz i saw in your video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IiojHBaQ4hs&t=422s) about the Huananzhi x99-F8, in which you used a lot of different RAM configurations and saw if it worked, I was looking for a RAM upgrade and would probably buy 2x32Gb ddr4 Reg ecc, The thing is that I already have 2x8Gb (Also ddr4 REG ECC) would it all work together and get me 80Gb of RAM? I figured that I could ask you to try it before I buy it since you already have the Mobo and the RAM sticks available if it's not asking too much. Thanks for the help and your videos! (CPU: Xeon 2620-v3)

Miyconst on 31 January 2021 12:39 says

Stanley, it seems like you are having some sort of hardware issues. Flashing BIOS will not help in this case. If the system was working and then became unstable - you have to figure out which exact component is causing the problem. Start with checking your RAM with Memtest86 and disk drive with Crystal Disk Info.

Miyconst on 31 January 2021 12:41 says

Macno, you are correct. Turbo Boost Unlock lets all CPU cores work at their maximum frequency as long as the TDP limit is not reached. My E5-2630L V3 behaves exactly the same, even with -90/-50mv offset, it still can't keep it's maximum 2.9 GHz frequency on all cores.

P.S. My PayPal is the same as my main email: miyconst [@] gmail.com.

Miyconst on 31 January 2021 12:42 says

Vittor de Castro, I no longer have the motherboard to test with, it's also not recommended to mix memory modules with different capacity and specification. If you need lots of ram - buy 4 x 16 GB and sell your 2 x 8 GB modules.

Stanley on 31 January 2021 16:32 says

Miyconst, i have checked ram, it's ok. the problem lies at adata spectrix s40g (but it show no error by software if it only use as data storage), i use ssd sata3 as os and nvme as data, it have no problem... but if m2 nvme use as system, it'll be problem.. may i ask u, have u tried use m2 nvme as system disk on Huananzhi X99-F8 mainboard? does it have issue? u usually use legacy or uefi system? thanks

Vittor de Castro on 31 January 2021 21:28 says

Miyconst, Thank you!!!

Miyconst on 31 January 2021 22:57 says

Stanley, yes, I have used NVMe drives on Huananzhi X99-F8 / X99-TF boards as system drives. I used UEFI and legacy installations of Windows, no issues were detected, but I have never had an AData SSD.

Stankey on 01 February 2021 20:28 says

Miyconst, thanks for your information. may i ask whether huananzhi x99 f8 suppport dual graphic card?

Jesse on 01 February 2021 22:00 says

Hello i have ordered HUANANZHI X99 BD4 E5-2620 V3 salesman said me that there is no special bios for that board is that true and does someone know if this board reach max 3,2 Ghz turbo frequency there is very little information about this board did i ordered crap or is this board any good.

Robbie on 01 February 2021 22:29 says

Miyconst, I accidently flashed the Huananzhi x99-8m bios onto my x99-8m-f motherboard and now it continues to start and shut down instantly over and over with no post. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

Miyconst on 02 February 2021 01:34 says

Robbie, you have bricked the motherboard, and now it's time to read this page - CH341a - minimal usage guide, how to read and write a motherboard BIOS.

Jon on 03 February 2021 14:05 says

I have purchased the Machinist x99 RS9 motherboard, which has the b85 chipset. I couldn't find any modded bios, or guides for that matter on this motherboard. I wish to turbo unlock, but I just don't know where to start. Any ideas on info for this motherboard?

As always, thank you for everything you have done for the Xeon community, you're awesome.

Miyconst on 03 February 2021 17:28 says

Jon, thank you for the support. Machinist X99-RS9 I have not tested yet, thus I can't say much about it. Once the motherboard is tested, the review will be available on the channel.

Andres on 03 February 2021 17:33 says

Hello, i bought an Atermiter X99 DDR4 Motherboard like this one https://ae01.alicdn.com/kf/H710219e8d16a4e6a91a558007bd9c8ecv.jpg It came with the Xeon E5-2678 V3 already installed. I'm using the MI899 Tool to see if i have to tweak the original BIOS, but can't find the model. I know there are some of them very similar, but i was looking with the photos and couldn't find any of them that match or was similar. Can you help me telling if i have to tweak anything, like turbo boost unlock or anything similar to take advantage of the power of the CPU? I was looking for tutorials for my exact case (Atermiter X99 DDR4 + Xeon E5-2678 V3), but couldn't find anything. Hope you can tell me if it's better to tweak anything or just leave the motherboard with the default configuration as it came from Aliexpress. Regards.

Miyconst on 03 February 2021 17:34 says

Andres, this motherboard is known for its poor quality, that is why I don't recommend it and Mi899 does not support it. If you wish, you can perform the Turbo Boost unlock manually, it works exactly the same on all Chinese X99 motherboards.

Andres on 04 February 2021 20:50 says

Miyconst, What a pity, i didn't checked if you made any review of the Atermiter X99 DDR4 motherboard. As i wanted just a PC for personal use, not gaming, i thought all motherboards where very similar, and found that X-99 with good price.

Now i fear that it will have a poor perfomance.

Can you recommend me any tutorial? This tutorial http://www.miyconst.com/Blog/View/2081/xeon-e5-2600-v3-turbo-boost-unlock will be good for do it with the Atermiter X99 DDR4?

Also i have a question. I'm using my old graphic card Radeon 5570 with this computer. A poor or old graphic card will have any impact in the PC perfomance too? I'm not talking about playing games, just using it for office working, opening lots of web pages with explorers and things like this.

Don't know if i will have to buy a new graphic card to make the poor Atermiter X99 DDR4 perfomance a bit better.

Thanks for your support.

jesse on 04 February 2021 23:33 says

Jesse, Miyconst do you know somenthing about Huananzhi X99 BD4 no one seems to know anything about that board i have read that E5-2620 V3 cpu reach max turbo frequency 3,2 ghz and its working and some one says that it is not working.

I have ordered that board im still waiting it but it is very helpful if someone got some knowledge about that board.

Miyconst on 04 February 2021 23:34 says

Andres, your HD 5570 will be a limiting factor in many scenarios, but I really doubt that you have to replace it, if it still serves you well. Atermiter X99 will either work or don't work. If it works - leave it as is and use it for as long as it works. For general purpose there is no reason to perform the Turbo Boost Unlock hack, as you most likely won't notice any difference, still, the tutorial works the same for this motherboard as well.

michele on 05 February 2021 10:29 says

Myiconst, i bought a Machinist x99 v102 motherboard, i need to disable the integrated audio card on bios because i need to use another pcie . how can i do? i tried a lot of times. can you tell me how to it?

Hugo on 05 February 2021 21:19 says

My motherboard killsre x99z v102 does not show the video after I changed the legacy video to uefi the clear cmos does not work and even with the battery removal help me what do I do?

Pradeep on 06 February 2021 04:50 says

Max, Can you please comment on the Power Management options. I have the same problem and can't find D0-D5 options you were talking about

Miyconst on 06 February 2021 12:30 says

michele, sorry I am not sure if that's possible to do in the BIOS and I don't have a possibility to check at the moment. You can surely disable the onboard audio device in Windows Device Manager.

Miyconst on 06 February 2021 12:35 says
Andres on 07 February 2021 20:22 says

Miyconst, Thank you very much for your support, next time i buy a motherboard, i'll check your favourites first.

Roger on 08 February 2021 04:23 says

Hello Miyconst, I have two major questions before buying the huananzhi x99tf bundle (32gb ddr4 non ecc, xeon 2678v3). Question 1: will the huananzhi ram give me enough stability with lower timings or should i opt for better ram? In this case, which rams do you recommend?

Question 2: this is more a question about safety and privacy one. Are the huananzhi x99tf drivers safe? Are they even necessary on windows10 for an all day use? I would utilize linux mainly, but for some applications i am forced to use windows10. This is very important to me, and it's probably the only thing that hasn't made me buy the motherboard already. Thank you in advance.

Miyconst on 09 February 2021 02:14 says

Roger, the answer to both of your questions is "you never know". You can't even be sure that Huananzhi BIOS is safe. If you want the best performance and security - pick something certified, not an unknown Chinese brand.

Macready on 10 February 2021 07:14 says

What's up Miyconst. I purchased the Huananzhi X99-T8 motherboard (E5-2678v3) in order to create a workstation for router emulation (virtualization.) I have ran into stability issues using G.Skill F3-2133C10Q-32GXM DDR3 memory at 2133Mhz CL10-12-12-31 (1.6V.) Windows 10 randomly crashes; and, both Memtest86 and Windows Memory Diagnostics confirmed memory issues. However, the memory runs fine on a different ASUS P8Z68 system with the XMP profile set correctly in BIOS. I'm currently stuck at 1333Mhz CL10 in order to keep the X99-T8 system stable.

I believe the issue is with the memory voltage being stuck at 1.544-1.552V instead of 1.6-1.65V. The voltage override option in the bios timings section does not seem to work although I configured it for 160. Given the F8 and T8 are very similar, do you know of any other way to control the memory voltage through an overclock? I'm currently running the latest factory downloaded BIOS with the turbo unlock and the timings are set through AMIBCP5. I have tried the orignal F8 bios and it did not make any difference.

One last question... Router emulation with GNS3 eats a lot of memory (3GB-16GB per device.) Do you think it is possible to run 512GB of memory although the X99-T8 advertises 256GB? I was looking at experimenting with the following module:

Samsung M386B8G70DE0-CK03 64GB DDR3-1600Mhz 8Rx4 1.5V ECC LRDIMM CISCO UCS-MKIT-648RY-E

Thank you for all of your hard work and for introducing me to this interesting platform.

Miyconst on 11 February 2021 22:14 says

Macready, these Chinese X99 motherboards do not support memory voltage regulation. For DDR3 memory it's possible to select 1.35v or 1.5v, the older 1.65v memory modules are not really supported and working with 1.5v, that is why you can't achieve stability with the timings.

Gergő Palatinszky on 12 February 2021 12:16 says

Hello, I've found that may X99Z V102A Motherboard has 8MB BIOS (at least AFUWINx64 produced this size when I did a backup) and all the modded BIOSes are 16MB in size but every website tell these MOBs' BIOSes are identical... X99Z V102 vs X99Z V102A... I'm doing something wrong or there are different variants ... is there any chance to get a good BIOS for 8MB size?

Ps.: Nuppi on 03 October 2020 02:03 says something similar (8MB versions boards) he did some BIOS mod but not well described... would be nice to have something similar that C612R24.BIN thnax

Gergő Palatinszky on 12 February 2021 12:28 says

Gergő Palatinszky, ahh I've found above AFU backup only the half ... However If I would like to write/flash the following error message comes from AFUWIN

4c - Error. ROM file information does not match system BIOS ? it's about ROM chip type is incompatible ?
pliz help thanx ...

Gergő Palatinszky on 12 February 2021 15:22 says

Gergő Palatinszky, seems I need to use command prompt version... and the thingy is about uefi settings will be different...

and I need some good set of parameter to make it happen like:

/P /B /N /K /R /X


Gergo Palatinszky on 17 February 2021 10:42 says

Gergő Palatinszky, My previous question is obsolate since I've managed to flash my X99Z V102A ... so far it's ok...

Now I have to cure my X99 V201 :O) Is anybody has the original BIOS for it? is there any chance to be uploaded? ... Thanx a lot br,...

Charles Yin on 18 February 2021 08:16 says

Gergo Palatinszky, Could you share how to flash the bios into X99Z V102A? I have the same error message complained by afuwin.. Thanks

Charles Yin on 18 February 2021 08:23 says

Gergo Palatinszky, here is my stock bios dumped by AFUWIN, 8MB (only half of the size): https://megafile.cc/d/72Ln/mn-x99z-20210214-232207

Gergő Palatinszky on 18 February 2021 08:57 says

Charles Yin, Only if you are flashing all part to the mobo BIOS(16MB bin/rom file) you could use: /P /B /N /X /SHUTDOWN (This flas all part not just bios and ignor warninig (error) messages... Shutdown/restart optional but you should do anyhow.. Br

Palatinszky Gergő on 18 February 2021 10:25 says

Ahh /R also needed sorry

Charles Yin on 18 February 2021 10:27 says

Gergő Palatinszky, thanks bro. Just to confirm, the command line tool you are refering is AFUDOS or AFUWINx64?

Palatinszky Gergő on 18 February 2021 10:31 says

I'used windows version but most probably dos and efi shell versions do the same

Javier C on 20 February 2021 20:24 says

Hi Miyconst, I hope you can help me. I have just assembled a PC with a chinese motherboard X99 V201 (Atermiter), with American Megatrends BIOS. It seems to work, and I have installed W10 and seems to work fine by now, but the system beeps every time it starts. 2 short beeps + 2 short beeps + 1 beep. I have read that this could indicate a problem with the RAM. I have installed 2 RAM modules DDR4, 8 GB each. They came in a kit with the motherboard, so they should be compatible. Any clue? Maybe I have to install them in specific slots? (I have installed them where it was easier for me because of proximity to CPU fan). Thanks!

chy batsu on 21 February 2021 00:19 says

Miyconst, where can i find the option to enable 4g decoding in x99 tf ,i cant find it , is it hidden like the ram timimngs ? thank you

chy batsu on 21 February 2021 08:20 says

i tried with three gpus ,it worked either the three are on the three x16 slots on the board or 1 on board and two on the x1 slots using two risers. But as soon as i add a 4th gpu , the board gives d4 error (also during the boot the led codes disappear for a second as if they lost power) please let me know where can i find the enable 4g decoding so i can add more gpus, thank you

chy batsu on 21 February 2021 10:47 says

turbo hack is working fine, on m 2678 v3 setup, do i need a new bios and will effect the turbo hack ?

chy batsu on 21 February 2021 10:50 says

only mention of 4g decoding found here https://github.com/miyconst/Mi899/blob/master/src/Mi899.Data/Model.json

chy batsu on 21 February 2021 11:01 says

what i found so far is that using the tool AMIBCP5 from your turbo hack blogpost, I can find Above 4g decoding in Setup > Advanced >PCI Subsystem Settings what to do next, should i enable it from here in the optimal column and upload the bios ?

chy batsu on 21 February 2021 11:02 says

should i change any other setting like PCI timer so i can run 5 gpus ?

Gergő Palatinszky on 22 February 2021 16:08 says

Javier C, Hali! Same here or even worst... I strongly believe WIN10 2020 (like microcode) updates have bad effect to X99 mobos (even could patched some part of the bios?) which going to cause some system instability ... And the same here almost a music played by bios during start... check 4x4GB and 2x8GB RAM setups different slots, changing Some BIOS settings (lot of CMOS clear :o) etc... Most probably a similar fixed BIOS could help like it was for V102 and might some WIN driver rollback ... I'm investigate a lot about the issue but no solution so far ...

Javier C on 22 February 2021 17:17 says

Thank you for your answer, Gergö, although that is not very encouraging... I'll keep investigating also.

Gergő Palatinszky on 22 February 2021 21:33 says

Javier C, with 4 slots and mobo with 4 channels handling theoretically its inrelevant where to put the moduls practically its not :o) manufacturers used to provide hints where to place 1-2-3 moduls... I put 1+1 8gb moduls to the slots dimm2 and dimm4 so both sides there is one closer to the Gergő edge... I have two beeps now...

Richard T on 04 March 2021 19:48 says

I'm looking for a bios update for the 'X99 V102' motherboard. To allow all-core turbo unlock and maybe an under-volt, plus anything else that can be modded (memory speeds, memory timings etc.) This board is very common (seems to be made by http://www.angxunmb.com/en/desktop-motherboard/x99-v102-ddr4-matx-motherboard.html) but it's sold under many different names by many different companies. The only common denominator is that it has 'X99 V102' or 'X99Z V102' printed on it. Of which the Z version seems to be the latest revision with a few improved features. Otherwise I will attempt to make my own modded bios. Thanks!

Richard T on 04 March 2021 20:03 says

Richard T, My mistake, I meant 'X99 V201' not 'V102' - which is another slightly different board from the same manufacturer (so confusing!) https://xlzmotherboard.en.alibaba.com/product/60868704805-80299743/X99_V201_matx_LGA2011_V3_V4_DDR4_RAM_ram_supported_motherboard.html

Miyconst on 05 March 2021 18:58 says

Richard T, the X99 V201 uses desktop chipset H81, it is not compatible with the original C612/X99 BIOS, but it's compatible with Huananzhi X99-8M-F BIOS, which is available in Mi899.

Richard T on 05 March 2021 19:10 says

Miyconst, Thanks, I will try as you have suggested. The board seems to be running well so far with no issues. Just hope that I can disable the little PC speaker that keeps beeping whenever I turn it on...!

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