List of scammers

On this page I am going to save information about Facebook market place,, and other online trade platform scammers (bedrägeri) encountered by me or my friends.

Name Date Phone Action Extra
Monica Michaela Guzman Vasquez 2019.11.14 +46739298055 Sold a broken Blue Yeti Microphone on Facebook.
Dennis Johan Louis 2020.02.09 +46734321989 Sold an RTX 2080 Ti on Blocket, but never sent the card after receiving the payment. Swedish passport number: 95674434, Swedish personal number: 19951010-6793.
Björn Hjalmar 2020.02.10 +46734322062 Tried to sell the same RTX 2080 Ti on Tradera. Swedish personal number: 19980115-0674.
Robin Jan Alexander Lithner 2020.03.04 +46769085133 Sold an i7-6700k on Facebook, but shipped some old hardware parts. Obinna Francis Ibe and Fredrik Christian Erik Lithner are his buddies.
Sheldon Joseph 2020.05.01 +46723637946 Sold a GTX 1660 Super, but never shipped it. Sheldon Joseph on
Robert Marcus Scheiber 2020.05.20 +46736145909 Sold a pack of Corsair SP120 Pro RGB fans, but never shipped it. Robert Marcus Scheiber on,, 2020.05.24 PayPal scam attempt. 2020.10.09 PayPal scam attempt.
Robert Marcus Scheiber 2021.01.18 +46736145909 Sold an AMD RX 480, but never shipped it. Robert Marcus Scheiber on
Bakri Asfour 2021.02.09 +46763157444, +46707497766 Attempt to scam people on Facebook with RTX 3070 GPUs. Facebook profile - Mohamad Ali. Ziad Abu Selo is his buddy.
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