Dell Precision Tower 5810

On this page you can download BIOS version T5810A32 for Dell Precision Tower 5810 in binary format.


Files in the archive:

  • T5810A32.exe - Official Dell executable to update BIOS.
  • T5810A32-CH341-MX25L12839F.rom - Binary BIOS without modifications.
  • T5810A32-CH341-MX25L12839F.tu.rom - Binary BIOS without 06F2 CPU microcode for Turbo Boost Unlock with manual EFI driver installation.
  • T5810A32-CH341-MX25L12839F.tu.v3_payne_10_10.ffs.rom - Binary BIOS without 06F2 CPU microcode and injected v3_payne_10_10.ffs driver.
  • T5810A32-CH341-MX25L12839F.tu.v3_payne_50_50.ffs.rom - Binary BIOS without 06F2 CPU microcode and injected v3_payne_50_50.ffs driver.
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Wei on 21 May 2020 02:55 says

Really enjoyed your videos.
I have the T5810 with E5-2620V3 and wanted to try the turbo boost unlock on my system. Just noticed that there is an A33 version of the bios released a few days ago. Would you be able to patch up the A33 bios with turbo boost unlock?

Thanks a ton!

Miyconst on 21 May 2020 07:00 says

Wei, thanks for the feedback. You can watch my Turbo Boost Frequency Unlock guide and patch the BIOS yourself, but if it does not work - I can help.

Troy on 01 June 2020 06:27 says

Hi Wei,

I also have a T5810 and have a USB EEPROM reader/writer with bios chip clamp on the way. Hope the clamp is better than what I've had before. I've already installed the updated A33 bios and will have a go at modding it when the kit arrives. I'll let you know how it goes with another post here.

FYI I'm running an E5 1620 V3 with and have been waiting 7 weeks for an E5 2660 V3 from China. They must be swimming it over.

Your work is very much appreciated Miyconst.

Cheers, Troy

Wei on 08 June 2020 00:37 says

Troy, that would be really appreciated.

Miyconst, appreciate your work!


Terrence on 22 June 2020 20:41 says

Hi Miyconst, are you aware of a BIOS patch for HP Z440? Got my hands on wholesale price for one which has a 1620v4. Thanks for sharing your work! Terrence

Terrence on 22 June 2020 20:48 says

NVM, just read your flashing guide and you already point out that E5 v4 arent supported by that BIOS patch. Maybe in the future there will be one!

Brian on 28 June 2020 06:52 says


Did you get it to work?

Gabi on 25 July 2020 20:37 says

First off, thanks for all of your videos and hard work,

Interesting area and ive watched all of your videos in a span of a day ( youtube rabbit hole )

I am still trying to understand the different methods and files .

I understand that for Chinese x99 motherboard, we are able to use your modified files to flash the bios and unlock the turbo boost .

While for example , the Dell T5810 its a locked bios, and we need an external flash bios ( i watched your CH341A video ) , and thats where im a little confused. Is the methods you showcased in that video similar to what should be done for the T5810 ?

You have 5 different files archived for this build , what is the difference between 50-50 and the 10-10 rom files ?

What about the Binary BIOS without 06F2 CPU microcode for Turbo Boost Unlock with manual EFI driver installation ?

Just trying to understand the difference between all of these files so i could figure out how to proceed with my T5810,

Thanks again for your help

Miyconst on 25 July 2020 21:14 says

Gabi, thank you for the support and here are some answers:

  • The -50-50 and -10-10 values indicate the CPU and Memory Controller (IMC) voltage reduction, so called undervolting. It's needed to reduce CPU power consumption, which helps CPU maintain full turbo frequency even under heavy load. 99% of the CPUs can handle at least -50 mv reduction, but you can start with the -10-10 version to be sure.
  • The BIOS file without 06F2 CPU microcode, but without any FFS drivers injected is made to manually install Turbo Boost Unlock EFI driver on the system level, it can be handy to figure out what is the highest undervolting your CPU can handle. Sometimes injecting FFS driver straight into the BIOS does not work for whatever reason, then the manual EFI driver installation is required.
Gabi on 26 July 2020 02:19 says

Thank you for your swift response and your explanation.

So in summary when i need to:

  1. Check what version of he bios i have, and update to A32 ( if i have anything older )
  2. Then flash the motherboard using CH341a following your guide , and install either the -10 -10 or -50 -50 version . If im understanding correctly, this step is purely unlocking the bios and tinkering with the controller for the voltage reduction.
  3. Then i need to follow your guide on the FFS inject to unlock the cores.

Please let me know if im still not understanding the full picture and taking the easiest route. Super new to this and learning the way.

Thanks Gabi

Miyconst on 26 July 2020 17:12 says

Gabi, you still didn't get it right. Please watch both of my videos to understand how conceptually the Turbo Boost Frequency is unlocked for all CPU cores.

In short:

  • Official Intel CPU microcode with codename 06F2 has to be removed from the BIOS.
  • A special driver has to be added as a replacement.
  • The driver can be either in EFI form, such one is installed on the OS level, or FFS form, such one is injected straight into the BIOS.
  • The driver may also reduce the default CPU/IMC voltage, which reduces CPU power consumption and help CPU maintain higher clock frequency for longer.

It's just one driver, either with voltage reduction (undervolting) or withouth.

BenH on 18 August 2020 07:02 says

Will your provided BIOs work if my BIO's chip version is MX25L12873F which is a different chip than your Precision Tower.

Miyconst on 18 August 2020 08:54 says

BenH, these two chips (MX25L12839F and MX25L12873F) seem to be rather similar, thus it shall work, but I can't guarantee.

Andrry on 18 August 2020 15:12 says

Good day, gentlemen. you can help and make a ready-made BIOS A33 with patch -50 -50 for Dell 5810

Miyconst on 19 August 2020 09:17 says

Andrry, please watch my Turbo Boost Unlock tutorials and you will be able to make the BIOS yourself.

Andrry on 19 August 2020 13:50 says

does this method work for my dell t5810 station

Frank on 22 August 2020 07:12 says

Do you have steps on how to use the USB programmer? Just built a 5810 with 2678 v3

Frank on 22 August 2020 19:44 says

Miyconst, Thanks! I think I may use the Dell zip you provided first and then try flashing the A33 BIOS. After which, try read, patch, and flash it. A33 looks to have patched Intel security vulnerabilities.

Andrry on 24 August 2020 08:22 says

I correctly understood that it is not possible to flash the BIOS on the dell 5810 without the 341a programmer ???

Miyconst on 24 August 2020 08:27 says

Andrry, some people report that it's possible to flash the BIOS using AfuDos/AfuWin, but FPT does not work.

Andrry on 24 August 2020 09:03 says

Ok, today I will try through these methods, if it works out I will definitely write. can you use your ready-made BIOS files with these utilities?

Miyconst on 24 August 2020 09:06 says

Andrry, you can, but the risk is yours, I am not responsible for any possible consequences.

Andrry on 24 August 2020 09:09 says

those who flashed dell 5810 via afudos / afuwin did they use the BIOS files?

Miyconst on 24 August 2020 09:10 says

Andrry, I don't know, sorry.

Andrry on 24 August 2020 09:15 says

thank you very much for your answers. I am Russian - hello to you from Russia :) have a nice day !!!

Miyconst on 24 August 2020 09:30 says

Thanks Andrry, hello back to Russia and have a great weekend ahead. Good luck with your Dell workstation.

TmK on 24 August 2020 22:31 says


Got an Dell Precision T5810 and first time i find a solution on how to unlock the turbo :D Very nice job.

But ftw, i have change my xeon 1620 v3 for the 1630 V4. Waiting for your test with the V4 version of the cpu.

Again nice job and wait for news.

Dell build it, you custom it ^^

Frank on 25 August 2020 00:03 says

I just want to clarify, for the rom files provided, can they only be written to the chip with a programmer or can the Dell software in the archive also be used?

Also, I bought an EZP2019 and raspberry pi before I saw the videos. I hope it works as well as the CH341a