Huananzhi X99-F8D - Dual Socket LGA 2011-3 DDR4 motherboard

After publishing my detailed review of the motherboard, I have figured out a few more important facts:

  • Even though the BIOS on Huananzhi X99-F8D is blocked for FPT, it's possible to flash the BIOS with AfuDos. Compatible AfuDos version as well as the original BIOS can be downloaded from the official Huananzhi website.
  • There is an alternative USB 3.0 driver, which resolves issues with the ports.

The USB 3.0 driver and X99-F8D BIOS with compatible AfuDos can be downloaded from my OneDrive.

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eetu on 31 July 2020 01:28 says

Hi Konstantin. First thanks for your review videos, they are really informative. Secondly: Which M-ATX sized x99 board would you recommend? DDR3 support would be a plus as I have those laying around. Greets & Thanks, eetu

Miyconst on 31 July 2020 14:42 says

eetu, thank you for your support! For an mATX build I can recommend Huananzhi X99-8M, Machinist X99Z, JingSha X99 D4, unfortunately, all of these boards support DDR4 only, but Huananzhi X99-8M is also available in X99-8MD3 variant, which supports DDR3. Beware, X99-8MD3 I have not tested yet, thus I can't guarantee that it's as good as X99-8M.

My reviews for these boards you can find here:

Sami on 05 August 2020 13:35 says

Hey man Do you know if the EFI driver for Turbo boost work on unRaid OS? I'm planning on building unRaid server for running my media server and VM WIN10 for some CAD work, video editing/rendering, secendary streaming PC and/or light gaming PC :). I'm planning on using 2xE5-2680V3 with that motherboard and GTX 1660 Ti/Super. If you have any other part/build suggestion for this type of build, i'd love to hear it.

Keep up the good work on the videos! Huge thanks from a Land of Sauna's :D!

Miyconst on 06 August 2020 11:41 says

Sami, I don't know much about the unRaid OS, sorry. You can always try, but it's probably not going to work.