Will it “bottleneck”? E5-2620 V3, E5-2678 V3, i7-8700k | GTX 1660S, GTX 1080 Ti, RTX 2080 Ti

This time I have decided to figure out which GPU should be paired with which CPU. For this test, I have picked three CPUs, three GPUs, 9 games with 1080p and 1440p screen resolution.

YouTube video

Google Slides presentation

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Pascual on 29 December 2020 22:40 says

Hi, how are you? First I want to thank your work for the community, what you do is incredible.

I am telling you that I have a problem and I think it is due to a bottleneck. I have a Machist x99z v102 board with an e5 2620v3 processor, I did the Turbo unlock thanks to your program and my graphic is an rtx2060. what happens to me is that periodically it makes me a low of about 60fps to about 30fps for a second and then it returns to 60 and this repeats but approximately to the minute. It happens to me in games like LOL and Overwatch, but in Warzone they are stable and it doesn't happen to me. I hope it is possible to contact you in some way and that you can help me, I am a little new in this world but I love it.

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