Does RAM speed affect on cinebench score?

I was thinking about the next pc upgrade and RAM came into my mind. I am using three years old ddr3-1333 memory sticks, the oldest component in my rig.

Okay, the question is: Will faster memory give me more performance. To answer my question I ran some tests and compared scores for different RAM clock.

And the short answer is: No, highter memory clock won't give you better performance.

But the long answer is: Yes, pc with faster RAM works insignificantly faster.

Here is an example

e3-1230v3@3.8 ghz with ddr3-1333 (1372) scores 8.30 in cinebench 115.

e3-1230v3@3.8 ghz with ddr3-1800 (1854) scores 8.40 in cinebench 115.

The difference between ddr3-1333 and ddr3-1800 is 0.1 pts.

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