OpenCart - Import/Export plugin

Hey guys, and girls if any.
I am making an internet shop, the customer wants me to use OpenCart.
This is the first time I use OpenCart.
Eh, what it was about, ah, products import/export.

There is a nice and free export tool:
But it doesn't import/export OpenCart filters.

I have added filter, filter_group, category_filter, product_filter  to the plugin.
Only /admin/model/tool/export.php file was modified.

I tried to follow author's coding style and don't break anything.

Download it for free and let me know what do you think.

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Bachiani on 21 August 2014 12:15 says

Great Tool i found this extensions before last few days. Thanks dear i really appreciate you


Konstantin on 21 August 2014 17:13 says

Bachiani, hey. I am glad it worked for you, and thanks for the comment.

Vlad on 26 August 2014 15:02 says

Only one file ? /admin/model/tool/export.php modified ?

Export/Import Tool -

I copy you one file /admin/model/tool/export.php in "Export/Import Tool" and very good?

Konstantin on 26 August 2014 15:59 says

Vlad, yes, just be sure you are using the same version of the module.

Vlad on 26 August 2014 16:03 says

Yes! replace one file.. Thank you. Good filter import

uday on 01 November 2014 16:20 says

i integrated this module to my opencart successfully. but i can't see any export or import link in admin panel where can i ?

Rayant on 16 January 2015 16:23 says

Is there a version for please ?

Thanks in advance

Const on 16 January 2015 18:50 says

Rayant, sorry, I have no idea. This module was not written by me, I just added some features, you may try to use it as is and fix errors if any.

Ciro on 27 January 2015 23:52 says

hi, i ve opencart and the php file is called export_import.php

replacing it, it doesn t work. is there not a versión for 2.0x.x opencart?


Const on 28 January 2015 03:01 says

Ciro, you should probably ask the owner of the tool, I just added some features.

Himansh pahwa on 30 January 2015 15:23 says

Sir I updated the opencart directory with the files which you provided, and I still don't get it how I will update the filter? I don't see any filter option in the exported excel file. Please help.

Himansh Pahwa on 30 January 2015 15:32 says

Himansh pahwa, My bad. I was making a very foolish mistake. I didn't even downloaded your file. Problem solved. You made my day! Keep Rocking!

Const on 30 January 2015 17:21 says

Himansh Pahwa, I am glad to help you.

Denis on 03 July 2015 15:10 says

Please help. How to integrate your file for opencart, please help me.

Const on 04 July 2015 11:12 says

Denis, I am not the author of the file, but I can try to help you, if you at least tell what is your problem or contact me on Skype.

Don on 31 August 2015 12:13 says

Can anyone help to integrate the code with OC, appreciate!

Const on 31 August 2015 13:59 says

Don, I may try to help you with the integration, contact me on Skype or by email with the details of your task.

Yuriy on 24 November 2015 00:26 says

Hey, man. Do you know how to make sorting by filter_group_id in the Filters and FilterGroups lists? I think we need to use this peace of code: $query .= "ORDER BY Thanks

John on 04 July 2016 16:48 says

Can anyone help to integrate the code with OC, Thanks in advance

Abhilash on 04 July 2016 16:51 says

Great Tool, Thanks a ton, i will running every form to find some thing worth...

Tarun Aggarwal on 14 July 2016 22:38 says

Export / Import doesn't show up under system menu in OpenCart even after following the guidelines and checking the boxes under top administrator user group.

Please help.

-- Regards, Tarun Aggarwal +91-886087316

Bill on 10 August 2016 08:11 says

How many changes did you make to make this work? Right off it looks like you made a significant # of changes to add those fields so adding different fields (custom fields) doesn't look too easy.

Const on 10 August 2016 09:35 says

Bill, hi. It was not that many changes, so if you have time and patience go ahead and it should work out.

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