Somic G909 7.1 usb headset

After three years of Somic E-95 usage I have bought new Somic G909.

Somic G909 7.1 usb headset specification

Brand: Somic
Model: G909
Connector: USB
Frequency range: 10Hz~400kHz
Sensitivity: 95dB
Impedance: 32Ω

Personally I very like the headset. Somic G909 is the most comfortable headset I have ever had. The sound quality is very good, the cable is long enough to turn around on a chair. Plastic feels good, not like other Chinese shit.

Somic G909 costs only 260 (43$) yuan in China and presented in three colors: white, black and blue. See more on taobao.

I can't predict what will happen next, but I hope that Somic G909 will work at least three years like its elder brother.

Some of you had been looking for "somic g909 audio quality" in Google, that is why I decided to tell my opinion. I have been using the headset for about half a year and I can say that the audio quality is very good. I tested lots of other headsets in those computer stores, non of them were professional and very expensive, and for ~50$ earphones Somic g909 has very good audio quality. I love to use it when playing BF4, its nothing like stereo speakers.

Another feature that I really like is the microphone. It is build in the left ear and you may pull it out when needed. Also it is placed in the right position and skype calls are excellent.

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