Unboxing a package from tacticalstore.se with Umarex Colt Peacemaker single action revolver

Somehow a bit suddenly I have decided to purchase myself an airsoft gun. After some research I ended up staring at Umarex Legends Western Cowboy single action revolver. This was the moment when I thought "I want this toy". As a practical person I did even more research and figured out that this is one of the best single action airsoft revolvers.

The Umarex Legends Western Cowboy single action revolver is available in several colors, with five and seven inches barrel. The gun is available in airsoft 6mm BB or 4.6mm pellet variants. Most of the available reviews indicate that the pellet version is more accurate and more fun to shoot with.

For me though, this gun is a toy for having some fun outside of the computer. Fun means I can shoot with my friends or more precisely I can shoot my friends. No one would appreciate to get shot with a steel pellet, even if it's a toy gun, that's why I decided to go with the BB version.

I wanted to get a five-inch black version of the revolver, but unfortunately only seven-inch model in glossy silver color was available in Sweden. There was just one retailer who actually had the gun in stock and the price was around 250$, which is more than 100$ extra compare to the USA prices.

After evaluating several USA stores and calculating the shipping fee, I came to conclusion that the final purchase price will be the same, but buying in Sweden means 2-3 working days delivery.

For example airsoftstation.com has Legends Smoke Wagon Co2 Airsoft Revolver in stock for 125$, but the shipping cost to Sweden is 130$. It really does not worth it.

On Monday morning I placed my order at tacticalstore.se and by the afternoon the revolver page was gone. This means that the store works very fast, they update the stock availability immediately after a purchase.

On Thursday I have received my package. The package arrived in four business days and everything was packed well, nothing was damaged. So far, I am happy with the tacticalstore.se service and most likely I will buy my shooting supplies there.

Apart of the revolver, co2 cartridges, plastic BBs, and safety glasses, I have also purchased six Colt Python CO2 shells. I was hoping to try front and rear loading shells with my Colt. Unfortunately, the Python shells are slightly bigger and do not fit into the peacemaker chamber. So, now I need to buy a Colt Python revolver to justify the shells purchase.

Here is a little unboxing video I have recorded while opening the box, in case of something goes wrong and I have to prove that I have received it this way.

And some photos, of course.

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