First impression of Chinese Benelli BJ600GS

Today on my way to service station I met a guy riding Benelli BJ600GS. If you don't know Benelli BJ600GS is the first Chinese inline-four 600cc bike. We drag raced on a straight piece of public road. In spite of I don't have much experience in drag racing, but I still left the guy far behind me.
At the service station I saw another Benelli 600 and took for a ride. Now I will tell you my impression of the bike. In my life I rode too few different bikes, so please do not judge me harshly. 
I ride Yamaha fz6n 2006 year and sometimes take my friend's drz400sm 2007 year. Also I tried cb400, fz400 and a couple of Chinese dirt bikes. I will compare Benelli 600 to my fz6n.

Lets go, Benelli BJ600GS

Volume: 600cc
Max power: 60kw (82hp) at 8000rpm
Dry weight: 485lb or 220kg
Size: 2120*800*1100 mm
Fuel tank: 15L
Top speed: 135mph or 218km/h
The  appearance is probably one of the good things of the bike. Benelli BJ600GS looks good, but I think it is too colorful. The bike produces nice low tone br-br-br.
Benelli BJ600GS doesn't feel very comfortable. The footboards are right under the seat, I don't like that, but the seat is quite good and doesn't "squeeze" your ass. Also it was not comfortable to lie on the fuel tank.
The first thing I wanted to say when I finished my ride was: "awful". Now let me explain why. 
The brakes, I should probably say "lack of brakes". After my fz6 I felt like there is no brakes at all. You should press hard to stop your bike. The brakes are inarticulate and you feel like the bike is not going to stop at all.
The acceleration. Most of you probably know, that inline-four engines have low torgue on low rpm and high torgue on high rpm. That is not about Benelli 600, its range is 5-7 rpm if you go more or less the bike feels like "underpowered and overweighted". It doesn't have "kick ass" after 6 rmp like fz6 does and on low rpm it has even less torgue than fz6.
I don't know what is wrong with the shocks, but it trembles and  wobbles. I wasn't able to make corners like I do when ride fz6n.
Benelli BJ600GS gets hot very fast, but the worst thing is that bike's frame gets hot too and you have to keep distance between bike and your knees, it is really embarrassing.
In spite all of that, Benelli BJ600GS can easily go 87mph or 140 km/h and the wind doesn't blow you off.
Conclusion: Benelli BJ600GS is a half-done full of troubles Chinese bike. You should stay away from it.
Some more photos can be found here:
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