Testing cfmoto 650nk, Chinese copy of er-6n

Okay, I wanted to test CFMOTO 650NK for a while and today I have got the chance. CFMOTO 650NK is a Chinese copy of Kawasaki er-6n. I have heard a lot of good things about er-6n and even wanted to by it instead of fz6n, but I didn't dare to do that without test ride. And nobody could offer me the test ride, because there is no er-6n in Chongqing. CFMOTO 650NK is a popular bike in Chongqing, but the dealers did not let me test it. Okay, finnaly I have tested it, let me tell you how it feels.

I have got a used cfmoto 650nk, it was pretty dirty and the left mirror was broken. Therefore I felt like "another Chinese shit". Right after I sat on the bike I have changed my opinion. Unlike Benelli BJ600, CFMOTO 650NK is a comfortable bike, nothing squeak, nothing tremble, all of the handles are responsive and comfortable to use.


Type: Parallel twin / inline two
Volume: 650cc
Max power: 52kw (71hp) at 8500rpm
Dry weight: 425lb or 193kg
Size: 2120*780*1100 mm
Fuel tank: 17L
Top speed: 124mph or 200km/h

The bike doesn't look cool, the same as its sound doesn't impress, but it doesn't look or sound ugly too. CFMOTO 650NK is a very common naked street bike.

It was pretty comfortable to sit on and ride cfmoto 650nk. The rudder is a little bit "super moto" style, but I got used to it very fast. The bike is responsive and easy to ride.

CFMOTO 650NK accelerates pretty good and easily hit the 87mph or 140 km/h mark. 10 krmp is not a problem as well. Compare to my fz6n it is much easy to ride and control cfmoto in traffic jams. Unfortunately there were too many cars, so I didn't dare to try wheelie or stoppie.

When riding the bike feels very light and the stock tyres are very good, I really enjoyed cornering.

I didn't notice much difference in brakes between cfmoto 650 and fz6n, in a word cfmoto 650nk brakes pretty good.

Okay, what else can I say? The bike totally worths its price of 6500$ and I would even like to ride it for a couple of days.

Enjoy the rest of the photos and let me know what do you think.

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Const on 15 January 2014 12:40 says

Emerson, man, you have left some comments on my posts, and didn't provide valid email address, how can I replay?

mariano on 10 February 2015 22:58 says

Sorry for my english. In comparision with the fz6n dont miss any handling, power, drive position or anythingelse... Here in Argentina, this bike costs less than a half of the new er6n!!! Thanks for the info!

Const on 10 February 2015 23:55 says

Mariano, I have never tested original er-6n and I have no idea about any issues with the bike when it gets older. I just wrote down my impressions of a short ride. Anyway, be very careful when you buy a Chinese bike.

Alec on 21 July 2015 13:44 says

I purchased a CF Moto 650NKS in April 2015. Electrical problems plague this model - and there are internet forums dedicated to people complaining about the brand. Within a week of purchase I discovered that the high beam light turns on - and won't turn off - when riding the bike in rain. I had to cover my high beam switch with masking tape to prevent rainwater seeing in to the electrics. CF Moto were unable to help with the issue and just referred me back to the dealer - who shrugged and said they couldn't fix it. But that was just a small part of my worries. The fuel indicator light often suddenly turns itself on, and remains glowing, and this warning coincides with the bike randomly and frequently stalling. Imagine riding down a steep hill or between heavy trucks and the engine suddenly cutting out! I work as a courier rider, and the engine on my CF Moto cuts out up to 200 times a day. Frightening! I'm now arranging a refund and I strongly advise anyone against purchasing this bike.

Const on 21 July 2015 13:51 says

Alec, thank you for your valuable comment.

The bike has some problems, that is for sure. Could you please also tell me what country are you from? I am asking because I have some friends riding CFMOTO 650NK for a couple of years without major issues.

Alec on 21 July 2015 14:21 says

Const, Hi, I'm based in Sydney, Australia.

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