Xeon E5-2600 V3 Turbo Boost Unlock

Method 1: Inject FFS driver straight into the BIOS.

This is a step by step guide of how to unlock Xeon E5-2600 V3 Turbo Boost frequency on all CPU cores using Chinese X99 motherboards and modified BIOS with a build in FFS driver. This method is OS independent and does not require EFI driver installation / re-installation.

Required files

Download archive required for this guide.

Hashes of the x99-tu-ffs.zip file:

MD5: 6eeeff1123513e08499283f3719f16d9
SHA1: 52299ba3f0988551bcdf9bc51b13e07c5c1d3ec6
SHA256: 04d32938b330328097b88b2b5c03b976e7a7a3dbe6adbdd9e66d1994f698ef66

To validate hashes of the file execute the following commands:

certutil -hashfile x99-tu-ffs.zip MD5
certutil -hashfile x99-tu-ffs.zip SHA1
certutil -hashfile x99-tu-ffs.zip SHA256

Google Slides Presentation

Method 2: Manual EFI driver installation.

This is a step by step guide of how to unlock Xeon E5-2600 V3 Turbo Boost frequency on all CPU cores using Chinese X99 motherboards and manual EFI driver installation. This method was written for and tested with Windows 10 Pro x64.

  • ❗ IMPORTANT: The step “6. Windows driver installation” does not seem to be required any more. First validate if Turbo Boost Unlock works without it. Install Windows drivers only if unlock does not work without them.
  • ❗ IMPORTANT: Use the V3DUAL.EFI driver for dual socket motherboards. Google Slides presentation has been updated, but the video guide is not possible to update.

Required files

Download required archive for this guide.

Hashes of the x99-tu.zip file:

MD5: 272621266752a1df69cfa57c88a3f2df
SHA1: e6c43b03cabf3d21b8b023f21c7d64c2fc09bc6e
SHA256: 88a9cc5d15d3ac59e896600c6c2706ca0cd99a55b45be6e18874df2b7c23d2bd

To validate hashes of the file execute the following commands:

certutil -hashfile x99-tu.zip MD5
certutil -hashfile x99-tu.zip SHA1
certutil -hashfile x99-tu.zip SHA256

Google Slides Presentation

Review of the Chinese X99 Motherboards

JingSha X99 D4

JingSha X99 Dual

Huananzhi X99-TF

Huananzhi X99-8M

Machinist X99Z

Runing X99 V1.2

PlexHD / Atermiter X99

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Вадим on 10 January 2020 12:16 says

Use afudos instead of FPT for Z99 v102. Other steeps are made by this instruction. Proof: CPU-Z Validation, userbenchmark.com/UserRun/23542225.

Miyconst on 10 January 2020 14:29 says

Вадим, do you mean Machinist X99Z? So, AfuDos worked for you? In my case AfuDos failed to write the BIOS.

Вадим on 10 January 2020 21:07 says

Did you tried with /gan key?

LUI Siu Man on 30 March 2020 11:25 says

I stumbled a thread on guide on win-raid, where the xx.efi file is inserted into his ASUS board ROM as xx.ffs usinf the UEFITool after the efi-to-ffs conversion.Link here: https://www.win-raid.com/t3874f16-GUIDE-Haswell-E-EP-Xeon-CPUID-F-Turbo-Unlock.html

I think this methods seems more convenient than loading the v3.efi with the USB EFI method, since the overclock process is done on startup, and the boot process into the EFI is not required anymore

Do you think it is doable with those Chinese board? I hope you can have a try :)

Miyconst on 30 March 2020 11:30 says

LUI Siu Man, I plan to try this method to validate Turbo Frequency Unlock on Ubuntu, but I am not sure when I will have time for it.

LUI Siu Man on 30 March 2020 16:07 says

I have successfully tested the ffs method and it worked! I put the v3.ffs and another .ffs linked by the ASUS thread to the ROM.

It is done on my Huananzhi X99-F8 with E5 2678 v3. All cores at x33 mutiplier

One important thing is that for some reason, or maybe just me and some others, Windows 10 will lockup very very soon if I just delete the microcode . I had to set the "IntelRCSetup> Advanced Power Management Configuration>Power technology" to "disable" to boot normally into Windows 10 (not sure about other OS). I used AMIBCP v5.02 and set the "CPU C State Control" to USER so I could disable the C3 and C6 report in the UEFI, like what the user did to his ASUS board.

My resource x99_ffs_v3.rom, guide & notes.

The X99_ffs_v3.rom is the rom I use now. And the document is a messy but useful steps I took to achieved the ROM mod.

Miyconst on 30 March 2020 22:20 says

LUI Siu Man, thanks a lot for the info! This will be the next thing I try out, if it works for me as well - then the Turbo Boost unlock procedure will be way more stable and easy.

Benyba on 06 April 2020 15:44 says

Great content thank you! I'm facing issues with x99-tu-ffs.zip archive which seems corrupted every time I download it.

Also regarding method 2 and V3DUAL.EFI I systematically get the message "V3DUAL.EFI is not an image" when trying to load it while V3.EFI loads correctly (but I've a dual CPU system). Checksum is correct on this archive so I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong here, any idea ?

Miyconst on 06 April 2020 16:10 says

Benyba, it seems like my hosting provider is having some issues, thus the file gets corrupted while download. I have add extra download options via Microsoft One Drive. Please validate.

Benyba on 06 April 2020 17:28 says

Miyconst, and it works ! Method 2 confirmed on Dell Precision 7910. For some reason injecting FFS driver was not enough and I had to manually install the EFI driver. Still no luck with V3DUAL.EFI but using freecableguy's v3x4 did the job. Also had to use service mode jumper to flash the modified bios. Thank you so much, you just made my day!

Miyconst on 06 April 2020 18:03 says

Benyba, thank you for the info! I will double check the V3DUAL.EFI issue, maybe I have included a wrong file. Where did you download the freecableguy's drivers from? I am usually using Payne's drivers. Also, which FFS driver did you inject?

Benyba on 06 April 2020 18:51 says

Miyconst, the driver I manually installed is from here. For some reason I wasn't able to load any other ones like your v3dual.efi or v3x2_payne_0_0.efi. The FFS driver I injected is the v3x2_payne_0_0.ffs you provided. I still have something slightly under optimized here as my max turbo seems to be stuck at x35 while in full load now while it should theoretically be 36x on 2697v3.

Miyconst on 06 April 2020 19:11 says

Benyba, one more thanks, I will add your link to the list of resources for others to follow. Xeon E5-2697 V3 is a 14-Core monster, but its TDP is limited to 145 Watts. All Xeon E5 V3 CPUs reduce the clock speed to stay within the TDP package limit even with unlocked Turbo Boost. If you reduce the CPU/Memory controller voltage you might be able to get full 3.6 GHz on all cores under full load.

Benyba on 06 April 2020 19:16 says

Miyconst, got it, I'll fine tune this then! Thanks again and stay safe wherever your are!

Alejandro on 06 April 2020 20:26 says

Hello Miyconst, thank you very much for all your work, I like your content a lot, you`ve got yourself another Brazilian fan.

Given your new permanent boost turorial, Iam curious as to the need to remove microcode updates from the system (windows and linux), because I imagine that it would be applied again on boot if it isnt removed from the OS right? (as per your method 2).

Also, if possible, I think it would make for great content if you explored removing spectere and meltdown microcode paches, talked about what malware actually uses them (I have searched and found no metion if those were exploited by anyone in real life (in a feasable manner)) and the performance gains by doing so.

Thanks again for the awesome content! and stay safe

Miyconst on 06 April 2020 21:08 says

Alejandro, thank you for the support. Regarding your questions:

  • It does not seem to be needed to remove CPU micro-codes from OS any more. Even with the manual EFI driver installation, I no longer remove the mcupdate_GenuineIntel.dll file. Only in a few rare cases I had to do that.
  • As far as I know, all Chinese X99 motherboards do not have the latest Spectre/Meltdown updates from Intel and with branded motherboards it's very easy to remove them - use a previous version of the BIOS.
Alejandro on 08 April 2020 01:02 says

Miyconst, thank you very much for the assistance, I will start exploring this topic as soon as my motherboard arrives.

As a last question (sepecific to linux since I pretend to use it), I read in the Arch wiki while researching this topic that the microcode patches are loaded by the OS as soon as the system starts, why would this no be the case with these chinese motherboards? link:https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Microcode (first section explaining the early loading procedure is what bugs me the most)

Thanks again for your help

Miyconst on 08 April 2020 01:08 says

Alejandro, unfortunately, I am quite bad at Linux and the boot process, thus I can't give you a clear answer. From what I found online, is that the "trick" happens before any CPU microcode is loaded, it "fools" CPU to use Turbo Boost settings of one CPU core on all Cores, after that CPU microcode can be loaded. Personally I have tested Turbo Unlock on Ubuntu 18.04, but please keep me updated after you validate Arch Linux.

Alejandro on 08 April 2020 17:34 says

Miyconst, as soon as I recieve the motherboard I will be testing Manjaro, and because I made the mistake of buying the plex HD X99 (I bought it before watching your videos, and the sller only had good reviews) I will be reporting back on that as well, do you know the version of your reviewed plex HD X99 board? and it`s BIOS version? this is where I bought mine

also, I bought a programmer, and read somewhere that FPT doesen not read/write the whole BIOS, is that true? where can I read more about how that works?

Miyconst on 08 April 2020 20:51 says

Alejandro, don't be too sad about Plex HD X99, yours might be a better unit. I have got multiple different reports, for some this board works well, for others it has all sort of issues. Hopefully, you have got a good sample. Currently I am super busy with my work and other videos, but I still plan to validate Plex HD X99 with Huananzhi BIOS and see if that's gonna work and/or improve its performance. This GitHub repository might give you some answers regarding FPT.

Joseph on 09 April 2020 15:25 says

Miyconst, I am trying to follow your steps on a evga x99 micro 2 with xeon e5 2660 v3. When I try to run dump.bat it tells me "Error 7: Hardware sequencing failed. Make sure that you have access to target flash area!" Any advice you can give me?

Miyconst on 09 April 2020 15:30 says

Joseph, with branded motherboards you have to use proprietary utility to read/write BIOS, the FPT tool does not usually work with EVGA/MSI/ASUS and other branded boards.

Joseph on 09 April 2020 15:53 says

Miyconst, after running it again it was able to export the bios files and later flash it back. After a reboot I am getting the full 3.3 turbo on all cores. Thanks for all your help! Your guide/video made the process very straight forward!

Miyconst on 09 April 2020 15:55 says

Joseph, wow. So, you used FPT tool on your EVGA X99 baord? It's good to know that it worked well. Having a branded motherboard you can also try to increase BCLK to something like 105-107 MHz.

Joseph on 09 April 2020 15:59 says

Miyconst, Yep! At first it failed with the error code, but when I closed/reopend cmd and ran the bat file again it worked. It was strange, but everything is working correctly. I will try increasing my BCLK next!

Miyconst on 09 April 2020 16:02 says

Joseph, sounds great!

Joseph on 09 April 2020 17:08 says

Miyconst, Set the BCLK to 103.84 (will slowly push further until I find the highest stable BCLK) and it is running stable at 3426.81mhz on all 10 cores!

HotnikQ on 15 April 2020 02:43 says

Thank You for share these content with us! i use fptw64.exe to flash my bios.

  • Huananzhi X99-TF 2680V3 v3_payne_90_50 Success.
  • Huananzhi X99-F8 2690V3 v3_payne_90_50 Success.
Miyconst on 15 April 2020 07:32 says

HotnikQ, thank you for the info. On your screenshots you show macOS, did you manage to successfully install macOS Mojave on Huananzhi X99-F8?

Niko on 15 April 2020 07:36 says

Did u know that on x99-tf after going to sleep and back again, unlocking turbo boost has no effect? You should turn reboot once again to take effect.

Miyconst on 15 April 2020 07:39 says

Niko, yes, I have seen similar reports, but didn't have chance to validate myself, yet.

Niko on 15 April 2020 07:52 says

Also after reboot windows cant start properly such like there is no bootable device. And u gave to enter bios and set defaults again.

Mikey on 20 April 2020 11:03 says

Doesnt work with MacOs ( Hackintosh )...

Miyconst on 20 April 2020 11:04 says

Mikey, do you have a bit more details? Which motherboard, which CPU, which BIOS, which driver. How exactly does not work? Does Hackintosh work without Turbo Boost Unlock?

Mikey on 21 April 2020 00:18 says

Miyconst, x99-tf with your modded bios ( incl tubro boost unlock + driver), 2678v33 opencore build. MacOs can work with it for sure.

Also will u fix issue about turboboost and sleep?

Miyconst on 21 April 2020 00:21 says

Mikey, thank you for the info. I am not sure how to fix Turbo Boost issue after computer awakes from sleep, someone with better knowledge of how all of these things work is needed.

Riko_crimea on 22 April 2020 11:49 says

А есть уже готовый БИОС, чтоб прошить и ничего не добавлять вручную? Дайте ссылку, пожалуйста. Материнская плата - x99-tf, xeon 2678.

Is there a ready-made BIOS to flash and not add anything manually? Give me a link please. Motherboard - x99-tf, xeon 2678.

Riko_crimea on 22 April 2020 13:22 says

Riko_crimea, я нашел. Оказывается, ссылки на последнем слайде в Google Slides Presentation. Я думал это видео. Спасибо!

I found. It turns out the links on the last slide in Google Slides Presentation. I thought this video. Thanks!

Miyconst on 22 April 2020 16:58 says

Riko_crimea, I have got some reports that there are two revisions of Huananzhi X99-TF, for some my BIOS works, for others it does not. That is why you shall always have a backup of your original BIOS, then, if my BIOS does not properly work on your motherboard, you can restore you original BIOS.

Riko_crimea on 22 April 2020 18:25 says

Miyconst, I set yours - while it works fine. If there are problems, I will write.

Nicola Sanna on 23 April 2020 00:16 says

Hi Miyconst, I'm Nicola from Italy. I just buy a Jingsha X99 Dual with two xeon E5 2678 V3 and I'm trying to unlock the turbo boost ... I've tryed both procedure ... with inject the ffs driver in the bios I didn't have any success while, with manual EFI driver installation : if I use del V3DUAL.EFI the system don't recognize the file valide... only if I use the V3.EFI I obtained that the only one CPU has turbo boost unlock ... what can I do for have both CPU with turbo boost unlock?

Thanks a lot for your kindly

Miyconst on 23 April 2020 14:30 says

Nicola, hi. Please try to use the v3x2_payne_0_0.efi driver, it might work with your motherboard.

Nicola Sanna on 23 April 2020 19:39 says

Miyconst, Hi. I've already tryed the v3x2_payne_0_0.efi and the result was negative. I don't understand .. the V3.efi for single CPU works good ...

Miyconst on 23 April 2020 22:55 says

Nicola, what do you mean by "negative"? It did not turbo boost or did not boot?

Nicola Sanna on 23 April 2020 23:04 says

Miyconst, No turbo boost ... the system respond V3x2_payne_0_0.efi is not an image the same message that for V3DUAL.EFI ... instead with the V3.efi only one of the two CPU go to Turbo Boost unlocked ...

Thanks a lot for your help

Miyconst on 24 April 2020 10:31 says

Nicola, that sounds really wrong. Could you please try to download the drivers from their original source - https://peine-braun.net/public_files/XEON_V3_BIOS_MODS/EFI-Drivers/dual CPU/? It could be that the files get corrupted when you download from my website.

Nicola Sanna on 25 April 2020 11:25 says

Miyconst, HI, thanks but as I said I've alredy tried the V3x2_payne_0_0.efi and It didn't works ... I finally found another driver EFI on web (V3x4-0.10b-i306f2-rc9_90_70_50) that it works very well and now I have both my CPU Xeon E5-2678 V3, 24 cores at full turbo ... Thanks a lot for your help.

Dimitri on 25 April 2020 13:11 says

Many thanks for the guide! I can confirm it working in the X99-TF with a e5 2678v3 using -30 mV at VID and -20mV at mem (your -30 - 20 file :D ). However, I am wondering what is the lowest undervolting this CPU could support. I could try it myself but, do you know what would be the worst case scenario if I get the VID too low? I just can't fry this system but I need it to be just a bit faster. Thanks again for your helping!

Riko_crimea on 25 April 2020 15:24 says

Miyconst, Hello! I have a question. The computer boots up for a very long time (BIOS) - maybe you know the solution to this problem?

Miyconst on 25 April 2020 17:21 says

Riko, hi. Unfortunately, long booting time is a common problem of the Chinese X99 boards with modified BIOS, I am not aware of any solution for this problem, yet.

Miyconst on 25 April 2020 17:22 says

Nicola, that's very good to hear. Could you please share the exact link to the file you were able to successfully use?

Miyconst on 25 April 2020 17:23 says

Dimitri, thank you for the update, it helps me with collecting statistics. You system will hang if you reduce the CPU voltage too much, but it definitely will not fry.

Nicola Sanna on 25 April 2020 21:22 says

Miyconst, This is the link of efi driver that I use with my Jingsha X99 Dual and two Xeon E5 2678 V3 ... It works very well ...

Michel on 27 April 2020 15:40 says

Hello Miyconst, Thanks for the amazing detail work you are producing.  So much good info for pc bilders... I did tried to follow your steeps. I purchased a Machinist X99Z V102, paired with a E5-2640 V3.  I was having stability issues at one point.  I notice that a RAM stick was not properly installed.  I touch it when the power was ON. (I know that is stupid) and the system died.Now the board is dead, no power no fan spins, no led lite ????   Do you think the board is now finish? Do you think I can flash the Bios?

Thank again. Michel from Canada

Miyconst on 27 April 2020 15:49 says

Michel, I am sorry to say that, but it seems like something got fried on the motherboard. Restoring BIOS most likely won't help here. If you touched the motherboard heatsink and it died - it could have shortened some contacts, thus, you can try to completely remove the heatsink (it's electrically conductive) and start up the motherboard. If no signs of life - then your best bet would be to replace the motherboard and hope that it didn't fry up your CPU/RAM.

Michel on 27 April 2020 16:20 says

Miyconst, Thanks for the quick response. PS. I did'nt touch the heat sink. I just moved the RAM stick a bit. ???

Michel on 27 April 2020 16:47 says


So you think my CPU could be fried buy moving the RAM? So If I purchase a new board, Can I test the CPU and RAM on that new board? or will the damaged part induce more damage to the board?
You think it is safer to get rid of all the kit?

Thanks a lot. Michel

Miyconst on 27 April 2020 18:53 says

Michel, I am sorry for not reading your message properly, mixed your issue with other guy's issue. In your case I would recommend you remove all memory sticks, install just one, make sure it's properly installed, and try to start. The motherboard should show signs of life even without memory installed.

Also, I don't think your CPU is fried, it could happen if you would shorten some wrong contacts, but you didn't seem to to do anything like that.

Michel on 28 April 2020 23:00 says

Miyconst Thank a lot for the responses. I really appreciate. I think my board is dead. Based on your advises I will order a "Kllisre X99 D8" from your link to support your channel (I think it is your best recommendation.

Two last technical questions if you have 2 minutes:

A- Is the life spend of a CPU like E5-2640 V3 reduced by keeping the turbo mod on all the time ( do you think the cpu will last 2 years ?) B - In two weeks, when I will receive my new board, can I try my RAM stick in? Can a damaged ram stick damage my new board?

Thanks again

Miyconst on 29 April 2020 01:43 says

Michel, please always validate if you can find a better deal on AliExpress, if there is a significant price difference between my affiliated links and other offers - don't buy from the affiliated links.

Life span of CPU won't be significantly affected with Turbo Boost unlock, these CPUs are designed to work 24/7 for decades, even under super extreme conditions, your CPU shall work for 2 years and more.

I think, you can try your memory module in the new motherboard, but first validate the motherboard with another RAM stick.

JukkaX on 01 May 2020 14:40 says

Dimitri, Whaat? There's a -30 mV VID BIOS to download in smwhr?

Dimitri on 02 May 2020 00:24 says

JukkaX yes there are ffs and efi files to lower the VID, just as sir mi8 instructed. By the way, my e5 2678v3 with x99-tf works amazing with -70 cpu and -50 mem. I get solid 3.3 Ghz all cores at 119 W TDP max. It t also runs Arch very well (no longer need to use a virtual machine in windows to take advantage of the faster clocks in linux). Really good mod that deserves its praise

Marcos on 02 May 2020 02:22 says

Hi! I have managed to get the turbohack on the old way working (Kllisre x99 d8 and 1630v3 here), I'll be trying your method on the weekend. I do have a question though, is there any way to change BCLK on these chinese x99 motherboards?

Cheers from Brazil!

Miyconst on 02 May 2020 10:25 says

Marcos hi. I am a bit surprised that Turbo Boost unlock changed something for Xeon E5-1630 V3. Could you please describe what was the CPU behavior without the hack and with it? What are the scores in Cinebench without and with the hack? This hack is supposed to work on E5-2600 V3 & E5-4600 V3 CPUs only. Regarding BCLK - no, there is no way to adjust it in BIOS on the Chinese X99 boards.

Brian on 02 May 2020 12:34 says

Hi, may I know where can I download the lazy pack for Huananzhi X99-F8 (stock voltage) as mentioned in your video?

Thank and Regards, Brian

Miyconst on 02 May 2020 12:49 says

Brian, hi. The "lazy" pack is available for download from the last page of the Google Slides presentation.

JukkaX on 02 May 2020 19:39 says

Dimitri, Got it! -50 mV now and seems to be solid. Helped to get Cinebench R20 go at 3.1 GHz instead of 3.0 Ghz (@ -20 mV). In CB R15 VID is 0.919 V but in R20 it's 0.963 V.

Marcos on 02 May 2020 20:20 says

Miyconst, before the hack it'd go to 3.7Ghz all cores, now they go up to 3.8 Cpu-z and cinebench r20 got a range of improvement from 2 to 4%. Trying to mess around with Intel XTU and found out there's some throttling from current limit... Is there anything that can be done so that current doesnt limit the processor? Hwmonitor only shows Max 80w being drawn by the package and no heating problems...

Miyconst on 02 May 2020 20:49 says

Marcos, E5-1630 V3 has maximum turbo boost frequency of 3.8 GHz, there is no way you can bypass this limitation.

Marcos on 03 May 2020 01:40 says

I see! But if XTU is throwing this "Current/EDP Limit Throttling: Yes" during a full load on the CPU doesn't it mean that there is something holding the CPU back?

JukkaX on 03 May 2020 13:13 says

Now at -90 mv for the core and Cinebench R20 runs at 3.2 GHz all the way through :-) During R20 VID is 0,948 V and R15 0,874 V (CPU-Z) LinX runs at 2,6 - 2,7 GHz and yields 360 GFlops with relaxed DDR3 1866 timings. Will start experimenting with lowering the memory controller voltage next.

JukkaX on 03 May 2020 14:05 says

-90 mV soon proved to be unstable on my 2678 v3; PUBG crashed twice in a short time.. Gotta to go back to -80 mV.

Dimitri on 10 May 2020 04:50 says

I can confirm that the CPU goes back to its stock speed and voltages if the computer is left to sleep. I am running an e5-2678v3 on a x99-TF DDR3 1866 (-70,-50 mV as stated above). A quick restar solves the issue but the system seems to take twice as long to start up.

ystal on 15 May 2020 00:00 says

Alejandro, Did you managed to do turbo boost unlock on Manjaro?

Marco on 15 May 2020 17:50 says

Hi, thanks for the great guide; one question I flashed the modified Huanhanzhi X99 F8 bios on a Kllisre D4 and everything works as expected but one core is stuck at 80% load and I get poor single core benchmark results; did you experience any of that? Thanks

Miyconst on 15 May 2020 17:56 says

Marco, hi. What is your CPU? Did you by any chance install Windows drivers from the previous Turbo Boost unlock method?

Marco on 15 May 2020 18:14 says

Miyconst, Hi Miyconst, thanks for the reply; my cpu is a Xeon 2620 V3, no I directly flashed the modded bios. I must say that I'm using an old windows installation so I should try with a clean install or linux and report back, just wanted to know if it was a common problem

Miyconst on 15 May 2020 18:23 says

Marco, yes, I have seen this problem with this exact processor a few times. In my case it was caused by installed custom cpumcupdate driver. In your case it's probably caused by either dirty Windows installation or incompatible FFS driver. Did you take my BIOS or prepared yourself?

Marco on 15 May 2020 19:00 says

Miyconst, I took your prepared bios for the F8 with 20 mv undervolt, glad to hear it's a common problem. I'll try to prepare another bios with another the FFS driver; thank you for your support.

Julien on 16 May 2020 12:26 says

First, thank you for knowing that you share here. It is very interesting to read your tests. Have you already tested the Kllisre x99 dual Processor? I saw that on the Jinshua dual test, the gain is ridiculous and you advise to not unlock the boost.

My configuration is : Kllisre x99 Dual 2 xeon 2678 V3 2 XFX RX 580 8GB 8 DDR 4 8go 2667Mhz Kllisre 2 SSD Nvme Corsair MP510

Everythings in open air.

Do you think it will be the same for me and and that I would have no gain with the Turbo Unlock ?

Miyconst on 16 May 2020 12:50 says

Julien, I have not received the dual socket Kllisre X99 motherboard yet, when I receive it - it will be tested on my channel. In general, I strongly advice not to build dual socket configurations, unless you use specialized software which can leverage this many cores & threads. Turbo Boost Unlock has the best impact in games, because in games CPU does not exceed its power consumption limitations and can stay at the highest possible frequency all the time, but dual socket configurations are terrible for games on its own.

Julien on 16 May 2020 14:36 says

Miyconst, I mount this configuration because my current PC has trouble making 4k video editing smoothly and to play too. My current config: Ryzen 2600x on MSI B450 Pro, 16go DDR4, rx 580 8gb and ssd MP510 I will wait for your test before I do anything. Thank you very much and good luck with your Youtube channel !!!

Polar on 22 May 2020 15:50 says

Miyconst,thank you for your great work! Great tutorials! I tried to unlock the turbo boost on a Supermicro X10DAX dual socket board with two E5 2683 v3 cpus (ES/QS, stepping 2, according to Cpu-Z). I used both the dual socket ffs-file provided in your ffs-files, as well as a home brewn ffs-file based on V3x4-0.10b-i306f2-rc9_90_70_50.efi. I used the newest bios for X10DAX (rev. 3.2) as a staring point. After the modifications according to your tutorials, I used SuperMicros own software to flash the bios. No success in both cases. Modified bios do work, system remains table, but the turbo works not we would like. E5 2683 v3 should boost up to 3 GHz, and they do usually in my system, though not all core. After this bios mod, with either of the two ffs-files, the frequency of all cores remained limited to 2.5 GHz. So, instead of "all core unlock" to 3.0 GHz, I got a "all core lock" to 2.5 GHz. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you!

Miyconst on 22 May 2020 16:22 says

Polar, hi. Unfortunately, I don't have any experience with the Supermicro LGA 2011-3 boards. In your case I would suggest you to start with manual EFI driver installation. Create a BIOS without 06F2 CPU microcodes and experiment with different EFI drivers, see if any of them is going to work. Try to enable/disable CPU C3/C6 states, on some boards it has to be enabled to make Turbo Boost Unlock work. Also experiment with "energy efficiency" settings in the BIOS.

Polar on 22 May 2020 16:28 says

Miyconst, thank you! Great suggestions. Re: settings: yes, these were exactly the settings I have been dabbling with.

Polar on 23 May 2020 17:34 says

Miyconst, success! Thank you very much! (hardware see above, Supermicro SM 10DAX, 2x E5 2863v3, ES/QS, stepping 2, Win 10).

Manual installation worked, ass suggested, without the last steps of removing stock drivers. Basically all I needed was a modified up to date bios file without the 06F2 microcodes as well as the 3VDAUL.EFI - driver file. Loading the driver through in the efi shell worked, however, the efi shell provided by SM does not support the bcfg-command. Therefore at this point, I have to load the driver on each restart of the computer. Adjustment to the bios were done manually, as the provided tool to change settings permanently did not work well in my case. It was absolutely necessary to disable to C6 state report in the advanced power settings, otherwise the system would hang on startup. Power management settings are well hidden in the bios interface, under CPU settings, you have to scroll down and down.... Advanced power settings must be set to "custom" in order to allow to modify the C6 state setting. Many other bios settings I explored seem to have no specific impact on the turbo unlock. It is possible to combine this mod with the provided blck overclocking for this board (Hyper-Speed).

Results: CPU 0 showed a max multiplier of x29 (no idea, why, even with no load it would never reach 30), CPU 1 was able to boost up to x30. Overall probably a 12-15% performance gain was observed in CPU heavy applications. Frequencies were, obviously not fixed at max turbo, but changed with load. I tried again to incorporate the V3DUA.EFI into the bios.rom, converting it to ffs, but to no avail. x multipliers again were limited to x25. Thermals and power consumption increased, with the combined speed improvement, but remain reasonable.

Miyconst on 23 May 2020 18:33 says

Polar, thanks for the update! It seems like the Supermicro board is loading the DXE drivers in some other or different order, which makes Turbo Unlock not function properly. At least manual EFI driver installation worked well. To get a few extra % of the performance you can try to reduce CPU voltages and see how that works.

Polar on 23 May 2020 20:55 says

Miyconst, btw, as I mentionned SM EFI shell does not support the bcfg-command to add drivers. My quick and dirty fix is to simply set the EFI shell as first step in the boot process, hd as second. Using the Shell on the HD fs0: I created the file called "startup.nsh" with the command "edit startup.nsh" The file contains just simply load command and exit. load fs0:\efi\boot\V3dual.efi exit Works. :) Just a workaround. I guess there is a more professional way to do this. :)

Polar on 24 May 2020 11:06 says

Miyconst, tried different setting for the undervolting settings and it helped further improving performance and reducing power draw. Using the Payne 50-50 .efi file, both cores now worked at x30 multiplier. I have been using a moderate bclk overclocking setting 2 of SM Hyper-Speed available for the SM X10DAX motherboard, resulting in a constant 3.07 GHz on all 28 of the two e5 2683 v3 CPUs' cores under full load. Even tried 90-90, and the system still worked like a charm under full load for hours. No critical values nowhere. Not one sign of instability in the system, no restart, no nothing. :) Question: How would you go about finding the ideal setting for the undervolting?

Miyconst on 24 May 2020 11:11 says

Polar, I have two methods for CPU undervolting:

  • Lazy one: just apply -50mv on CPU and CPU memory controller. Works in 99% of the cases. Only absolute worst Xeons can't tolerate such voltage reduction.
  • Smart one: reduce CPU voltage until the system is not stable under one of the following tests: Prime95, Aida64, Cinebench R20, Corona. Add 20mv to the unstable value and stay happy. For example, if a system becomes unstable at -100mv, I leave it at -80mv.
Polar on 25 May 2020 08:52 says

Miyconst Thank you again for your help! To summarize, I was aware of this mod for quite some time, but I was intimidated by possible complications. As it turned out, with my branded and trusted Supermicro motherboard SM X10DAX and two XEON e5 2683-v3 chips, it was quite easy. Basically just removing one line of microcode patch from the bios using the respective tool and adding the cpu-driver in the UEFI-shell was all it took. Bios updates are very easy on these SM boards. You can flash a new bios right from the UEFI-shell. No bootable external medium needed. Very few modifications in the bios settings very necessary, basically only disabling the C6-state monitoring was critical. Undervolting using the 100-50 efi-file from Payne was very helpful mostly improving performance and to a lesser extent reducing power draw. I have been using the SM X10DAX board with these Xeons chips since 2016 for heavy duty calculations, often 24/7 and I have to say Supermicro lives up to its reputation of making rock solid products with a great longevity. Practically no restarts need, even with 24/7 use and 100% load bearing tasks. Software maintenance needed was minimal. The board offers ton of features, probably more pci slots you will ever use, sli and baseclock overclock capabilites and much more. The board is big, and a non standard form factor, prepare your drill :), and still expensive at around 400$ to 450$, but I have been very happy with this choice. This is a great investment, giving you performance, reliability and peace of mind. :) Now with a performance gain of about 15% in my main applications, my workstations continues to work on with no hickups at all, purring happily. :) Thank you!

Miyconst on 25 May 2020 12:17 says

Polar, I am glad to hear that it worked well for you and thank you for providing feedback with additional information. I am sure, someone else with a Supermicro board will benefit from your findings.

AzzY on 29 May 2020 00:23 says

Miyconst, great tutorial. Thank you!

I followed your guide but my CPU can't reach full turbo multiplayer. My CPU is 2678v3 and it stays at 32x instead of full 33x. My motherboard is Huananzhi X99-TF. Do you have any suggestions?

Miyconst on 29 May 2020 09:18 says

AzzY, does your CPU go to 3.3 GHz when only one CPU core is utilized? If yes - then it's a normal behavior. In order to increase CPU frequency to it's maximum 3.3 GHz you may try to reduce the CPU voltages. Not every Xeon E5-2678 V3 can stay within its power envelope at full load and 3.3 GHz. If your CPU never goes up to 3.3 GHz - then you have to try some other FFS driver.

Jose on 29 May 2020 10:23 says

Hi, is MACHINIST X99Z bios compatible with Kllisre X99Z?

Miyconst on 29 May 2020 10:35 says

Hi Jose. As far as I know, these are the same boards, just a different name, and the BIOS is compatible as well. Still, the risk is yours.

евгений on 30 May 2020 18:05 says

Спасибо делал также только с руским переводом на другом форуме не вышло а с тобой вышло

Miyconst on 30 May 2020 18:07 says

евгений, я всегда рад помочь.

AzzY on 31 May 2020 12:59 says

Miyconst, Hi Miyconst, finally I got it what this FFS drivers do after your explaination. . Thank you very much - I am fighting with this CPU for 2 Weeks now. After your clarification I injected -70 cpu and -50 mem as somebody mentioned above and my CPU is now working on 3,30GHz on all cores even when stress tested! Now I have 2 more questions: Where can I buy you a beer? (PayPal, Monese, Revolut or something else) How to OC the BCLK in the BIOS? I am not sure I see the settings there. I want to increase the BCLK with 5% to achieve 3,465GHz. Thank you in advance PS: If possible please delete my post above. I forgot to write my nickname and there is my e - mail now :(

Miyconst on 31 May 2020 14:33 says

AzzY, no worries, I have deleted your previous comment and I am glad to hear that slight CPU voltage reduction helped with achieving 3.3 GHz under full load. You can buy me a beer through a PayPal Donation, which is not required, but very much appreciated.

Regarding the BCLK overclock, as far as I know, not a single Chinese X79/X99 board supports BCLK overclocking via BIOS settings, thus I am quite confused when you say that the settings are there. Could you please share a screenshot with such settings?

namgorf on 05 June 2020 23:02 says

Benyba, can you please share the bios you made? I have the same dell (7910), but I cannot find out how to backup or flash the bios. Where is the service jumper located?

MC on 07 June 2020 07:05 says

Hi Miyconst, first I would like to say, Thank You for all your work and sharing all your findings, its much appreciated. I have a Chinese MB Huananzhi X99-AD3-Gaming with E5-2678 v3 and would like to unlock turbo boost and if possible overclock CPU. Have you any experience with this board? or has anyone successfully overclock and/or turbo boost this mobo? Thank you in advance.

Miyconst on 07 June 2020 09:56 says

MC, as far as I know, it's possible to unlock turbo boost on Huananzhi X99-AD3-Gaming, but the motherboard has locket BIOS, and you need an external USB programmer to flash modified BIOS onto it.

amclo on 07 June 2020 14:50 says

Hi Myconst, thanks a lot for your work and for the info.

I bought a pack containing kllissre x99 d4 + 2620 v3 + 2x8gb kllisree 2400; I`d like to unlock turboboost and adjust memory timmings as soon as I get all the parts.

I was thinking of injecting with FPT tool your modified Huananzhi X99-F8 firmware with the adjusted voltages. But I have also seen a modified bios of the Jingsha X99 D8 motherboard on Sergei None's page/blog (I don't paste the link because I don't know if it's allowed), which seems to work on the kllisre x99 d4 board too.

Do you know about this bios? Would it work the same way as the Huananzhi X99-F8 bios? Which one would you recommend to install?

Thanks a lot

Miyconst on 07 June 2020 14:57 says

amclo, hi. It's allowed to paste links here. Regarding Sergei's BIOS - I can't say much, since I have not tested it myself. For me X99-F8 BIOS works well, it gives all missing features of the stock BIOS: Memory timings, CPU overclocking (for unlocked Xeons), and PWN fan control.

amclo on 07 June 2020 15:03 says

Thanks Miyconst. I think I'll go for the Huananzhi then.

Benyba on 08 June 2020 12:00 says

namgorf, here you go: Download. Depending of the generation of your motherboard you'll have either regular jumpers or just soldering points. My modified bios is just without 06F2 patch. I did the EFI driver installation as I couldn't inject the FFS driver in this bios.

Cho on 08 June 2020 15:24 says

Hello Miyconst . Huananzhi X99-F8 bios is COMPATIBLE with ATERMITER X99-D4 ?

Miyconst on 08 June 2020 15:37 says

Cho, please provide link to the motherboard Kllisre X99-D4 motherboard.

namgorf on 08 June 2020 17:06 says

Benyba, I keep getting this error.

"Error 26: The host CPU does not have read access to the target flash area. To enable read access for this operation you must modify the descriptor settings to give host access to this region."

I had the solder points, so I installed some pins so i could jumper it when needed. When my jumper is in place, on boot it tells me it's in service mode and wont enter windows, when I install the jumper after boot it gives me the error.

I took a picture of my jumper installed.

namgorf on 09 June 2020 14:58 says

Well my dell no long boots, I must have fried something when I soldered the pin header.

lance on 17 June 2020 14:59 says

Greeting Miyconst, Im using Huananzhi X99-AD8 with E5-2678 V3 and I'm trying to turbo boost unlock.

when doing the dump.bat , I get Error 26: The host CPU does not have read access to the target flash area. To enable read access for this operation you must modify the descriptor settings to give host access to this region.

Any advice for this kind of error?

Thank in advance

Miyconst on 17 June 2020 16:23 says

lance, the BIOS is write protected on this motherboard and you have to either use external USB flash programmator or try to use AfuDos/AfuWin instead of FPT.

lance on 17 June 2020 19:08 says

Miyconst, so the one time and forever method does not work for my motherboard right?

so the only way is i go for the 2nd method as stated above?

Thanks for the reply

lance on 17 June 2020 19:22 says

Miyconst, should i use the X99-F8 package to flash the BIOS using either the AfuDos/AfuWin ?

Miyconst on 17 June 2020 19:33 says

lance, as far as I know, this motherboard has locked BIOS and you won't be able to unlock turbo boost with either method without external USB flash programmer.

Huananzhi X99-TF / X99-F8 BIOS is for single socket motherboards, you shall not use them with dual socket boards.

lance on 17 June 2020 21:02 says

Miyconst,FYI the X99-AD8 is single socket motherboard.So I shall go for the AfuDos with X99-F8 Bios as in the last page of your slides?

Miyconst on 18 June 2020 09:10 says

lance, sorry, I have mixed the motherboards, I thought you are talking about the X99-T8D model. Could you please give me a link to X99-AD8? I don't seem to find such model on Huananzhi website.

Michał on 19 June 2020 15:47 says

Hi, Please add to the presentation to check BIOS unlock in BIOS setting. I go through your manual and I stuck at flashing BIOS with "280 error: failed to disable write protection for the BIOS space". So BIOS-> IntelRCSetup -> PCH Configuration -> Security Configuration -> BIOS Lock [DISABLE].

luckroth on 23 June 2020 09:35 says

hi Miyconst, do you have Turbo Boost bios for Huanan Zhi X99 AD3?

Miyconst on 23 June 2020 10:26 says

luckroth, unfortunately, I don't have it.

luckroth on 24 June 2020 07:50 says

Miyconst, Thank you

LUI Siu Man on 25 June 2020 22:16 says

I just found out that several Xeon E5 2600 v3 series CPUs don't support Intel VTX. Those are: E5 2629 v3, E5 2649 v3, E5 2669 v3


E5 2629 v3, retrieved from here:

E5 2649 v3, retrieved from here:

E5 2669 v3, retrieved from here:

If planning on buying on E5 v3 series CPUs for virtualization, please avoid buying them, as these CPUs do not provide hardware virtualization capability.

Miyconst on 26 June 2020 10:34 says

Michał, thank you for the suggestion, it's added now.

Frank on 28 June 2020 07:42 says

Benyba, I too have a Dell Precision T7910 and would like to perform the Turbo boost unlock. Could you let me know what you did to be able to configure your system to work? Thanks.

markkpa on 28 June 2020 23:49 says

I wanted to share my experience using the "once & forever" method on the Huananzhi x99-t8d dual socket motherboard. Your method worked great except for one detail. If you inject the dual socket fss (i.e. v3x2_payne_90_50.ffs) you will be limited to a maximum of 2.89Ghz. However, if you inject the single socket fss (i.e. v3_payne_90_50.ffs) then you can fully turbo boost unlock to 3.3Ghz. I know - strange! I translated the following youtube video from Russian - he had the same experience. I did NOT use his procedure for turbo boost unlock; your procedure works fine except you must inject single socket fss (also reset CMOS one time after flashing). This board does not allow you to use FPT in windows (error - CPU does not have read access to the target flash area). Instead I used AFUDOS with bootable FREEDOS USB - process & files can be found here (change name of your bios file to bios.rom for AUTOEXEC.BAT to run properly). Thanks again for your tutorial - I would have NEVER got there without your support!

Miyconst on 28 June 2020 23:57 says

markkpa, thanks a lot for sharing your experience! Can you please provide some screenshots to demonstrate that both CPUs are turbo boosting to 3.3 GHz? In the Russian video you linked, the guy tried to use single CPU drivers, and it worked well, but only one CPU was turbo boosting to 3.3 GHz, the other one was working at it's default configuration.

markkpa on 28 June 2020 23:59 says

markkpa, I should have said, this motherboard uses C610 chipset typically used in single socket motherboards (I believe C612 is typical for dual socket motherboards) - perhaps this is the explanation.(?)

Miyconst on 29 June 2020 00:03 says

LUI Siu Man, thank you for sharing your findings, but I am not sure how accurate that is, since the info you have provided is about Engineering Samples (ES) and Qualification Samples (QS) CPUs. These pre-production variants are known to have limitations, for example cut off virtualization features.

markkpa on 29 June 2020 00:24 says

Miyconst, Correct - only one CPU is boosted to 3.3Ghz; the other remains at 2.9Ghz. Oh well, as they say; "Better than a poke in the nose". For now, I'll take it.

Miyconst on 29 June 2020 01:14 says

markkpa, yeah, that's the same behavior as in the Russian video. Once I get mine Huananzhi X99-T8D I will try to find a solution for both CPUs.

Julien on 30 June 2020 12:45 says

Hi Miyconst, did you received the dual socket Kllisre X99 motherboard ?

Miyconst on 30 June 2020 12:48 says

Julien, unfortunately, my Kllisre X99 Dual socket motherboard has not yet left China.

Julien on 30 June 2020 12:53 says

I have the same probleme. I order it 5 weeks ago and it's not arrived for the moment.....

Skylar on 01 July 2020 04:09 says

Thank you for your bios, am at 3.2ghz on a 2678v3, with your Huananzhi X99-TF -20mv bios and very happy with the results.

Much much nicer solution than the EFI patching that the previous method involved.

Also, love watching your comparison videos on youtube. Keep up the good work.


cadu on 01 July 2020 15:48 says

to unlock turbo boost in Kllisre X99 D8, do i need to install the huananzhi f8 bios first ( to have all functions ) and then "start unlocking turbo boost"?

cadu on 01 July 2020 15:55 says

or i can just install the huananzhi f8 bios ( the lazy pack one )?

Miyconst on 01 July 2020 16:20 says

cadu, you can just install the lazy pack.

cadu on 01 July 2020 16:23 says

Ok, thx for the reply! :)

lance on 04 July 2020 05:35 says

Miyconst, Good day, sorry for wrong info about my MOOBO,its X99-AD3 not X99-AD8 .

Miyconst on 04 July 2020 10:41 says

lance, I have not yet tested Huananzhi X99-AD3 myself, but as far as I know, it does not work with X99-F8 or X99-TF BIOS.

Brian on 06 July 2020 17:55 says

Hi Miyconst, I have downloaded the Huananzhi F8 -20mV rom file from the link provided, but the file seems to be corrupted. Would you mind to upload it to Google Drive or similar?

Thank you in advance.

Regards, Brian

Miyconst on 06 July 2020 18:05 says

Brian, it seems like my hosting provider is getting some issues lately. I have uploaded the ready made BIOS files to Microsoft One Drive.

Brian on 06 July 2020 18:43 says

Miyconst, Thank you so much! I am going to flash my Huananzhi F8 bios, wish me luck.

Brian on 06 July 2020 19:14 says


Stock voltage rom worked (with or without MCUupdate) -20 voltage did not work (with or without MCUupdate)

Hence, I chose stock voltage without the MCUupdate. Not sure why the -20 rom did not work, but I will try to modify the stock voltage rom to -30mV or -50mV and try to flash again.

Will update again. Thank you Miyconst for all these. You are the Best!

Miyconst on 06 July 2020 21:32 says

Brian, when you say "did not work", what exactly didn't work? The system was not stable? Turbo Boost frequency was wrong? Or what exactly didn't work?

Brian on 07 July 2020 09:55 says

Miyconst, the turbo boost did not work as expected and the max all cores frequency for my E5 2620 V3 is only 2.6ghz.

But the stock voltage modified rom provided by you works well. All cores turbo boost 3.2ghz.I will try to modify and reduce the voltage by 20 or 30mV and re-flash again tonight.



Sorin on 14 July 2020 20:51 says

Hi, a stupid question maybe.

I have the HUANANZHI X99-T8 board. Followed your instructions: delete code, disable C3/C6 states, injected BIOS with v3_payne_10_10.efi from your archive.

Cores on 2678V3 stuck with 32 multiplier, does not go with 33, therefore works only partially. Any idea why?

Now, the stupid question: can I use already moded BIOS to add another .efi, or should I start with new BIOS the whole procedure once again?

Thank you in advance!

Miyconst on 14 July 2020 21:05 says

Sorin, you can try to use a driver with a bigger voltage reduction, for example v3_payne_50_50.ffs, it will most likely allow your CPU clock up to 3.3 GHz under full load.

Theoretically you can use already modified BIOS to remove one driver and add another one, but I would recommend to have a copy with a BIOS, which has every step made, but no drivers injected. In this case, when you want to inject a new driver, you can create a copy of this file and inject the required driver, without deleting an old driver.

I suggest this, because a few times it happened for me, that the UEFITool corrupted the BIOS file after removing an existing DXE driver.

Sorin on 14 July 2020 23:00 says

Miyconst, thanks for your quick answer. Did as you said, but the same result. Then I realize that the cooling solution may not be adequate, I will try again tomorrow and keep you updated. TDP is 120W, I will pickup a cooler that suppoorts 130TDP tomorrow. My current cooler only supports 95W TDP, so... I think this will sort out by itself :) Anyway, will keep you up to date tomorrow.

Another question: I also have a Huananzhi X79 Motherboard, with a 2696 V2 CPU - is there something else I should do to this board in order to unlock turboboost? On this I have adequate cooling, it is at around 50 degrees under full load, so no issue here. Any idea, tutorial, something similar? Greatly appreciate, thanks!

Miyconst on 14 July 2020 23:31 says

Sorin, turbo boost unlock is a unique feature of the Xeon E5 V3 CPUs, it does not work with any other series, thus, don't even bother with the X79 motherboard.

Sorin on 15 July 2020 14:51 says

Miyconst - I have updated fresh bios with v3_payne_50_50.ffs and it is the same behaviour. I have changed cooling and now I have a cooler that supports 130W TDP, so it is now around 75 Celsius degrees under full load with Intel Burn test. It sometimes get to 3.2GHz for shorts periods of time, but most of the time it stays on 3GHz.

Any other sugestions please? Thank you!

Miyconst on 15 July 2020 14:57 says

Sorin, which test are you using? Try CPU-Z benchmark and see if the situation changes. Also, you can try different EFI drivers, from MOF or the famous V3x4.

Sorin on 15 July 2020 15:13 says

Miyconst - I am using IBT - Intel Burn Test. Tried CPU-Z Benchmark, no change, same behaviour. From the "famous V3x4" site - any sugestion on what can work for me? Or trial and error?

Thank you again!

Miyconst on 15 July 2020 15:15 says

Sorin, I would suggest to flash BIOS with no FFS drivers injected and try multiple EFI drivers with manual installation. Find the one which works for you, and then inject it into the BIOS.

Sorin on 16 July 2020 17:40 says


Problem was in the other side. Tested and works perfectly fine with -70 on CPU and -20 on RAM - seem that my RAM is low voltage, 1.35v instead of 1.5v and reducing voltage for it too much will cause instability.

This worked for me. Only the best, thank you for your tutorials and files, and, of course, for your invaluable assistance! :)

Miyconst on 16 July 2020 17:42 says

Sorin, I am glad to hear that you have solved your issue. Somehow I forgot to mention that DDR3 @ 1.5V increases CPU power draw which reduces CPU's turbo boost capability.

Sander on 17 July 2020 22:58 says

Thanks so much. Works realy well

wayne on 21 July 2020 22:04 says

Does huananzhi x99-tf boots from nvme raid?

Miyconst on 21 July 2020 22:31 says

wayne, unfortunately, I don't know that.

Alejandro on 22 July 2020 02:48 says

Miyconst, finally recieved my plexhd, after experimenting with it stock, 2678v3 would only go to 2.9 GHZ, very strange, after flasing pre-built bios from this website https://xeon-e5450.ru/socket-2011-3/plexhd-x99/#i-4 (the one with turbo boost unlock, and timmings unlocked) I can boost to 3.3GHZ, but strangely, it appears that AVX work loads reduce it to 3.1GHZ, is this supposed to happen? cpu-z draws 50ish watts - at 3.3ghz, cinebench R20 60ish watts but throttles to 3.1ghz, and prime95 105 watts - also 3.1 GHZ

also, is there any way to increase BCLK and tdp? i did some digging in the bios (using the dump) and found some options for this

and lastly, I found this hack, maybe it can be used in xeons, if possible it would mean awesome performance per dollar, I hope you can make this work and make a video about it, I will be testing it ASAP

thanks again

Miyconst on 22 July 2020 10:22 says

Alejandro, it's nice to hear that your Plex HD X99 works for you. Regarding the described behavior - it's correct. With Turbo Boost Unlock, CPU does not always stay at the maximum turbo frequency. It down clocks itself in several scenarios:

  • CPU exceeds its TDP rating.
  • AVX/AVX2 instructions are heavily used.

You can try to prepare your own BIOS with reduced CPU voltage and see if that improves the clocks.

Regarding the BCLK and the hack you mentioned, unfortunately, nothing works on the Chinese X99 boards, so far.

Anonym on 23 July 2020 17:37 says

I bought this motherboard from this seller: Shenzhen Factory Outlet Store. The motherboard has come to me with the damaged socket, it is missing a pin, the seller is not listening, I feel ripped off by this seller. You read the recent comments and you will see that I am not the only one. A friend, who also bought this criminal, also got the damaged socket. Is this a coincidence? I do not believe it.

Miyconst on 23 July 2020 17:39 says

Anonym, could you please specify, which motherboard is that, please also provide an AliExpress link to the store you bought it from.

nekue on 26 July 2020 17:37 says

Store: Shenzhen Factory Outlet Store

Motherboard: x99 TF

Link: https://a.aliexpress.com/_dZwS99p


Nekue on 26 July 2020 17:41 says

In the end I repaired the socket on my own, I had a bent pin ...

Can I follow the tutorial for my motherboard?

nekue on 26 July 2020 17:50 says

These are my performance tests without Turbo.


I have seen that AIDA only recognizes 1600mhz of RAM. I have 1866mhz DDR3 ECC How do I change this?


Miyconst on 26 July 2020 17:52 says

Nekue, I am glad to hear that you have managed to repair the socket, not everyone is capable of doing that. The Shenzhen Factory Outlet Store does not seem to be the factory's official store, even though it's called so. Thus, I am not surprised to hear that you have got some negative experience with them.

If the motherboard works, and your CPU is a Xeon E5-26XX V3 or a Xeon E5-46XX V3 with Stepping 2, you can follow the guide and unlock turbo boost frequency for all CPU cores.

Miyconst on 26 July 2020 17:54 says

nekue, Aida64 works correctly most of the times, if it shows DDR3-1600, I think, you have DDR3-1600. You need to go into the BIOS and manually enable DDR3-1866 or even DDR4-2133 RAM speed.

Ruvi.d on 26 July 2020 18:01 says

Hey Miyconst, Thanks for the great work!

Just FYI, I bought a Jingsha X99-D8 board and it came with a new BIOS (Version 5.11, build date 04/15/2020) which had turbo boost unlock working out of the the box. I am getting 3.2GHz on my 2678 V3. I checked UEFITool and the 06F2 micro code was already removed. I could not verify, but FFS drivers are likely also included. During the BIOS plash screen the last line under the American Megatrends logo says "V3 CPU_00 All Turbo Set."

Seller was SZMZ-Facory: https://www.aliexpress.com/store/5484024?spm=a2g0o.detail.100005.1.3f177512Jdg2mv

Hope it will be usefully for your audience! Keep up the good work.

Nekue on 26 July 2020 18:05 says

Thank you for your quick response, a pleasure to be heard by you.

I do not understand anything about the bios, if you can tell me more details of what I have to modify, I would appreciate it, please.

I would like to upload the hertz to memory, do you recommend changing the values after modifying the turbo bios?

Thank you. and excuse my english, I am using a translator ...

Miyconst on 27 July 2020 00:22 says

Ruvi.d, thank you for sharing the information! If you see the V3 CPU_00 All Turbo Set line during the booting process, then the Turbo Boost Unlock has already been applied in the BIOS. It is going to be a problem for those who wants to use the motherboard with unlocked CPUs, such as E5-1650 V3.

Miyconst on 27 July 2020 00:23 says

Nekue, I don't think I can tell you more than what's already available in the Google Slides presentation and what has already been told in my videos. Just watch the videos and read the slides, all required information is there.

nekue on 27 July 2020 00:54 says

Is it possible to falsify the memory so that the number M393B5170GB0-CMA of the 1866mhz appears?

The bios does not recognize it as 1866mhz!

Captures: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/41didpr9motpcmm/AABP9ikhASOoD7wd-4UMgruya?dl=0


nekue on 27 July 2020 00:56 says

link of the memory: https://www.compuram.biz/memory_module/m393b5170gb0-cma/samsung.htm

nekue on 27 July 2020 00:58 says

Can I open a dispute about this?

Miyconst on 27 July 2020 01:12 says

nekue, it's surely possible to cheat on the RAM specification, and Chinese are doing that quite often. Have you tried to manually force DDR3-1866 in the BIOS?

nekue on 27 July 2020 01:25 says

Miyconst,Yes, but I wanted 1866 to raise it to 2133mhz, it is what irritates me.

nekue on 27 July 2020 01:56 says

Miyconst, do you think i will win the dispute, or aliexpress will side with the seller?

nekue on 27 July 2020 02:20 says

Miyconst, I pass the link of this seller for you to add it to the blacklist: https://a.aliexpress.com/_d8aU0sJ

Miyconst on 27 July 2020 10:15 says

nekue, I know this seller, and they are quite good actually. It also says in their description:

Note: this RAM ONLY works on dual server board. CAN'T works on desktop. Notice for 1866Mhz, Below is test from CPU-Z. It will shown PC3-14200(889Mhz). It will not shown PC3-14900. please do not place order if you can't accept it.

I don't think you will be able to win the dispute, since you have got what you have bought. If the RAM works at DDR3-1866 - then why would you be unhappy?

nekue on 27 July 2020 11:14 says

What a disappointment!

My understanding was to raise it to 2133mhz. I had not seen that detail, thank you very much for making me understand more details about the Ram, it is a pleasure to speak with you, have a good day.

Thank you!

Jose on 27 July 2020 18:12 says

Hi Miyconst, thanks for your work, I have made the modification of huananzhi x99 tf and it has been a success. I had 12gb of ram kllisre 3x 4gb 2400 ddr4 and I bought this: https://es.aliexpress.com/item/32931429887.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.929963c003YYaK

The bios does not detect this new module or windows, but cpu-z yes ... I have opened a dispute. If I can do something to make it work, it would be fine. Thank you very much for your work, greetings.

Riko_crimea on 29 July 2020 20:37 says

Miyconst, Hi! Tell me, are you going to update the BIOS with a new one, from 05/25/2020?

Miyconst on 29 July 2020 22:06 says

Riko_crimea, yes, I plan to validate the latest X99-TF BIOS, but for now I have more urgent things to do.

Riko_crimea on 29 July 2020 22:12 says

Miyconst, ok I hope you solve them quickly

Riko_crimea on 30 July 2020 18:02 says


I cannot understand why there are no stable 3.3 on these firmwares https://vk.com/topic-113086402_41087727. All the time 3.1-3.2. But your 3.3 works stably. I just wanted to flash a new BIOS.

Riko_crimea on 30 July 2020 18:04 says

Miyconst, Hi! Sorry, I was wrong with the citation above. I cannot understand why there are no stable 3.3 on these firmwares https://vk.com/topic-113086402_41087727. All the time 3.1-3.2. But your 3.3 works stably. I just wanted to flash a new BIOS.

Miyconst on 30 July 2020 18:10 says

Riko_crimea, I have not tested that BIOS, thus I can't answer why it's not working as good as mine, maybe you have an older revision of X99-TF and it works better with mine BIOS, which is older.

In your place I would just pick the BIOS which works the best for you, there is no reason to aim for the newest BIOS, since it does not bring any extra performance.

Riko_crimea on 30 July 2020 18:46 says

Miyconst, Yes, but there is a small problem. I don’t know why, but when you turn on the PC, the keyboard very often does not work until you pull it out, and then insert it back into the USB. I thought that maybe this problem will not be on the new BIOS.

Miyconst on 30 July 2020 18:49 says

Riko_crimea, but the problem is still there even with the new BIOS? Does it appear with Turbo Boost unlock BIOS only or with the original BIOS as well?

Riko_crimea on 30 July 2020 19:11 says

To be honest, I haven't tried it. I saw that it was unstable and immediately flashed your BIOS back. It seems that the keyboard is buggy from frequent polling during startup (all the lights blink - num, scroll and caps. Does not respond to pressing, the backlight does not work). Have you faced such a problem?

Miyconst on 30 July 2020 20:25 says

Riko_crimea, is your keyboard connected to a USB 3.0 or USB 2.0 port? If it's 3.0 - try to use 2.0 instead and see if that helps.

Riko_crimea on 30 July 2020 20:27 says

Miyconst, 2.0

Miyconst on 30 July 2020 20:29 says

Riko_crimea, then I am out of ideas, you have to contact the seller and try another keyboard. Of course you shall validate that the issue is in place with the original, non modified BIOS.

Riko_crimea on 30 July 2020 20:31 says

Miyconst, By the way, a very interesting effect on your firmware. I get a rare blue screen of death, about 1 time per day for several days, but then everything becomes normal, about a week later.

Miyconst on 30 July 2020 20:33 says

Riko_crimea, you can't be sure that it's the cause of my BIOS if you have not validated the system stability with the original BIOS. You may have a defective motherboard/CPU/RAM, but it could also be because of the CPU/IMC undervolting.

Riko_crimea on 30 July 2020 21:02 says

Miyconst, I do not complain or blame, I just share my experience.

Miyconst on 31 July 2020 14:32 says

Riko_crimea, no worries, I am just trying to isolate your issue. If it's BIOS - then you would have to create your own Turbo Unlock version from the original BIOS you had, if it's hardware - then you have to dispute with the AliExpress seller.

Riko_crimea on 31 July 2020 14:36 says

Miyconst, Alas, it will not work to open a dispute, too much time has passed. I think that you can download the original bios and create a mod, well, or leave everything as it is

nekue on 31 July 2020 14:57 says

Miyconst, I have already installed the modified -20mv bios. And now my PC starts very slowly, the keyboard LEDs go off and on up to 4 times, and it takes a long time to start win10. Before this did not happen to me with the serial stock bios. How can i fix this? Thank you!

Miyconst on 31 July 2020 17:46 says

nekue, it's hard to say on what is going on here. I would suggest you to try the manual EFI driver installation method and find the best suited driver, then modify the BIOS.

JSJ on 31 July 2020 23:47 says

Miyconst, Thanks for the method, in my case it works ok, but when I tried to run a Video Game Bench, the system restart in a unexpected way (the second time I did it of a total of 6). Maybe it has to be something with the my power supply (is a little bit old) and the power requirements of all cores in turbo mode, by the way, I used the v3_payne_0_0.ffs driver. Regards.

Miyconst on 01 August 2020 17:48 says

JSJ, did you perform a system stress test with the original BIOS? Did you validate your memory with Memtest86? In order to be able to figure out what is going on, it's important to understand what exactly is causing the issue. It could be hardware, it could be drivers, it could be the BIOS.

Alexander Khetaguri on 01 August 2020 20:42 says

Hello. Please, need an advice. Got an Dual LGA 2011 v3 socket mobo Asrock EP2C612 WS with two Xeon E5-2678 v3 processors. Want to make turbo boost unlock, but it is not possible from existing BIOS v2.7. This version is the latest one same time. Can you halp me with an advice what should I do???

Thank you in advance

Miyconst on 01 August 2020 23:31 says

Alexander Khetaguri, please explain, what means "not possible"?

JSJ on 02 August 2020 09:17 says

Miyconst, Thanks for the response, you are right, there is a lot of things to do before saying that the Turbo Boost Unlock was guilty. First of all, I reinstalled windows, because there were some issues before the TU, now, I have been testing my system playing Shadow of the tomb rider by hours (more than 10 in two days), whitout any problem, I just have one question, If my unlock works well with the stock voltages (in my case my xeon 2620 v3 with all cores running at 3,2 ghz under charge), there will be some gain if I put a undervolt ffs driver?. Regards.

Miyconst on 02 August 2020 13:29 says

JSJ, I am glad to hear that your system works stable, at least for now. Don't bother with undervolting if you game only and your E5-2620 V3 turboes up to 3.2 GHz. The voltage reduction is only needed to keep the 3.2 GHz turbo frequency under heavy load, for example video encoding, rendering, or other heavy calculations.

Xeon E5-2620 V3 is one of the cheapest CPUs in the lineup, thus the worst possible silicone went for these chips, some of them may not be very happy even with 50mv voltage reduction. I have a bunch of E5-2620 V3 at home, and at least one of them is not 100% stable with 50mv undervolting.

JSJ on 02 August 2020 17:17 says

Miyconst, Thanks for the information my friend, It's been a while since a did't put my hands over hardware, like 13 years (that's the reaseon why my psu is so old, but I'm waiting now for a new one), now with the current pandemia, I've been at home trying to enjoy my self whit my old stuff, and new one (most of all bringing from ali). All your information has been very hepfull, let me see if my paypal account still works. Thank you again and regards.

Miyconst on 02 August 2020 21:09 says

JSJ, thank you very much for your support, your PayPal still works, since I have got your donation. 🍻🍻

Riko_crimea on 04 August 2020 16:27 says

Miyconst, Another observation. Sometimes, when you turn on the PC, it does not detect disks other than the system C. Reboot helps. In addition, an interesting behavior of the PC - when you turn it on for the first time after a long period (for example, you turn it off at night), it takes a long time to initialize the BIOS, but then, if you reboot, the BIOS goes by quickly, but loading Windows (where the circle rotates) takes a very long time, despite to a fast NVME.

Tiago on 04 August 2020 19:33 says

Hello Miyconst, I have done this guide and I did see an improvement now max clocks on all core is about x32 for a few seconds but then the cpu is beeing power throtled to 130w and under full load works at x28 instead of the x38 (e5-2698 v3) I read in anandtech that there are some ffs or efi file that also contain a vcc hack for the motherboard to get "fake TDP readings (no AVX2 throttle)" is there a way to import some kind of feature into the ffs or efi you supplied? I will also try another ffs or efi currently i am using 70_50

Miyconst on 04 August 2020 23:16 says

Riko_crimea, it sounds like you have got a defective motherboard. Such things as missing hard drives and not recognizes USB ports should not happen.

Miyconst on 04 August 2020 23:18 says

Tiago, if you would wish to remove the TDP limitation, you can try to use this FFS driver - github.com/freecableguy/v3x4. Xeon E5-2698 V3 has 16 Cores and just 135 Watt TDP, thus it's not surprising that it can't hold turbo boost frequency on all cores for long.

RichR on 05 August 2020 03:01 says

Thanks for the great guide and all the content. My E5 2678 V3 on Huananzhi X99 TF with 32gb DDR3 with Arctic 34 Duo cooler in Fractal Focus G is now turbo unlocked To share my results: Omv CPU 0mv Mem - 3.2ghz all core turbo in CPUz and games. Cinebench R20 3ghz 50mv CPU 20mv Mem - 3.3ghz all core turbo in CPUz and games. Cinebench R20 3.1ghz 70mv CPU 20mv Mem - 3.3ghz all core turbo in CPUz and games. Cinebench R20 3.1ghz Once again many thanks for your time and patience in putting all this together.

vmad on 05 August 2020 03:38 says

Miyconst, I just found out that my windows10 is installed in the legacy mood. Can I still use method 1 to enable TU? thank you.

Miyconst on 05 August 2020 09:14 says

vmad, if you have a single socket motherboard, you can proceed with the first method (FFS drivers injection). This method injects the drivers straight into the BIOS and it does not matter which Operating System and in which mode you have installed.

JD on 05 August 2020 11:31 says

Hi Miyconst, I got a Xeon 2620 v3 + Huananzhi x99-tf. I already have it Turbo Unlocked. If I restore or reinstall the Windows 10 do I need to do again the Turbo Unlocking? or is it good to go?

Miyconst on 05 August 2020 12:48 says

JD, it depends on which method you used. If you have injected an FFS driver into the BIOS - nothing extra has to be done. If you have manually installed an EFI driver - you have to disable CPU Power Management prior to Windows reinstallation, then install Windows, then install the EFI driver, then enable CPU Power Management.

JD on 05 August 2020 13:02 says

Miyconst, Ok I see, btw I tried to do the Turbo Unlocking again from the beginning which is flashing the modded bios and everything is going smoothly I saw FPT Operation passed on the cmd and when I restarted it didn't boot, the motherboard is now stuck with "FF" error code, I think I bricked my motherboard, What do I need to do next? Is it possible to repair my motherboard?

I also tried some troubleshooting -Reseating CMOS -Removing storage drive -removing gpu -removing ram

it still gives the FF error code

Tiago on 05 August 2020 16:38 says

Miyconst, is there any risk of bricking motherboard if I inject efi with undervoltage into bios directly ? also the procedure of removing TDP limitation should it test through windows "driver" and then inject into bios if everything is working properly, or could i just inject into bios... Is there risk of bricking the motherboard this way? I want to be on the safe side since i dont have bios chip flasher

Riko_crimea on 05 August 2020 20:38 says

JD, After resetting the BIOS with a jumper, try to turn off the power supply for a few minutes. It may be that when you turn on your PC will reboot and then boot normally.

Tiago on 06 August 2020 01:47 says

Hello Actually just found out that my motherboard has dual bios so i think that will be hard to brick the motherboard... Also wondering if I should or if I could inject efi with the TDP limitations removed into bios in the same way as the efi you provided... Thanks

Meen on 06 August 2020 06:37 says

Hello from Thailand, Thank you very much for your sharing. I've followed your guide and successfully apply patch to 2x E5-2690 v3 running on Kllisre X99 Dual (ZX-DU99D4 V1.11). The bios DXE driver method seems not working, Need to load via EFI shell.

I'm using -70mV / -50mV EFI driver, It able to turbo boost to 3.5GHz on all core during CPU-Z benchmark , but for Cinebench R20, It able to turbo at around 3.0 - 3.1GHz on all core, but still got amazing result @ 8122 cb score

Miyconst on 06 August 2020 11:37 says

JD, if the motherboard only shows FF even after powering off and clearing CMOS, then you most likely have done something wrong and bricked the motherboard. You would need an external USB Flash programmer to revive the motherboard, I have a guide how to use it - CH341a - minimal usage guide.

dalao3 on 06 August 2020 12:49 says

Thank you I have followed your guide to modify the Huananzhi X99-AD3 BIOS and it works. Here is my mod bios https://github.com/dalao3/huananzhi-x99-ad3-bios

But I found one strange issue. When I use it to run Proxmox VE linux, the i7z tool still shows some CPU are in C6 state while C6 is disabled. This is the i7z output on Proxmox VE linux.

Cpu speed from cpuinfo 2494.00Mhz
cpuinfo might be wrong if cpufreq is enabled. To guess correctly try estimating via tsc
Linux's inbuilt cpu_khz code emulated now
True Frequency (without accounting Turbo) 2494 MHz
  CPU Multiplier 25x || Bus clock frequency (BCLK) 99.76 MHz

Socket [0] - [physical cores=12, logical cores=24, max online cores ever=12]
  TURBO ENABLED on 12 Cores, Hyper Threading ON
  Max Frequency without considering Turbo 2593.76 MHz (99.76 x [26])
  Max TURBO Multiplier (if Enabled) with 1/2/3/4/5/6 Cores is  33x/33x/33x/33x/33x/33x
  Real Current Frequency 3148.69 MHz [99.76 x 31.56] (Max of below)
        Core [core-id]  :Actual Freq (Mult.)      C0%   Halt(C1)%  C3 %   C6 %  Temp      VCore
        Core 1 [0]:       2024.72 (20.30x)         1    0.769      0    99.1    41      0.6853
        Core 2 [1]:       2080.34 (20.85x)         1    0.218      0    99.7    40      0.6553
        Core 3 [2]:       1904.79 (19.09x)         1    0.245      0    99.7    41      0.6586
        Core 4 [3]:       2163.92 (21.69x)         1    0.554      1    98.4    39      0.9292
        Core 5 [4]:       2339.24 (23.45x)      5.59    14.5    3.04    77.2    40      0.9197
        Core 6 [5]:       1899.97 (19.05x)         1    0.496      0    99.5    39      0.6617
        Core 7 [6]:       3138.53 (31.46x)      4.17    0.142      0    94.6    43      0.6891
        Core 8 [7]:       3148.69 (31.56x)      5.55    2.41       0    90.6    43      0.6934
        Core 9 [8]:       3093.45 (31.01x)      5.97    2.27       0    90.3    41      0.6650
        Core 10 [9]:      1919.51 (19.24x)         1    0.246      0    99.7    44      0.6934
        Core 11 [10]:     3109.61 (31.17x)       4.4       0       0    94.7    43      0.6537
        Core 12 [11]:     2037.52 (20.42x)         1    0.268      0    99.7    41      0.6642
[core-id] refers to core-id number in /proc/cpuinfo
'Garbage Values' message printed when garbage values are read
  Ctrl+C to exit

root@pve:~# journalctl -b 0|grep microcode
Aug 05 01:22:30 pve kernel: [Firmware Bug]: TSC_DEADLINE disabled due to Errata; please update microcode to version: 0x3a (or later)
Aug 05 01:22:30 pve kernel: TAA: Vulnerable: Clear CPU buffers attempted, no microcode
Aug 05 01:22:30 pve kernel: MDS: Vulnerable: Clear CPU buffers attempted, no microcode
Aug 05 01:22:30 pve kernel: microcode: sig=0x306f2, pf=0x1, revision=0x0
Aug 05 01:22:30 pve kernel: microcode: Microcode Update Driver: v2.2.

But when I use another linux, the Manjaro linux, the CPU cores in C6 state are all 0.

vmad on 08 August 2020 05:51 says

Miyconst, I have a Kllisre version of machinist X99 with a 2620 v3. I tried the method one with 0_, 20_20 and 30_30, and Turbo boost doesn't work. I don't see any core goes above 2.4mhz. What's the best way to know at least my cpu can turbo boost for one core. Cpuz shows my cpu has stepping 2. Thank you.

Miyconst on 08 August 2020 07:15 says

vmad, most likely you are doing something wrong. You can try the pre-made BIOSes from the Mik Gambit's video.

Miyconst on 08 August 2020 07:19 says

dalao3, thank you for sharing some additional info, but unfortunately, I am not able to provide some meaningful feedback. Linux, Proxmoc, CPU C states is not something I am super good at.

vmad on 08 August 2020 09:12 says

Miyconst, Thank you. I can't read Russian, so please bare with me. There are 2 download links in this video, which are the 3rd and 5th link in its description. Both are for x99z102 MB, what's the difference? My guess is that you suggest to use the second file, Modx99Zv102.zip file, right?

Miyconst on 08 August 2020 09:21 says

vmad, I think, Google Translate works pretty well these days, but the first link is to download the original BIOS with unlocked RAM timings configuration, the second link is to download BIOS with an injected FFS driver for Turbo Boost unlock and RAM timings.

vmad on 09 August 2020 06:38 says

Miyconst, I got his file with injected FFS driver for turbo boost. In a fresh windows 10 installation, I run the script by Mik Gambit, turbo-hack-timing.bat. Then reboot into BIOS did "Restore default" and "Save changes and exit". No turbo boost.
He has an Inf file there saying about rest the jumper after flashing the bios. I don't quite understand it. Does it mean I should remove the battery and move the jumper to other two pins for about 30 seconds then reset jumper and boot?

MEDIA on 09 August 2020 13:05 says

Приветствую всех! Хочу обратиться с вопросом,если я использую этот драйвер v3x4-0.10b-i306f2-rc9.efi получается мне надо прошить его в загрузчик биоса и системный диск или нет?

MEDIA on 09 August 2020 13:11 says

@Miyconst!!! Хочу выразить, глубокую благодарность, за проделанную работу

Miyconst on 09 August 2020 13:44 says

vmad, please watch both of my videos and learn how the things work. It seems like you don't really understand what you are doing.

Miyconst on 09 August 2020 13:46 says

MEDIA, драйвер нужно устанавливать однажды, либо EFI (на системном уровне), либо FFS (прямо в BIOS).

MEDIA on 09 August 2020 14:19 says

@Miyconst на видеоинструкции четко показано, что драйвер устанавливается, как в Bios так и в системный диск EFI, поэтому задал вопрос, если я использую драйвер от Freecableguy (v3x4-0.10b-i306f2-rc9.efi) или MOF-EFI с форума Anandtech мне надо прошить его в загрузчик биоса и системный диск?, использую 2х процессорную систему,соответственно EFI драйвер мне ближе подходит https://youtu.be/VkwEvATIgW0?t=891 https://prnt.sc/twle5m

Miyconst on 09 August 2020 15:27 says

MEDIA,возможно, я неправильно понял вопрос. Для использования EFI драйвера, его нужно скопировать на системный диск, и уже оттуда добавить в загрузчик.

MEDIA on 09 August 2020 15:37 says

Miyconst, допустим я сделал Unlock-TB с драйвером от Anandtech, через оболочку Shell установил в системный диск и прошил его в BIOS через некоторое время, мне захотелось попробовать драйвер от C_Payne, в таком случае, мне два раза надо устанавливать, как в системный EFI так и в прошивку BIOS, либо достаточно установить в EFI\BOOT?

Получается каждый раз мне надо будет переписывать два файла если правильно понял.

Miyconst on 09 August 2020 15:47 says

Получается каждый раз мне надо будет переписывать два файла если правильно понял.

Нужно соблюсти два момента:

  1. Файл с EFI драйвером находится на системном разделе.
  2. EFI драйвер добавлен в загрузчик.

Таким образом, если есть файл V3x2.EFI и он добавлен в системный загрузчик, то для смены драйвера нужно перезаписать этот файл и все. Если же файлы называются по-разному, то придется выключить старый драйвер с загрузки, скопировать новый на системный раздел и добавить его в загрузчик.

Надеюсь, теперь понятно. Сайт xeon-e5450.ru, перевел мою инструкцию на Русский язык, возможно пригодится.

MEDIA on 09 August 2020 16:19 says

Miyconst, теперь всё ясно, огромное спасибо, буду следить за новостями.

Сайт xeon-e5450.ru, перевел мою инструкцию на Русский язык, возможно пригодится.

Для меня эт как Настольная книга )))

Adi on 11 August 2020 22:30 says

Hey, i have unlocked turbo mode succesfully few months back, recently i did resetted bios, and now i can't use turbo no more. Im using the second method, everything seems fine, i mean bios tells its un locked. However my processor doesnt boost on all cores. Idk if i should chceck something in bios or just download and flash ready bios. My mobo is huanan x99-tf

Miyconst on 11 August 2020 22:39 says

Adi, what do you count as "the second" method? Did you inject FFS drivers into the BIOS or you used EFI driver? If you installed an EFI driver and then reset BIOS, you have to reinstall the driver again.

Adi on 11 August 2020 22:43 says

Miyconst, nevermind, i got it, i had to enable power management in bios, anyway thanks for fast response, cheer!

nekue on 14 August 2020 23:10 says

Thanks for all the information collected!

My 4x4 GB RAM Samsung DDR3 1866 MHz memories go to 1600 MHz because I have them installed on a Huananzhi x99-TF motherboard and 2678 v3 CPU. I have to change the times of the memories so that they work at 1866 MHz and I get it perfectly, but I want these memories to go to 2133 MHz, could I get this? When I change the times to 2133 MHz the PC does not start and I have to reset the BIOS.

According to the Chinese, they only work at 1866 MHz on boards with double CPU sockets. Purchase link: https://es.aliexpress.com/item/32678058171.html

Do you think that changing some parameter of the BIOS, for example the OLTT? To get up to 2133 MHz, since the memories really are 1866 MHz.

Thank you!

Miyconst on 14 August 2020 23:23 says

nekue, you might need to use 1.5V DDR3 Voltage to overclock the sticks to DDR3-2133. In this video I tell how it can be done.

Sorin on 16 August 2020 12:23 says

I have used https://sdi-tool.org/ for every and each fresh install - including several X79 and X99 chinese MB and even for original Intel X79 board. It is free, often updated, does not mess with your BIOS at all or update your system with any microcode that it does not suppose to - and 99% of time really selects the best video available. It is not allowed, please remove link, but I really only had positive experiences with this software. Thanks and hope this helps!

Andrey on 20 August 2020 16:15 says

Here you can also find an article about turbo boost unlock: https://isborka.ru/anlok-turbobusta/

Alejandro on 23 August 2020 18:53 says

Hello Miyconst, after seeing your video about the Huananzhi X99-F8D I was searching dual socket X99 boards, and found this very cheap machinist one would you by any chance do a review on it?

Thanks for all the great contributions you have done so far

Miyconst on 23 August 2020 22:56 says

Alejandro, I already have this motherboard lying and waiting for testing. Stay tuned, the review should come out in the next few weeks.

goran on 29 August 2020 01:39 says

So whats the max turbo for e5 2620v3 ? Mine doesnt go over 3192MHz, is that normal, locked?

Btw, tnx for all the things you do, helped me get cheap nice platforms ;)

Miyconst on 29 August 2020 01:44 says

goran, 3.2 GHz is the maximum turbo speed for E5-2620 V3, so yours is working well.

goran on 29 August 2020 02:07 says

Miyconst, Tnx man, i really appreciate your work xd I have a question tho, i bought GLOWAY 8gb ddr4 2666 white sticks from aliexpress, and they arent working on chinese Huananzhi x99-8M board, but they are working fine on my Ryzen system :/ (im using kingstone hyperX on chinese board they work fine). Is there anything i could do, any settings to change? Chinese board wont even post with Gloway ram in it

Miyconst on 29 August 2020 14:20 says

goran, unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to make these modules work on the Chinese X99 motherboards. The 4 and 8 banks DDR4 modules are not supported, only 16 banks.

Jayce on 31 August 2020 16:10 says

Hello, Thanks for this great tutorial !! At the step 4, I don't understand which FFS driver(s) should I inject in the Bios ?
I have a HUANANZHI X99 TF and a Xeon e5-2678 v3 with DDR3 1600Mhz Thanks for the Help

Miyconst on 31 August 2020 16:21 says

Jayce, you can start with the first driver 0_0, it does not have any CPU voltage reduction. If all goes well you can try to experiment with other drivers, such as 50_50. These numbers indicate CPU and Internal Memory Controller (IMC) voltage reduction in millivolts, such reduction reduces CPU power consumption and help CPU stay at higher frequency for longer.

Michael Hart on 04 September 2020 21:39 says

Miyconst, Thank you for all the effort you put into your videos. I hope all is well with you! I have learned a lot from them and ultimately decided to build a Xeon system because of your videos. I was an OEM system builder for many years; however, this is my first build with a weird Chinese board. They are quite different but bring a lot of value to the table. I have the Machinist x99z v1.02 board. I really appreciate you providing a link to the modified BIOS for this board. It works well and it really kicks all cores to 3.2 GHz when in game. I am using a E5-2678v3. One thing I am happy about is the heat. I thought that boosting all cores that high would make the CPU excessively hot. However, I am using a Dynatron 2011-3 server CPU cooler with the fan set to max and I don’t get above 66C. I idle at around 31-32C so that is really acceptable for this CPU and cooler. My vrm is warm to the touch but never hot. I am very happy and grateful for this. I have always had nice machines but never been able to play the latest games because my machines were built for office and video use. It’s cool that I can play some current games now. Before I installed the BIOS you linked to, I mostly used iEngineer’s BIOS. I believe he is from Belarus. He has been developing this BIOS since late 2018 to early 2019 I believe. He is constantly providing updates VIA his git. His BIOS is a modified Lenovo BIOS. I found that it boots quite fast and works well. Do you think it is possible to add all core turbo boost with your instructions to the iEngineer BIOS? I made a couple BIOS with your instructions and they worked fine but I could not get the boost to work on the iEngineer version. What do you think? Do you think all core turbo boost could work with this BIOS? Take care! Thank you!

Michael Hart on 05 September 2020 02:37 says

I posted the link to iEngineer's x99zv102 BIOS git. I didn't think to do that previously. Take care!

Miyconst on 05 September 2020 10:58 says

Michael Hart, thank you for sharing your experience! The BIOS from iEngineer seems to be an interesting option to explore, he has also made one for Huananzhi X99-F8, which I may try with JingSha X99 D8.

Turbo Boost unlock should be possible to implement with this BIOS, but if it doesn't work - I will contact him to get some assistance.

Michael Hart on 07 September 2020 02:15 says

Miyconst, I hope all is well with you. I was wondering if you have been able to track down decent drivers for this board (x99zv102) or the x99/chipset. I'm currently using Windows 10 but I would like to have a Windows 7 x64 installation as well. Unfortunately, I can't find any chipset drivers that will work for Windows 7. Technically, there should be some x64 compatible Windows Server drivers out there but I haven't tried that route yet. I would like to have the latest chipset drivers provided by Intel. All I can find are the USB 3.0 chipset drivers on Intel's website. For most system devices, I am using Microsoft provided drivers in Windows 10. That is less than optimal. I can update the other stuff like the Realtek nic and sound. However, I would love to have better drivers for the system devices. Have you found anything good? My board didn't come with a disk so I didn't know where to start. Hardware IDs aren't really providing the results they usually do. Take care!

Miyconst on 07 September 2020 08:54 says

Michael Hart, I have no idea why you would need Windows 7 these days, and unfortunately, I don't have any extra drivers, but you can try these: X99.7z from this page: Решение проблемы «долгой» загрузки Windows10 на китай мамках..

David on 10 September 2020 01:52 says

Miyconst, greetings from Poland.

I have one small problem with my Kllisre X99 D8 and Xeon E5 2678 v3 desktop I recently built using your YouTube recommendations.

I performed turbo boost unlock using your permanent BIOS method for lazy people. I downloaded Huananghzi x99 F8 bios prepared by you and flashed my klissree motherboard. Everything went fine and turboboost kinda works. My problem is that under CPU-Z stress test frequency on all cores is 3192 mhz, and I believe it should be about 100 mhz more. Same thing in games shown by Afterburner also stable 3192 mhz everywhere. Xeon e5 2678 v3 has turbo speed of 3.3 ghz, right? The same thing hapens no matter if I use stock voltage version of Huanan x99 D8 bios or the other -20 mV undelvolted one.

What do you think might be the reason I get only 3.2 ghz not full 3.3?

One clue I noticed is that Aida 64 identifies my CPU as Xeon E5 2680 v3, which actually has 3.2 ghz turbo. Other than that Windows Task Manager and CPU-Z show correctly 2678 v3.

I wish all the best toy you and thanks for such a great content!! You are the best.

Miyconst on 10 September 2020 06:56 says

Hi David. The behavior you describe is correct and it is due to the excessive CPU voltage. If you want stable 3.3 GHz on all cores under load you have to reduce the CPU voltage by -50mv at least. Most E5-2678 V3 can handle -70mv, some unique ones can handle -100mv.

If you are interested to dig into this matter, I would recommend you to experiment with different EFI drivers, find the one which works best for you and then add it as an FFS driver into the BIOS.

David on 11 September 2020 02:22 says

Miyconst, thank you for a reply. I just watched your video "Xeon E5-2678 V3 – for games and productivity". You use exactly the same Kllisre motherboard there for testing and the cpu frequency is always steady 3292 mhz for all cores. Do you remember how much undervolting you used then? Maybe what EFI driver You installed? Was it the ready Huanan F8 BIOS with EFI Driver inserted or did you perform turbo boost the hard way?

For me it's hard to believe that you have to go below -50mV undervolting to have 3.3 ghz on turbo boost. If that is the case for my cpu, then I will just tolerate 3.2 ghz.

Miyconst on 11 September 2020 09:16 says

David, I have used the Huananzhi X99-F8 BIOS with -70mv FFS driver injected inside.

Gkirmathal on 11 September 2020 13:12 says

Hello Miyconst, when looking for info for value X99 + 2620-v3 build, I ran into your blog & YouTube channel and I got to say very informative and well done!

It would replace an old core2duo that is used for media(&backup) system, using the 'ALZENIT' mini-DTX 'X99I-CE5' (still unclear if it's a Trash X99 or not though).

But there is few up-to-date user information on power consumption for such builds. The channel PhilsComputerLab has a review and mentions an idle usages of ~50W and load (R20) of ~95W for the whole system. He did not unlock or under volt.

So a question, maybe you know or can give an indication. What kind of power consumption (idle/load) can I expect on a 2630-v3, both with a locked and unlocked turbo, when undervolting it to about -65mv/-70mv on cpu and cache?

Greetings from the Netherlands!

Miyconst on 12 September 2020 08:33 says

Gkirmathal, I assume you are talking about Xeon E5-2630L V3. This CPU has TDP rating of just 55 Watt, thus, the total system power consumption will be even lower than with the E5-2620 V3. With unlocked turo boost, the power consumption will be roughly the same or slightly higher than E5-2620 V3.

Beware: I have not done any tests with this CPU, and didn't measure real power draw, it's just my speculations based on the info I know.

Gkirmathal on 12 September 2020 23:10 says

Miyconst, sorry my bad I made a typo! I meant the Xeon E5-2620 V3.

For example take this recent X99 mobo + E5-2620 V3 review. It shows power consumption stock (no undervolt) ~49W idle/~101W load, with turbo mod (no undervolt) ~61W idle/126W load.

So if you undervolt that cpu (either via XTU, or bios mod) and say 'it is stable at -70mv'. How much lower would the power consumption be versus when it is not undervolted?

Miyconst on 12 September 2020 23:28 says

Gkirmathal, before I test it myself with a proper equipment, I don't want to say anything for sure, but my speculation would be as following:

  • Idle power consumption will reduce.
  • Load power consumption will stay about the same, but the CPU will maintain maximum turbo frequency for longer.
Kevin on 13 September 2020 21:05 says


I hav a HP Z640 with Intel xeon e5 2620 v3 @ 2.4Ghz. LGA 2011 socket. Will this turbo boost work? TIA

David on 14 September 2020 01:40 says

Miyconst, thanks a lot! I tested all the EFI drivers with my E5 2678 v3 and finally also stayed with -70 mV.

I have another intersting question for you Miyconst: As you might have noticed, you can now buy Xeon E5 1660 V3 for around 120 euro on Aliexpress. It's an 8 core cpu with unlocked multiplier. It's the same as i7 5960X and can be easily overclocked to 4.3 ghz, with water cooling maybe even 4.5 ghz.

Do you think if I buy E5 1660 v3 and overclock it, will it have significantly better performance in games than my current E5 2678 v3 with turbo boost unlocked?? As I mentioned my setup is Kllisre X99 D8 with 32 GB ddr4 RAM and RTX 2060 Super OC.

I know You made a video comparison between 2678 v3 and 1650 v3 overclocked, but remember that e5 1660 v3 has 2 more cores than 1650 v3. Overclocked 1660 v3 would have 1 ghz higher frequency single core, but 4 less cores than 2678 v3. How do you think these two would compare in gaming?

David on 15 September 2020 05:22 says

Miyconst, sorry I'm going to reply myself but I hope you can take a statement on the issue of overclocking e5 16xx on chinese motherboards. THERE SEEMS TO BE A PROBLEM ON OVERCLOCKING for example E5 1660 V3 on CHINESE MOTHERBOARDS. the problem is cpu TDP LIMTATION. As you can see, this nice drinking guy on YT channel Craft Computing tried it on Huananhzui X99 TF motherboard and failed - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mDd1ZByaslI.

Even after incresing multilpier in BIOS the cpu downclocked itself because of power limit. Maybe Inter Extreme Tuning Utility or ThrottleStop would help. It's still a software solutuion. Maybe there is a pernament solution by changing bios settings, one guy named Lasse Berg commented:

"EASY! SOLVED! Edit bios with amibcp5 - advanced PM tune - program PP0_curt_cfg_ctrk_msr. Set all under this to access/use to USER. Then you have acces - flash bios - then go to bios. Set PP current_cfg_ctl Ovrd to MANUAL then set Current Config to Enable then set Current Limitation to 2048.... Then Blow up VRM ... Or set watt limit to about 220 watt(long and short) in SOCKT RAPL Config -- please do this :)"

I don't know if changing watt limit for cpu socket would help. I tried it on my 2678 v3 and it had little effect. But the same user Lasse Berg also has a YT video of his 1660 v3 sustaining stable 4.2 ghz on Huanan X99 when gaming.

I believe the conclusion is for now to stay with e5 26xx V3 CPUs with turbo boost, otherwise e5 16xx v3 overclocking is difficult on chinese mobos.

Miyconst on 15 September 2020 07:57 says

Kevin, it's hard to say without testing it myself, but most likely it's going to work if you manage to write a modified BIOS.

Miyconst on 15 September 2020 07:58 says

David, I have already seen this video and working on my response so stay tuned.

Michael Hart on 18 September 2020 10:02 says

Miyconst, thanks for the reply. I built this machine explicitly for gaming and wanted to run some older games on it that won't run on Win 10 properly. That's my only reason for wanting to run Win 7 on this build. It will just be a dual boot device that gets used for the few older games we play that have graphical issues in Win 10. I appreciate the link to the drivers. I checked them out and they will likely work. Thanks

Michael Hart on 18 September 2020 10:16 says

Kevin, I have been an HP engineer for the last 15 years. There is no way for you to modify the stock HP BIOS. The HP BIOS is unique and does not use Aptio V or any Intel factory tools in its build. It is the odd duck out in the x99 food-chain. The only hope for this board would be to get a 3rd party BIOS modded and running on it. It is possible to make a hacked BIOS by pulling the necessary DXE/PEI drivers and menu settings from all the available Aptio builds and then modding the major manufacturer Aptio V BIOS build that is most like the Z640's specs. However, that would be quite an undertaking and still might require swapping out the EFI rom chips on the motherboard. I think this board is the best quality board available for modding. But it would require a lot of work. If some genius could pull extract all the DXE/PEI drivers and menu settings and inject them to an Aptio V build, then this would be the best choice of board. However, it would still require custom power adapter cables and a custom I/O shield to be used in a non-HP case.

gdepre on 24 September 2020 21:55 says

Hi !

I injected FFS driver into my bios but it doesn't work. I've got dual xeon 2660 V3.

Which driver should I use ? I downloaded the one that is provided in this topic, but turbo unlock does not work. Max freq is 2.9ghz.

I tried before with a single 2620V3 and it worked good.

Any clue ?

Miyconst on 25 September 2020 09:20 says

gdepre, as far as I know, there is no known way to make Turbo Boost Unlock work with FFS drivers on the dual socket motherboards. For a dual CPU setup you have to manually install an EFI driver.

gdepre on 25 September 2020 10:08 says

Miyconst, thx for the answer.

So I tried with efi driver method, but my usb key is not recognized...

I'll try with another one.


Gdepre on 26 September 2020 16:01 says

Hi !

In my efi shell, I can't see fs1. I've got fs0 that is my usb key and some blk0 to blk5. While entering the load command, it stucks at the module's name and... Nothing. Not going to prompt. My Shell is blocked. I used V3DUAL.EFI. any advice?


Miyconst on 27 September 2020 11:57 says

Gdepre, most likely your Windows is installed in legacy mode, the EFI driver can only be installed in UEFI mode.

gdepre on 29 September 2020 17:31 says

Thx for replying,

You were right, I've reinstalled windows 10 in UEFI mode, but while installing the driver, windows freeze at start. Is there a good way to disable the driver I just installed and installing another ?

What I did :

  • return in uefi shell
  • bcfg driver rm 0
  • cp fs0:\myv3driver.efi fs1:\efi\boot\
  • bcfg fs1:\efi\boot\myv3driver.efi "V3 turbo"

But noway, I can't restart windows. Need to reflash my motherboard to be able to start win10.

Miyconst on 29 September 2020 19:09 says

gdepre, you can reset installed EFI drivers by clearing your motherboard CMOS.

gdepre on 29 September 2020 20:11 says

Thx miyconst for your reactivity !

In fact, I just tested removing the 06F2 microcode and thit only thing is making windows startup hanging. Dunno why, before installing in UEFI mode, that worked (I did this procedure a lot of times ^^). So I tested without removing the microcode, and botting saying me that microcode is present...

So the question is why in UEFI mode my system won't boot if I remove the 06F2 microcode ?

Miyconst on 29 September 2020 20:37 says

gdepre, it seems like you are not getting the point behind the Turbo Boost Unlock hack. By removing the 06F2 microcode you are removing a CPU "driver" which is required for OS to properly use the CPU. The EFI driver is the replacement for the missing 06F2 "driver". Without the microcode and without the EFI driver, the system won't be able to use the CPU properly and here is where you get the hangs from.

gdepre on 29 September 2020 20:44 says

Ok, miyconst, I can understand that. But I tried before removing the 06F2 microcode AND getting in the UEFI shell in order to enable the V3DUAL.efi driver, but it didin't worked. Windows 10 hangs in the same way.

macoyece on 29 September 2020 21:07 says

I've been using the ffs drivers for a while and it works no problem with excellent benchmark scores. My only issue and been figuring out for a while is the high Idle power draw. I have a wall meter. The stock bios registers 65watts. When using the modded bios, the idle watts is 97watts regardless of any ffs undervolt ffs i use, i can use up to -50mV bios. I have veineda x99 and x99ev3 both can turbo unlock using 2678v3. I been playing with bios settings (Energy efficient) but no avail. Is there anything i can do to reduce the idle power draw?

gdepre on 29 September 2020 22:02 says

Solved, miyconst !

I modded the bios to disable the C6 state, but it didn't apply. I forced disabling directly in the bios, and the system started !

2660V3 x 2 on a Gigabyte MD50-LS0

cinebench scores : before turbo : 6220 all core turbo : 6800

Thx for help, miyconst.


Noire on 01 October 2020 01:30 says

Hello! Any guide on how to do turbo hack for x99i-ce5? Saw a post about this motherboard on site overclockers.ru but could barely understand even with google translate, they said it is the same process as flashing bios for x99z v102 but I'm not sure. Which bios and what program should I use l?

Alan on 01 October 2020 18:54 says

Hi ! Miyconst , First of all, thank you very much for your detailed product review videos. It really made an incredible contribution. The digital content you produce is excellent and incredibly detailed. Plus, you should use clear language. The X99 Tool is legendary!

I recently ordered the Huananzhi F8D. As far as I understand from the review videos, fpt is not possible for this motherboard. EFI Driver for Turbo Unlock can only be used with Windows. Is there any other more effective method I can use for this motherboard? Can I write turbo unlocked bios with eprom device?

Miyconst on 02 October 2020 00:47 says

Alan, the turbo unlock procedure is exactly the same for every board. The only difference may be with the BIOS read/write procedure. As far as I know, the X99i-CE5 works the same way as Machinist X99Z and can be flashed with AfuWin.

Miyconst on 02 October 2020 00:49 says

Alan, the problem with the Huananzhi X99-F8D motherboard is not related to FPT. It's related to the fact, that the FFS drivers are not working well with the dual socket motherboards, so far. You have to manually install an EFI driver, if you want to perform the turbo unlock hack with a dual socket motherboard.

Alan on 03 October 2020 01:17 says

Miyconst, Thank you very, very much for your answer. You have answered the questions in my mind about this Board. Until a permanent and more stable method is available, I will use it manually by installing the EFI Drivers. However, after backing up the original bios with eprom reader / writer, I will work on the modified bios and try it out. If I can find something new I will definitely post it here. Thank you so much again for your help.

itWasRuckus on 06 October 2020 05:16 says

Hi Myconsit, thank you for your guides and time in your comments section. Both have helped so much. Method 1- I completed all steps but no turbo. e5 2640v3 on a Machinist x99 using Aptio V(~8,000kb bios file size). FPT failed to backup the default bios, so I used AfuWin64 in cmd prompt to make a copy of existing bios. I was then able to complete the steps you described and save the updated bios image as a .rom file. I get no errors from AfuWin when programming the updated bios. Several attempts programming the main bios as well as Boot Blocks and NVRAM. All passed without error, but no turbo after restart and restored bios defaults. Clocks peak around 2200mhz (confirmed not an ES via your guide). I'm quite a newb at this, and was surprised I got as far as I did. Can you offer some insight on what I'm doing wrong? Thank you

Miyconst on 06 October 2020 10:39 says

itWasRuckus, take a look at my app for Turbo Boost Unlock - Mi899 - X99 Tool Set, with the app you should be able to perform entire procedure in a few mouse clicks.

itWasRuckus on 06 October 2020 19:29 says

Thank you for the quick reply, and my apologies for not finding that video before asking. My only question is the bios file size. The default bios on my Machinist is only 8,000kb. I noticed all of your Machinist v3 files are over 16,000kb. Should I try the larger file you provide?

Miyconst on 06 October 2020 19:31 says

itWasRuckus, first try to create a backup of your current BIOS with FPT, it will show your BIOS chip model. Use that model number to find the chip size, most likely it's 16 MB, but AfuWin can only read half of it.

itWasRuckus on 06 October 2020 22:32 says

Miyconst, I admire how you made the guide and then fool proofed the process with Mi899 haha well done! Writing your 16000kb file was successful via Mi899. However I still do not have the unlocked speeds. I did however notice in the Bios info it says, "OEM Test BIOS Only" and under PCH Configuration there is no security option to select. Am I simply out of luck with this Mobo?

Miyconst on 07 October 2020 08:45 says


Am I simply out of luck with this Mobo?

I doubt it. Most likely something goes wrong. Could you share a link to your motherboard? Also, which exactly BIOS from Mi899 you used?

Mart on 12 October 2020 07:34 says

Hello Miyconst! I have really learned a lot from your X99 tutorials/reviews. I have purchased X99-F8D with dual E5-2678v3’s. I understand EFI drivers are the only way to turbo unlock... Is there a similar method to Turbo unlock in Linux? I use Ubuntu 20.04

Miyconst on 12 October 2020 21:08 says

Mart, I am glad to hear that you find my work useful, but unfortunately, I can't help you with EFI drivers under Ubuntu. Maybe with usage of OpenCore you will be able to achieve it, but I have no idea how to do that.

Noire on 15 October 2020 16:31 says

Hello Miyconst!, Thank you for all the reviews. I am in dilemma in buying Kllisre x99z or Huananzhi x99 M8. I think I'm gonna go with x99z for a bit cheaper than the other and want some words from you on the sleep mode. In your review, you said the bios will reset the clock to default speed after waking up from sleep mode. Is there a way to get the clocks stay at maximum? as I always use sleep mode whenever I'm away from my PC and having to reboot everytime is annoying. Thank you.

Miyconst on 15 October 2020 19:08 says

Noire, for now you can use hibernation, but there seems to be a new way of Turbo Unlock coming, which would allow you to use sleep mode.

Diego on 20 October 2020 02:10 says

Hello Miyconst. Thank you for sharing this information with us. I have this combo X99, but with E5-2630l V3 processor. I want to know if your program Mi899 can get the most out of that combo. Also I have rx570 and 500w gold powersupply, is it enough? Thanks for reading me.

Miyconst on 20 October 2020 02:14 says

Diego, if you have a final retail version of the CPU - you can use Mi899 to unlock Turbo Boost, this hack is applicable for every E5-26XX V3 CPU with stepping 2. 500 Watt 80+ Gold power supply is more than enough for your setup.

Zimppa_ on 29 October 2020 02:42 says

Is it possible to unlock TDP with 2078-v3? If i go AMIBCP: IntelRCSetup->Advanced Power Managment->CPU Advanced PM Tuning. There set all under "Access/Use" to USER value! Then go Program PP0_CURT_CFG_CTRL_MSR and again set all under "access/Use" to USER value. This works with Huananzhi X99 and 1660v3 and unlocked TDP so no need to undervolts and you get stable turboboost with 100% cpu load.

Zimppa_ on 29 October 2020 03:22 says

Zimppa_, there is video about that x99 and 1660v3 tdp unlock. Huananzhi X99 Finally Overclocked.

Miyconst on 29 October 2020 18:26 says

Zimppa_, no, these settings don't work with locked Xeons CPUs, you have to apply the Turbo Boost Unlock hack to make full turbo.

Miyconst on 29 October 2020 18:27 says

Zimppa_, you can also take a look at my video about X99 overclocking - 🇬🇧 Overclocking Xeon E5-1660 V3 on MSI X99-S04, Huananzhi X99-TF, and JingSha X99-D8.

Zimppa_ on 02 November 2020 02:42 says

Miyconst, Yes i will. Really nice videos and benchmarks! I will build my own 2678v3+hux99 next week and use mi899 to unlock turbo. Have you tryied to shut down spectre and meldown? Is there big differense when gaming or running benchmarks when thease are off?

Miyconst on 02 November 2020 04:50 says

Zimppa_, I have not bothered with the Spectre & Meltdown security holes as the performance improvement is negligible and I don't like to deliberately open security holes in my systems.

Good luck with your upcoming X99 build!

Stiggity on 03 November 2020 07:41 says

Miyconst, Greets! You are the only person revolving around X99 turbo unlock, that someone may be able to chat at!!! First-Off, Thank You! for all the content, tutorials, help, advice, and professionalism. Heres another newb question(s)..

I watched your Klissre dual x99 review as soon as it came out. You stated manual v3x4.efi driver installation is the only way to get all core turbo frequency. Well, i had it working on 2, 2683 v3 processors. 2months later, i purchased 2x E5-2699 v3 processors, flash my board back to factory, reinstalled Windows UEFI, and went thru All of your unlock video's..

Heres my Question(s), after removing f2 microcode, and re-flash board, i reset w.USB drive insereted, booted to USB and performed the "load fs1:\v3x4.efi" But! my USB drive is FS0, and my nVME is FS1.... which you cover in your tutorials... no errors, it all jived. i then typed "exit" back to BIOS, went and Enabled c6 state, saved and reset. Windows booted, but these processors have turbo clock MAX 3.6GHz...im seeing 2.5GHz...no matter what i do i cannot get it working. Should i try a diffierent voltage v3x4.efi drivers. Im using the 0/0 version. Sorry to compose a novel, but i'd really enjoy having a snappy machine, and figure out what i did/am doing wrong. T H A N K Y O U !!!!

Miyconst on 03 November 2020 07:45 says

Stiggity, Xeon E5-2699 V3 is an 18 core power hog, you can't expect it to run at the full turbo with this many cores. The best you can do is to try reduced voltage, it will increase the clock frequency, but don't expect 3.6 GHz on all 18 cores. Take a look at this drivers - v3x4. Also, the C6 state has to be disabled when Turbo Boost Unlock implemented.

Stiggity on 03 November 2020 07:57 says

Miyconst, The link you just posted, Is the place I got the V3x4.EFI i've been using. But i grabbed the first one. I don't believe it has any sort of voltage correction. Ok.. im desperate! out of all of the v3x4.efi's available on the site, which wont would you recommend to try reducing voltage? im using ddr4 memory, a beefy power supply. Again, you always seem to give me hope, that yes indeed, there are better things to come.

Miyconst on 03 November 2020 08:01 says

Stiggity, just start to slowly reduce the voltage of the CPUs and see how far you can go. There is not much more I can suggest you.

Stiggity on 03 November 2020 08:47 says

Miyconst, Food for thought! Anything that happens to my board trying to follow your guide is ALL MY OWN DOINGS!! So, True.... are all of the numbers in the v3x4.efi filenames how many millivolts im subtracting from the original file, being 0/0. What are your thoughts on attempting "v3x4-0.10b-i306f2-rc9_70_50_50.efi", Im reading this..

For those with extra information after "rc9": _First number is reduction in Core voltage (in mV) _Second number is reduction in Uncore voltage (in mV) _Third number is reduction in SA voltage (in mV)

what's "pc1.9v""""" Core voltage of 1.9v

I have no real world experience selecting voltages for an LGA 2011-3 CPU(s). Maybe drop a subtle hint as to where i should begin? I know I'm a PIA, but i would Love to have my "Coolest PC"! -Thanks, Miyconst!

Stiggity on 03 November 2020 19:47 says

Miyconst, when i apply the voltage decrease v3x4.efi via freeDOS USB boot, do i just load it, copy from usb to \efi\boot? Or must i flash factory .rom, and re-do the whole procedure? i would only ask if im un-sure.. which I am. Thank You!

Miyconst on 03 November 2020 21:39 says

Stiggity, the EFI drivers take effect as soon as you load them. So, for tryout you can load them one by one and see how the system behaves. Once you are happy with a driver - copy it and add to the system loader.

Stiggity on 04 November 2020 01:51 says


How can I tell if the following below is true??

For those without "pc1.9v": CPU_SET_FIXED_VCCIN = FALSE (auto VCCIN controlled by FIVR) FIVR_DYN_SVID_CONTROL_DIS = FALSE (PowerCut DISABLED)

%%%%For those with "pc1.9v":%%%% CPU_SET_FIXED_VCCIN = TRUE (VCCIN set to fixed 1.900V) FIVR_DYN_SVID_CONTROL_DIS = TRUE (PowerCut ENABLED)

Thank you for the heads up! just loading the EFI driver makes them take effect. How should I load them, other than the freeDOS USB? THIS is all going to be a learning experience.

Stiggity on 04 November 2020 07:20 says

Miyconst, I tried ten of the voltage decrease *.efi files, and ended up settling, for now with, v3x4-0.10b-i306f2-rc9_90_50_50_pc1.9v.efi at an all core turbo frequency ~3.2GHz. Not too bad! you explained its a powerhog, and 3.6GHz on all cores, probably wont work. So, with the help of your tutorials, videos, write-ups, and personal touch, 3.2Ghz it is... well like 3.10 - 3.25GHz. I'm happy Now! :D Thank You!!

Patryk on 05 November 2020 03:09 says

I have problem cause i do everything like u said but not works for me on x99-t8d. Cpu boost to 2497 and no more. When pc starts i see v3 turbo unlock / dual turbo unlock cause i install two of that but in windows nothing working. Could anyone help me? Thanks!

Patryk on 05 November 2020 03:11 says

Sorry for spam but i thinking maybe someone can send me unlocked bios with drivers to x99t8d? Thank in advance.

Miyconst on 05 November 2020 03:14 says

Patryk, so far there is no known way to force dual socket motherboards work with an injected FFS driver, only manual EFI driver installation is working.

Patryk on 05 November 2020 03:16 says

For me isn't working but i do exactly like u said with dual cpu drivers. Maybe you know what is a problem?

Patryk on 05 November 2020 03:29 says

Ofc i do a bootable pendrive / load / copy and install efi drivers. Then i get stuck on starting windows until i change a energy management mode in bios from auto to disable. Now windows start normally but cpu dont boost.. Then i delete oryginal driver from system32 do all the stuff what is in instruction, but still not working for me. I don't know what to do. I have ch341a and unlocked bios.

lary on 05 November 2020 23:56 says

This is another report for Turbo Boost Unlock stop working after system wake from sleep, Windows10.

josemanuel on 06 November 2020 04:13 says

Hi, I have succesfully unlocked in my Jingsha M-G model,it is a new one, if you want me to send you its original bios ask for it.

Thanks for your work, your sharing and your clarity in your tutorials.

Miyconst on 06 November 2020 11:38 says

josemanuel, thank you for the info, it helps me with statistics. Regarding the BIOS, as far as I know, it's identical to JingSha X99M-H(2). Could you validate if you have RAM Timings and O.C. options? Also what is your motherboard's chipset?

Ettrai on 06 November 2020 13:14 says

Hello Miyconst, thank you so much for all the material you've published and the time you've spent to share your findings and expertise with all of us!

I've recently received a Kllisre X99 D8 which has Turbo Boost unlocked by default, I guess they baked that into their April 2020 BIOS release. I am happy to provide you the dump of that BIOS if you're interested in taking a look at that.

I have a question for you. In your experience, were you able to tweak the DRAM frequency easily? Somehow I can't! I have received 4 Kllisre DDR4 2400MHz@17-17-17-35 DIMMs but I can't seem to find a way to run them at that frequency. What CPU-Z shows me is that they're running at 2133MHz with 15-15-15-35 timings. I would be fine running at 2400MHz@17-17-17-35, I don't really need to play with the timings or anything. I've also tried to flash the modified Huananzhi X99 F8 BIOS you've shared on this page but that didn't solve it either. Which steps do you usually follow to set a certain DRAM frequency?

Thanks for your time!

Miyconst on 06 November 2020 13:35 says

Ettrai, thank you for the support. I already have that BIOS, and you are correct, some AliExpress stored baked the FFS driver into the BIOS to attract more buyers, which is good and bad at the same time. Those, who want to use the motherboard with E5 V4 or E5-1600 V3 CPU would have to manually restore the original BIOS, otherwise the system won't be stable.

Regarding the memory frequency, there is no way to overcome DDR4-2133 limitation of E5-2678 V3 (I assume you use this CPU). CPUs with unlocked multiplier, such as E5-1650 V3 & E5-1660 V3 support some memory overclocking and it's possible to achieve DDR4-2400 on these Chinese X99 boards.

Ettrai on 06 November 2020 13:51 says

Miyconst, thank you so much for your reply!

Your guess is correct, I am using a E5 2678v3 processor. I wasn't aware of the DRAM frequency limitation, thanks for bringing that up, that explains the behavior I have experienced.

The only values that are off then are the timings. Kllisre DDR4 2400MHz DIMMS are currently running at 15-15-15-35 with tRFC of 374 (this seems quite high) and CR 2T. I guess I can play with those timings and see how I can bring those down to similar values that you've showed on your "DDR3 vs DDR4" Youtube video.

Thank you again, this is great!

Miyconst on 06 November 2020 13:55 says
josemanuel on 06 November 2020 14:23 says

Miyconst, chipset seems to be H81, about ram timings and oc options I don´t know exactly what settings are, there are hundreds I should say menus and submenus in the mb, and I have not seen anyone lim RAM timings, I supposedly have the option to chang ram speed, but I am not sure it is working the right way, because I turned from auto to 2667 and passmark ram test got worse results

about overclocking, there seems to be some places in the bios where to do it, but again I am not sure, I have carefully watched your yt review and for instance I cannot open cpu p state control as you do

hope these images help



after checking the image, is it safe to use your preference settings to my board using the H model in your tool?

Miyconst on 06 November 2020 15:28 says

josemanuel, it is safe to use my BIOS settings, but I can't say for sure if it's safe to use my BIOS. It seems like your BIOS is exactly the same as I have got with mine X99M-H, so no much progress. With your E5-2630L V3 no overclocking is possible. The best you can do is to tighten the RAM timings.

Ettrai on 06 November 2020 21:24 says

Miyconst, thank you for the great pointer, I'll take a look at your video! Have a great weekend!

Alejandro on 08 November 2020 18:35 says

Hello Miyconst!!! I come here very happy after reading this tutorial, I have known this website for some time, and it seems to contain grate information, unfortunately I don`t speak russian, so I have to use google translator to be able to understand, and even thou the translations are not bad, some things become very hard, any way, if possible I would like you to see step 3, the part about "Use SVID \ FIVR bug", with it we can have unlimited power!!!

If possible, I would like to know what you think about this, and maybe a video on the future, because this feature really is awesome.

Thanks for the greate content you put out!

Miyconst on 08 November 2020 23:30 says

Alejandro, hello. I know about this feature/hack/hole in V3 CPUs and tried it myself. The thing is that in the power unrestricted mode the CPU can suck so much power that these cheap Chinese X99 boards will fry like pancakes. There are just way too many non-technical people who are hunting "free performance", but the result will be devastating for them, that's why I stay silent.

Alejandro on 09 November 2020 03:16 says

Miyconst, you are right, as soon as I sent this message this was the first thing to cross my mind, because stock I alreday have a fan on my VRMs, they get EXTREMELY hot, as a curiosity, does this change the avx offset? when running avx workloads?, because if not then I have no reason to use it, with -50mv on both core and mem I dont get to touch the 120W with my cpu on any of my workloads, exept that avx it gets reduced to 3.1GHZ, but not because of power limits, and thats my question to you, would that change?

Also, I admire your decision to not post these hack, it really is dangerous, and apperentely it is fine with undervolting.

Thanks again.

Alejandro on 09 November 2020 03:21 says

Just as an extra question, having a xeon E5 2678v3, would there be a benefit to using that in any scenario?

Miyconst on 09 November 2020 10:58 says

Alejandro, I did not test the AVX workloads, thus I can only speculate. In my opinion there is no reason to exploit this bug with E5-2678 V3.

Alejandro on 09 November 2020 18:24 says

Miyconst, thank you for your attention.

Now to end my questions, for dual socket motherboards there is no way besides the EFI driver right?

And are there any drivers to make usb3.0 work on plexhd?

Thanks again for all tour contributions and help.

Miyconst on 09 November 2020 20:53 says


  • So far there is no known way to make Turbo Boost unlock work with dual socket motherboards using FFS drivers.
  • As far as I know, PlexHD X99 has hardware defective USB 3.0 ports, no drivers will help here.
Alejandro on 09 November 2020 23:14 says

sorry Miyconst, forgot to add that mine, different from yours, does not change the BCLK like crazy, it just locks up as yours, that`s why I asked, I had seen that in your video but forgot that detail, in any case, thank you once again.

Miyconst on 09 November 2020 23:42 says

Alejandro, you can try the Huananzhi drivers from my Huananzhi X99-F8D - Dual Socket LGA 2011-3 DDR4 motherboard page, but there is no guarantee that it will work.

Alejandro on 10 November 2020 18:46 says

Amigo mio, podrías enviar el del-mcu-file.bat a mi correo? En el archivo x99-tu-ffs.zip no está y no puedo continuar. Gracias!!

Excelente Trabajo.

Alejandro Robinson on 10 November 2020 21:24 says

Miyconst, I tried them and it works!!! sad to see that your board was so screwed.

Thanks once again!! and from now on I will put my surname as well, since there is another alejandro hahahahaha

Stiggity on 12 November 2020 06:31 says

Miyconst: I'm looking at the ASUS Z10PE-D16 WS motherboard. Looks and seems extremely similar too my Klissre dual socket. I downloaded the latest BIOS, just trying to use the F2 microcode removal tool, but it wont even buffer it. Seems the ASUS unit is 32mb -vs- 16mb. What are your thoughts on this ASUS motherboard? There's a built in turbo/oc option in the BIOS. Is this worth $450USD? Or should i just be happy with my Klissre? Is it possible to dump the BIOS via ASUS Z10PE-D16 WS ? Again, i highly appreciate your knowledge, and expertise. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Miyconst on 12 November 2020 11:38 says

Stiggity, I have never had the Z10PE-D16 WS motherboard on my hands, thus I can't tell much more than what you can find online. In my opinion it is worth $450 only if you really need those extra server and remote management features Asus provides.

Jayce on 12 November 2020 16:36 says

Hello Miyconst,

I'va flashed my Huananzhi X99-TF with the "BY99RD25 BIOS for Huananzhi X99-TF Republic of Belarus Edition, Mi8" from Mi899 v1.03. In the Benchmarks, it seems that the Turbo Unlock is not enabled. I've tried to flash the original bios with TU but i'vé got this error message : https://ibb.co/4sLh2x4 How can i flash the original rom ? Do you think it is possible to enable TU on the BY99RD25 Bios and flash it ? Thanks for the help.

Miyconst on 12 November 2020 16:45 says

Jayce, after flashing the BY99RD25 BIOS you won't be able to use FPT any more, but AfuWin works well. Feel free to flash the original BIOS using AfuWin, just make sure to flash entire BIOS when prompted by AfuWin.

You can surely implement Turbo Boost Unlock with the BY99RD25 BIOS, but you would have to prepare the BIOS mod yourself.

kagir on 12 November 2020 18:41 says

Hello Miyconst,

I bought an X99M-H motherboard with Xeon E5-2650l v3 cpu. Using the Mi899 tool which bios should I flash to unlock the turbo boost?

Thanks for the help.

Miyconst on 12 November 2020 18:44 says

kagir, you can do the following:

  • Start the app.
  • Select your motherboard.
  • Read description for each BIOS and select the one you want.
  • Flash it.
kagir on 12 November 2020 19:52 says

Miyconst, Great!

Stiggity on 13 November 2020 01:38 says

Miyconst, Thanks for the honest answer(s). before i spend all of my savings on something i don't need!! Will the BIOS on the ASUS Z10PE-D16 WS be DUMP'able? Like, is there tools to do what you taught me, on this ASUS platform. I'm achieving 3.4GHz reliably, on my Klissre with your recommended voltage adjustments. And I'd hate too spend $450 for wake on power loss/sleep features. I've been reading about this ASUS board, and if the BIOS is flashable, i'd like to purchase it. What info from me, do you need to be able to tell me if this asus board is indeed flashable??

Miyconst on 13 November 2020 10:04 says

Stiggity, I can tell you for sure, that the BIOS is not "flashable". Asus is trying to forbid every non sanctioned BIOS modifications. Still, there might be some AfuWin / AfuDos versions which may be able to read/write the BIOS. I honestly don't understand why you would want to spend $450 on this motherboard, for this money you can get a decent Ryzen build, which will serve you better and for longer.

FranciscoVV on 14 November 2020 00:00 says

good night. Is there a way to activate the Turbo for E5-2680 v4?

Yura on 14 November 2020 12:13 says

Привит. У мене Machinist x99 v102 з великим радиатором, при дампи биоса робить 8 мб файл, пробував и афудос и афувин з твоэи програмки. Я так розумию не варта пробувати шити твои биоси так як вони 16 мб. Що робити? Чекати програматор?

Miyconst on 14 November 2020 12:30 says

FranciscoVV, no, the Turbo Unlock hack works with Xeon E5 V3 CPUs only.

Miyconst on 14 November 2020 12:33 says

Yura, вітаю. AfuDos та AfuWin зчитують лише половину даних. Більше за все, в тебе чіп на 16 МБ і можна використовувати модифікації з Mi899. Перевірь розмір чіпу в Google. CH341a знадобиться, якщо ти бажаєш зробити повний дамп, саме твого BIOS.

gdepre on 14 November 2020 20:12 says

Hi !

Did someone managed to achieve x36 on a dual 2699 V3 CPU ? Or near this multiplier on all cores ? With which efi file ? I can reach x34 on all core @-90/-70/-50

I heard someone that talked about the same turbo unlock on V4 2600 CPUs, but can't say if it's real.

Jonatan on 15 November 2020 19:43 says

Hello, JingSha X99 Dual LGA 2011-3 When flashing the bios, there is a red error saying Сould not communicate with HECI. Is it serious? Flashing is positive.

Dei on 16 November 2020 11:56 says

Have you tested the Machinist X99-K9 motherboard? It looks similar to X99Z...

Miyconst on 16 November 2020 11:57 says

Dei, I have already ordered the motherboard, but I have not received it yet.

Peppie_nl on 19 November 2020 15:43 says

I've received my Machinist X99 K9 board and will try to use your guide to unlock turboboost for the 2640 v3.

Antonio on 22 November 2020 15:10 says

Please someone help me I am trying to make turbo boost on windows 7

Marcin on 25 November 2020 15:19 says

Hello, thank you for a great tutorial, everything works fine but I have a problem. How to delete a duplicate driver option in bios by using a shell. I have "v3 turbo unlock" and "V3 Turbo Unlock" to choose from bios, how to delete "v3 turbo unlock" using the bcfg command ?

Miyconst on 25 November 2020 20:58 says

Marcin, you can use the bcfg driver rm command, read more here - What controls Turbo Core in Xeons?.

Marcin on 25 November 2020 22:29 says

I don't know how to thank you? I moved the system from SSD to NVMe before it was fs1 and now it is fs0 so the "bcfg driver rm 1" did the trick, removed the option from the bios. Thanks a lot You are the best :)

Storm on 30 November 2020 23:19 says

Hello Miyconst, great work but sadly I've just bricked my Huananzhi X99-8M-F mobo (E5 2620v3). Sigh. Not sure where the problem lies since flashing the BIOS ROM went smoothly without any fail. Note however, there are 2 version of the X99-8M boards on the Huananzhi website 1) X99-8M (? chipset) 2) X99-8M-F (B85 Lynx Point chipset). Easiest/quickest way to tell the difference is via CMOS battery placement. Is there anyone here that can confirm stock guide works for Huananzhi 8M-F variant?

Also, does anyone know if ASProgrammer 1.4.1 (with its PAR driver on Win7) can interface to Winbond 25Q128JVSQ BIOS chip? I keep failing with CH341A read light on. Would welcome any suggestions to help unbrick this mobo. Thanks.

Miyconst on 01 December 2020 00:12 says

Storm, I have already reported that the X99-8M-F uses B85 chipset, which is not compatible with the rest BIOS options for X99/C612 chipset.

Which exactly BIOS did you use to brick the motherboard?

I have never tried to use Windows 7 with CH341A and/or ASProgrammer, thus I can't really help here sorry.

Storm on 08 December 2020 21:18 says

Miyconst, a bit late but I managed to resurrect my Huananzhi 8M-F after some research and more background reading. The fix was rather simple (I'm almost embarassed to post), motherboard flea power is necessary for the program to ID the BIOS chip i.e. just connect the PSU. I know this was the next step suggested in your video but I stopped short from doing this out of sheer stubborness (don't ask why). So, it was my bad.

The 25xx chip option to select in ASProgrammer is W25Q128BV. I used a forked variant v2.1.0.13. It should also work with the standard 1.4.1 but I'm unablen to verify this until I brick it again .. heh.

(As to how it was bricked, I suspect Win10 UAC control. The later patches tightened folder permissions even when you have it disabled. It was a disjointed session as I had to run some errands in between, bad things happen when are half distracted. The only other possibility is me messing up the uefitool section - see below.)

I found a Portuguese video (I don't speak the language, just watched what he did) on YT which provided an explicit address "Intel Image > BIOS Region > 8Cx > A0327FE0" where to insert the efi data using uefitool. Tbh, your video was rather vague by asking for the last DXE Driver which imo may cause some confusion to first timers. In addition, he also skipped the last CPU C3/C6 state hack.

Anyway, I can confirm a successful E5 2620v3 TU 3.2GHz all cores for my Huananzhi 8M-F B85 chipset mobo. Followed all the standard steps and used a 50_20 FFS, minus the CPU C3/C6 state hack. Out of case CPU temp is holding fine around 60C with 28C ambient using Snowman T6-dual fan.

Not sure what you mean by this "X99-8M-F uses B85 chipset, which is not compatible with the rest BIOS options for X99/C612 chipset" - the C3/C6 hack?

Miyconst on 08 December 2020 21:24 says

Storm, I am glad to hear that you have revived the motherboard.

X99-8M-F uses B85 chipset, which is not compatible with the rest BIOS options for X99/C612 chipset.

What I meant, is shat the original X99-8M motherboard works with the X99-TF / X99-F8 BIOS, but if you try to use Mi899 and flash one of these BIOS options onto X99-8M-F, which uses B85 chipset, the motherboard will get bricked.

Vong on 12 December 2020 01:01 says

I have an issue with bclk 100mhz and post code 78 after reboot. So x99-f8 mainboard with stock bios spreads DOWN pcie (bclk) clock to value 98,76mhz (0,50%). There is a way to set it back to 100mhz with issue i started this post.

Miyconst on 12 December 2020 01:23 says

Vong, you can try the BIOS from iEngineer, he claims to fix the BCLK frequency - BIOS-iEngineer / HUANANZHI-X99-F8.

Alvaro on 12 December 2020 16:10 says

Hi, I have a problem with the turbo boost unlock, I have a huananzhi x99-f8 and a e5 2678 v3, I used Mi899 tool to flash the bios, but when I restarted the computer back again and tested if the turbo boost works, it didn't, I also modified the bios by myself and it also didn't work, it should go up to 3,3 ghz and it only stays in 2,6 ghz, I followed all the steps. What do you think is the problem?

Miyconst on 12 December 2020 16:38 says

Alvaro, could you specify which BIOS from Mi899 you used? Most likely you are doing something wrong.

Alvaro on 12 December 2020 16:54 says

Miyconst, I used the bios Stock Huananzhi X99-F8 BIOS, TU FFS -70/50mv

Alvaro on 12 December 2020 21:20 says

I did it again and nothing changed... i dont know what to do.

Daniel on 12 December 2020 21:59 says

Hi Miyconst, i need you help, i recently bought this pack: https://es.aliexpress.com/item/4001061951715.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.583763c0L6SS1h, I was no idea about this "chinese motherboards" world when i bought, the point is that seems the only difference between D4 and D8 is the size (it means ports also), but i have been looking images of both MB and the one sent by the seller is different so, i don't know with BIOS firmware should i use? i was thinking on the one that is within yous app called "hz-x99-f8.tu.v3p70.ffs.mi8" (also because seems the right voltage is -7mv), is there any constraint to use that bios firmware with any of both MB?


Miyconst on 12 December 2020 23:03 says

Alvaro, I don't know either. I can try to help you if you message me on Instagram - mi8.se.

Miyconst on 12 December 2020 23:04 says

Daniel, this is another revision of PlexHD / X99-Turbo motherboard. This motherboard is known for its low quality, that's why I don't recommend it, and I am not sure which BIOS is compatible with it. You can take a look here - PlexHD X99 (ZX_99EV3).

yonn on 13 December 2020 10:43 says

A short question. The Turbo Frecuency Unlock is only posssible on chinese boards or is possible on other boards (like MSI boards, etc, etc)

daniel on 13 December 2020 21:41 says

Thanks a lot for your prompt reply Miyconst, I took a look to the URL you gave me, i will try to unlock and play a bit with the MB, if I would brick (i hope not but.....), what is your recomendation of MB x99 keeping in mind i already have the CPU and the DDR4 memory?


Miyconst on 13 December 2020 22:22 says

daniel, you don't have to buy a new motherboard if you happen to brick the current one, just revive the motherboard using CH341a - CH341a - minimal usage guide, how to read and write a motherboard BIOS.

UHDk1ng.com aka iPlay16K.com on 15 December 2020 11:43 says

Dear Miyconst,

Please read and answer as best as you could. I want to buy a Chinese dual x99 motherboard just like this one over here(https://amzn.to/384bGuK). I think that you stated that this board is simular to the other but please check if you recognize it because some other brands are the same-looking board? Right? I am looking to buy two Xeon E5-2699 v3 and 2x 4x16GB DDR4 2133 MHz CL15 Samsung. I need to have bios unlock turbo at 3.6 Ghz or 3.5Ghz on each CPU will make me happy. I have 1600 WATT EVGA titanium PSU. Is your instruction will work, please reply with full details because I am more famous than the other guys and I would appreciate your input. i am on standby and waiting for your reply, so I am going to execute it. My goal is to beat Ryzen R9 5950x at 3d rendering and video encoding(I am developing ffmpeg++ app for regular users that utilizing over 120 cores) on all cores at 3.2GHz + per thread per two CPU. I need to have a turbo boost around 3.5 Ghz. Both CPU will be cooled with 360mm AIO. If everything will work well, I will mention you during two of my YouTube channels.

Miyconst on 16 December 2020 01:05 says

UHDk1ng.com aka iPlay16K.com, here are some answers:

  • The motherboard you have linked is the Kllisre X99 Dual, which I have reviewed on my channel. 🇬🇧 Detailed review of ZX-DU99D4 V1.11 Dual Socket LGA 2011-3 | E5-2678 V3 | E5-2620 V4.
  • I strongly do not recommend this board for anything higher than E5-2678 V3. If you really badly want to buy something from the Chinese boards - get Huananzhi X99-F8D.
  • Don't expect Xeon E5-2699 V3 to run at its maximum turbo frequency even with the turbo boost unlock in place. These CPUs are TDP restricted and will reduce their clock under load. There is nothing you can do about it.
  • If you are looking to invest this much money, I would strongly recommend to buy a Ryzen.
Stelios on 16 December 2020 01:19 says

Dear Miyconst. You have made a great job reviewing all these Chinese motherboards :) I own a Huananzhi x99-tf with an E5-2678 v3 (btw just for info... G.SKILL F4-3000C16Q-32GSXWB 32GB (4X8GB) DDR4 3000MHZ SNIPER X URBAN CAMO QUAD KIT are working perfectly at CL12). My question is about Bios-iEngineer you have in mi899 tool. I saw that it resolves the BCLK problem that also my motherboard has (always under 100mhz). Is it possible with this bios to get also the under-voltage like you do with your custom bios. I am running now a bios with TU and -90 -50 under-voltage (biosx99tf_unlock_tdp_qpi_90_50_custom_logo.rom). Also is there a way to find if my motherboard has the defected bios chip you are mentioning for the iEngineer version??...i don't want to brick my mobo :) Thank you very much... :)

Bartek on 16 December 2020 04:37 says

Hey Miyconst, is it normal for a 2678v3 with your Turbo Boost Unlock to work at only 3.15Ghz instead of 3.3? This is bothering me a little bit. Thank you!

Bartek on 16 December 2020 04:38 says

I forgot to add, is it generally better for performance to use the -20mv option or the default one? :)

Christos Papathanasiou on 16 December 2020 06:03 says

Dear Miyconst,

I have ASUS Z10PA-D8 Dual LGA2911-3 M/B, w/ E5-2695-V3 QFQG ES, 14C/28T 2.3Ghz… w/Turbo Ratio Limits: 35x (1-2c), 34x (3c), 33x (4c), 32x (5c), 31x (6c), 30x (7c), 29x (8c), 28x (9-14c)… w/CPU ID: 000306F2 w/CPU Stepping: C0/C1 w/Microcode Update Revision: 43 w/Current Configurable TDP Level: Nominal [Unlocked] w/CPU Turbo Max: 3500.0 MHz = 35 x 100.0 MHz [Unlocked] w/CPU Current: 2793.5 MHz = 28 x 99.8 MHz @ 0.9233 V BIOS Vendor: American Megatrends Inc. BIOS Version: 3801 BIOS Release Date: 08/23/2019 BIOS Start Segment: F000 BIOS Size: 16384 KBytes BIOS System Version: 5.6

Please answer if you can this BIOS working Turbo Boost Unlock or OverClocking as BCLK_Up 104-106 MHz from 100MHz… or work all CPUs Turbo Max. 3500 MHz etc…

Please answer… waiting…


Christos Papathanasiou. 2105717517 6948500055 elec@otenet.gr

Miyconst on 17 December 2020 11:13 says

Stelios, here are some answers:

  • The BIOS chip might be not defective, but something else relabeled by Chinese, whether it's going to work with the BIOS from iEngineer - hard to say without trying.
  • CPU voltage reduction is done with EFI/FFS driver and does not rely on the BIOS.
  • BCLK under 100 MHz issue is not always solved with the BIOS from iEngineer, some of these boards have hardware limitations to get it solved.

My recommendation would be like this: if you are happy with the system and it works - don't touch it.

Miyconst on 17 December 2020 11:15 says


  • It is normal for E5-2678 V3 to drop it's frequency below 3.3 GHz under high load.
  • CPU voltage reduction is not "better" or "worse" for the CPU, but it helps CPU to consume less electricity, which means it can stay at a higher clock frequency for longer times.
  • Each CPU is individual and there is no universal guide for undervolting, but in general, E5-2678 V3 works with -70mv, at least -50mv.
Miyconst on 17 December 2020 11:16 says

Christos Papathanasiou, Turbo Boost Unlock is not available with most of the ES CPUs, thus I doubt that it will work in your case.

Francesco on 18 December 2020 16:13 says

hi, I have a x99m-g ver 1.0 motherboard with xeon e5 2678 v3 and I'd like to unlock turbo boost, but I can't find the correct files to use, can you please help me? thank you for your kindness

Miyconst on 18 December 2020 18:57 says

Francesco, you can create the Turbo Unlocked BIOS for you motherboard from the BIOS you have, just follow the guide.

Stanley on 22 December 2020 16:19 says

Hi, can xeon e5 v4 unlock turbo boost too? if can't, which v3 proc is the best for unlock turbo boost? i am reconsidering to get xeon pc . thanks

Miyconst on 22 December 2020 19:31 says

Stanley, V4 can't be "Turbo Unlocked", what is the best for you depends on your budget and needs, there is no universal answer.

daniel on 23 December 2020 17:07 says

Hi again Miyconst, i have already the bundle with the MB, RAM and CPU, it works fine even without TB unlocked, I have been able to install all drivers loocking on drivers.ru, the only concern i have is that sometimes there is an error code 73, i can see when this error is being shown the USBs are not working "well" i mean, devices are recognized but sometimes like frozen, when i restart the PC i got the "AA" code, so it means everything is working fine, i am not able to recognize why sometimes i got the code "73" and sometimes not.

Any clue?

Tomasz on 24 December 2020 01:47 says

Hello, Im sorry to but I didn't find proper entry. Do you know what audio driver can work with Machinist x99-k9? I have instaled some Realtek HD audio driver but i get only stereo audio, whn windows in starting I hear peak in rear speakres but no sound. Setings in windows cables checked, in bios I see "Azalia audio". Any advice will be superb :)

Miyconst on 24 December 2020 02:27 says

daniel, I was not able to determine the cause of the 73 Post Code. My JingSha X99-D8 does the same thing, but I don't experience USB issues as you describe, thus I am not sure if it's related or it's just a coincidence for you.

Miyconst on 24 December 2020 02:28 says

Tomasz, I am using this drivers - Realtek driver for ALC662 and Windows 10 64bit.

Tomasz on 24 December 2020 03:20 says

Thank you for your time, for me this drivers also don't give 5.1 audio on my Logitech x540 speakers. I will just get any card on USB or PCI express.

yonn on 25 December 2020 21:08 says

Myconst, what is for you the best mainboard for a Xeon e5 v3?. I am very happy with a Huanqanzhi x99 TF, but I have too a new Huananzhi 8m-F but is very "problematic". I need a new board for single CPU and DDR4 and I don´t know what to choose. Te CPU for this board will probably be a 2687w v3 or 2697v3.

Thanks in advance

Miyconst on 25 December 2020 22:32 says

yonn, for E5-2687W V3 / E5-2697 V3 I would pick MSI X99-S04 or MSI X99-S01 which you can find on AliExpress for a reasonable price. From the Chinese options it's Huananzhi X99-F8.

yonn on 26 December 2020 00:15 says


Can be turboboost unlocked on MSIs?

Daniel on 26 December 2020 00:46 says

Hello Tomasz, i had the same issue with the sound, but I fixed with the realtek HD manager, you can download from internet (Gygabite website) if i don't remember bad, the only issue i had was with the stereo sound, just two of them where working (i think is normal) but i also solved this problem with a program called voicemeeter.

Miyconst, what do you think about this bundle HUANANZHI X99 motherboard with XEON E5 2630L V3 2*8G DDR4 2666 one friend of mine wants to build a PC but with a very limited budget (300€ maximum), he already has the SSD and HDs.

Thanks in advance

Miyconst on 26 December 2020 03:50 says

Daniel, I have not yet tested the Huananzhi X99-8M-F modification, but from what I have heard, the motherboard works okay as long as you don't try to use it for CPUs with high TDP. Xeon E5-2630L V3 seems like a good fit here.

Miyconst on 26 December 2020 03:51 says

yonn, yes, I have tested a few MSI X99 motherboards, and Turbo Boost Unlock works like a charm.

Alejandro Robinson on 27 December 2020 19:30 says

Hello Miyconst, I just saw your video on the machinist x99-K9, and the power consumption seemed way off from what I saw with my xeon E5-2678v3, just as I was thinking about this, I realizied my UPS can measure the power consumption of whatever is connected to it.

In HWmonitor, the cpu reports 15W idle, and getting as low as 9W on linux with s-tui, and 95W to 110W (depending on the cpu temperature) while running prime95 on maximum heat at 3.3GHZ. but to my surprise (have in mind my power supply is 80+ gold from EVGA) the UPS stoftware reports about 60W at idle, and 275W!!! when running prime 95, is this a result of the turbo unlock? the VRM is that inneficient? or is this some kind of motherboard "problem"? the only thing connected to the UPS was the power supply, that only power that cpu and a crappy old amdgpu just for video output(it doesnt even have a fan).

thank you for your time, keep up the awesome work!!

Miyconst on 27 December 2020 20:01 says

Alejandro Robinson, the motherboard power consumption readings are completely wrong, but you can trust your UPS. The figures you report seem to be correct, and that what you shall expect with a Xeon E5-2678 V3.

Alejandro Robinson on 27 December 2020 21:08 says

Miyconst, thank you very much.

Given the TDP is 120W is this some kind of power hack? when running avx the cpu downclocks to 3.1ghz but runs at "60W" when using real worksloads (blender), is there a way to bypass this avx offset given that the power is no limiting the cpu?

On another note, when trying to use a wifi card on the mini M.2 slot the computer goes haywire, the gpu goes from pcie X16 to X4, and currupts the nvme ssd, as well as crashing when turning wifi on on windows, is this some kind of defect like the usb3.0 ports?

Thank you very much for your time once again

Miyconst on 27 December 2020 21:35 says

Alejandro Robinson, the 60 Watt reading is a fake value, with AVX workloads, CPU hits its 120 Watt TDP limit and reduces the clock frequency. You can try to further reduce the CPU voltage, but that's pretty much all you can do about it.

It's very hard for me to guess what's going on with the WiFi card, but seems like it could be a motherboard defect.

Alejandro Robinson on 27 December 2020 23:00 says

Miyconst, I know the 60W reading is fake, but I can get to 120W fake reading, therefor I think my clockspeed is going down because of the avx workload, not power limit, and that was what I wanted to know if it was possible to change.

as for the cpu being allowed to use much more power than what it should, as you said it is the case given the UPS readings, is this a result of turbo boost unlock or a motherboard thing?

Miyconst on 27 December 2020 23:36 says

Alejandro Robinson, it's hard for me to guess without having the parts on my hands, but as far as I know, CPU won't break its TDP limit even with the Turbo Unlock hack. The readings you have provide the total system power consumptions, which includes RAM / FANs / GPU / Chipset / efficiency loss.

Alejandro Robinson on 28 December 2020 02:48 says

Miyconst, understood, thank you again.

As for the avx offset, do you of any solution?

Miyconst on 28 December 2020 10:55 says

Alejandro Robinson, I don't have a solution for the AVX offset, but maybe this will help you - Intel(R) Xeon(R) Processor Max Effort Turbo Boost UEFI DXE driver.

Daniel on 28 December 2020 22:00 says

Hello Miyconst,

I have already received the CH341a programer so i am ready to try unlock turbo boost on the MB, but at this point I am a bit lost, i have been reviewing the information within the link you sent me (https://xeon-e5450.ru/socket-2011-3/plexhd-x99/) they have already a modified ROM with the TB unlocked and 70/50 timings, loocking for the way to upgrade the room i can see many different options, in some cases with USB, in some cases not, my doubt is the following, keeping in mind i have donwloaded a pre-build ROM image, it would be necessary just 1.- make the dump of the current bios (for safety) 2.- write on bios the new image downloaded using fptw (fptw64.exe -f [new_rom_image_name])

is it right or am I missing something?

The point is that I also saw there is another tool from that page (https://xeon-e5450.ru/socket-2011-3/e5-2600-v3/dobavlyaem-anlok-v-bios-raz-i-navsegda-cherez-s3turbotool/) s3turbotool, i can see following the instructions I should do many changes on the ROM donwloaded but i don't understand why as the ROM is already configured for that motherboard so i don't know if the right way would be jump directly to the last step (Flash Bios)

what would be the best way to do it?

Thanks in advance

Miyconst on 28 December 2020 22:26 says

Daniel, you have described the correct procedure to try a modified BIOS. The S3TurboTool does not read/write BIOS, it only helps to prepare FFS driver for Turbo Unlock, and it uses FPT to read/write BIOS. So, don't bother about it.

Nik on 29 December 2020 12:33 says


Did anyone had any luck unlocking turbo-boost with iEngineer bios on Huananzhi-F8/2678-v3?

I have tried all iEngineer bios version from 25 to 27. FFS driver is injected, Package C State limit = C2, CPU C3 report = Enable, CPU C6 report = Disable. -50/-50 undervolting.

The system starts but then after 1-5 minutes of work in Windows it freezes.

FFS driver with stock bios from Huananzhi works fine and shows a good boost in all benchmarks. But my system works much better in general with iEngineer's bios. So I'd like to use tb unlock with it if it's possible.

Any help is appreciated!

Miyconst on 29 December 2020 12:44 says

Nik, I have successfully done that.

I think you are mixing two different Turbo Unlock methods. With the traditional method when FFS is injected into the DXE region, you have to keep the Package C State limit at C6 and disable both C3, C6, power technology has to be turned into Custom. Such configuration works for me.

The new method with FFS driver injection into the PEI region works differently, you use a different driver and different C state settings. You can read about it here - Добавляем анлок в биос раз и навсегда через S3TurboTool.

Nik on 29 December 2020 14:24 says

Miyconst, thanks! Yes, I was using the latter method from the article you've linked. I will try the "traditional" one.

Alejandro Robinson on 30 December 2020 17:43 says

Miyconst, thank you.

On the last few days I have been thinking about the power consumptions numbers from my motherboard and UPS, given I used turbo unlock with -50mv core and memory, do you know the real power consumption values of a E5 2678 v3 when idle adn when running prime95 all core? I just wanted to be sure if the TDP is correct or not, because I don`t think with it consuming 275W just 120W are for the cpu, it doesent seem to be that inneficient, but I just wanted to be sure if my system is measuring TDP correctely.

On another note, I'am building a dual cpu system, and plan on using the Huananzhi x99-T8D because of the ddr3 support, FFS drivers still don't work on dual cpu systems correct? and are EFI drivers system agnostic? I planned on using ubuntu server.

Lastly, I needed a GPU for CUDA compute, thus the latest generations of nvidia gpus were better, after looking on huananzhi the 1050ti seems to be the the newest with good cuda support, but it's expensive for it's performance, this JINGSHA 960 4GB seems to be the better option, do you know if this seller is good/the product is good?

Once again, I cannot thank you enough for the awesome conetent you produce, keep it up!!!

Christos Papathanasiou on 31 December 2020 00:59 says

Dear Miyconst,

I have ASUS Z10PA-D8 Dual LGA2911-3 M/B, w/ E5-2697-V3, 14C/28T 2.6Ghz… w/Turbo Ratio Limits: 36x (1-2c), 35x (3c), 34x (4c), 33x (5c), 32x (6c), 31x (7-14c)… w/CPU Turbo Max: 3600.0 MHz = 35 x 100.0 MHz w/CPU Current: 3100.0 MHz = 31 x 100.0 MHz... BIOS Vendor: American Megatrends Inc. BIOS Version: 3801 BIOS Release Date: 08/23/2019 BIOS Start Segment: F000 BIOS Size: 16384 KBytes BIOS System Version: 5.6

Please answer if you can this BIOS working Turbo Boost Unlock or OverClocking as BCLK_Up 104-106 MHz from 100MHz… or work all CPUs Turbo Max. 3600 MHz etc… and what is the cost for this new bios file ???

Please answer… waiting…


Christos Papathanasiou. 6948500055 elec@otenet.gr

Rodrigo on 04 January 2021 09:31 says

Hi Miyconst, First I want to thank you for sharing and helping the community with all your knowledge about these motherboards and CPUs. Second, I want to apologize because I am almost sure I saw this info somewhere but I can't find it again. I see a lot of BIOS and modifications to unlock turbo boost and some BIOS with turbo boost unlocked + undervolting. I am trying to build a NAS with a xeon 2630L V3 and I my plan is to extract the BIOS of the chinese X99 motherboard and only lower the voltage to save some extra power and get the processor to run cooler (I don't want to unlock the turbo boost). Do you mind pointing my any tutorial with the undervolting modifications on the BIOS please? Thanks in advance! Happy new year!

Miyconst on 04 January 2021 11:09 says

Rodrigo, I have not done any BIOS mods fro undervolting without Turbo Boost Unlock, but I was using Intel Extreme Tuning Utility (Intel XTU) to reduce the CPU voltage. How to make that permanently in the BIOS - I am not sure, would have to research the same as you.

Jaume on 04 January 2021 12:57 says

Hi Miyconst, congrats for your work! I have a Huananzhi X99-TF + 2678v3, and I want to apply iEngineer BIOS CX99DE26. Does this bios have turbo boost unlock and undervolt? (If not, any recommended procedure?) Do you know if I could load it using afuefi straight from stock bios?

Miyconst on 05 January 2021 03:06 says

Jaume, the CX99DE26 is a fully function BIOS, which means it is not Turbo Unlocked. If you want a Turbo Unlocked option, you have to prepare it yourself.

The BIOS can be flashed using AfuWin straight from Windows, but there are some X99-TF boards with a defective BIOS chip, which is not compatible with this BIOS. That is why I would strongly recommend you to get a CH341A before trying CX99DE26.

daniel on 05 January 2021 18:18 says

Hello, i have tried to increase the RAM to 32GB with two new modules, firstly i have asked to the chinese which should be the modules, I bought the ones he told me but when plug into the MB the BIOS doesn't starts, i have a "b7" code, i have tried together with the old ones, standalon, always the same error, i have been looking for a solution and the people say something about the memory speed, i had in auto, then configure fix to 2400MHz but it doesn't works, do you have any clue what is happening and how i can solve it?

Thanks in advance.

Rodrigo on 06 January 2021 00:49 says

Miyconst, Thanks for the help. However I am going to use FreeNAS so windows is not an option for me. Anyway, thanks for you time! I will do some research and in case I find something, I will update reply in case someone need it.

Bene78 on 26 January 2021 12:03 says

Hi Miyconst. I have try to flash bios in a jingsha X99 Dual PCB with 2 XEON 2678 V3. I have followed all steps for "one & forever" method, but i thing something was wrong and now the system don't wake up. The last post code in the PCB showed was "68", and screen now is blank and no beeps. I have the original BIOS but i don´t know how to flash it int this cases. Do you know how to solve it?. Do you know if there are some alternative metohd for flash bios like "USB BIOS Flashback". I have look for the chip in the PCB and this is WINBOND 25Q128JVSQ. THanks for your work!

Miyconst on 26 January 2021 18:49 says

Bene78, it seems like you have done something wrong and bricked your motherboard. Right now the only way to revive the motherboard is to use an external USB flash programmer. I have a guide about that - CH341a - minimal usage guide, how to read and write a motherboard BIOS.

Bene78 on 26 January 2021 20:30 says

Miyconst, i think so. I´ve looking for jumper in the PCB for flash recovery option but no found. Then, i´ve just bought an external USB Flash progammer. I´ve used programmers for others things (tennsy, arduino, etc), but never for bios. Thanks a lot for the guide, go to view now. Just as comment, no way to get the PCB Manual or contact with manufacturer for some questions about PCB (like this, the POST Codes list, debug connector, etc...). Thanks a lot!

Bene78 on 27 January 2021 09:07 says

Miyconst, Just flashed with external and boot fine again :) Now, i have reflashed with your Jingsha X99Dual -20, but no turbo, no driver at bios boot, etc. I have flashed twice for recheck, but not. Seem if it was original bios with no chances.

Bene78 on 27 January 2021 12:32 says

Hi Again. I´m bored with this. I have verified the bios donwloaded ( Jingsha X99Dual -20) and is OK. It has the parameters modified as you show in the tutorial. When i flash and reboot, at first time no SO is detected. I have to choose in BIOS setup "windows boot manager" for load WIN10, but UEFI:NVME has dissapeared, only see it with NO UEFI. I have try to reinstall WIN10 several times but similar. Neither show in BIOS setup "Restore Options" in "Save and exit" menu as you show in your video. And neither show at startup bios "DXE" driver loaded. And by default, the bios has c5 state enabled. I disable it but noting, no turbo.

I don´t know whats happend. Can you help me? Best!!!!

Pippaman on 28 January 2021 17:12 says


I whatched a couple of your videos and i have a question:

Can you use the FTP method to flash the Huananzhi X99 D8 bios onto the Kllisre X99 D8? In the review video you mentioned you bricked it and needed to use the USB Flasher.

But as i read the comment here it seems some people manage to flash with FPT.

Thank you for you time guys!

Miyconst on 28 January 2021 19:32 says

Pippaman, you can use FPT to flash BIOS of X99-D8 motherboards, but first you have to disable BIOS write protection in the BIOS settings. CH341A is needed if you happen to brick the motherboard.

Miyconst on 28 January 2021 19:33 says

Bene78, I can try to help you if you message me on Instagram - mi8.se, but so far I don't know about successful attempts to unlock turbo boost with BIOS mods, you have to install EFI drivers on the system level.

Bene78 on 28 January 2021 22:12 says

Miyconst, I don´t have IG, but thanks a lot!!!!! :)

I already have get turbo boost. But is strange how i can get it.

1.- My PCB is the jingsha x99 DUal, with 2 Xeon E5 2678V3, with 94Gb, 3 sata raid 0 and one NVME disc (is for working purposes)

2.- Your modified bios didn't seem to work for me (after flash it correctly). No turbo appears. And i try to install the EFI driver too, but get message "V3DUAL.EFI is not an image". But V3.EFI was fine (but only one core). And when startup no UEFI disc showed (only USB UEFI) as i said in my last message, etc..

3.- Then, I restored again my last BIOS. Is not the original BIOS. THis was sent me by the seller after some conversation about the memory. But before to flash it, i modified this with all steps you comment in your tutorial adding Payne drivers (v3x2_payne_0_0.ffs) etc..

4.- WIth this bios, now i show again UEFI disc (NVME UEFI SO). This is the bios BQ362005 -> (https://drive.google.com/file/d/15spIYBxWJzFSsjPOkZ8qZ1IFArotSSlK/view?usp=sharing)

5.- But no turbo again :(

6.- Then i try again to install "V3DUAL.EFI" with similar response : "V3DUAL.EFI is not an image"

7.- And finally, i have found in other messages here from other users with similar issue, and i try to install other suggerest EFI driver: https://forums.anandtech.com/threads/what-controls-turbo-core-in-xeons.2496647/page-100 (V3x4-0.10b-i306f2-rc9_90_70_50)

8.- Now this was installed correctly, and now is working TUrbo Boost (3,2 Ghz)

I didn´t know whats happend ¿?. I think your bios for jingsha x99 DUal is not full compt for this PCB. And the payne driver don´t work in this cases. But as i said, now is working fine with the other EFI driver.

Thanks again!!!!!

jeamn on 28 January 2021 22:25 says

I have the generic dual socket ZX-DU99D4_V1.11 motherboard and have had good success with both methods for unlocking. I have 2 E5-2678v3 and a single E5-2699v3 for testing and have had success for both.

I first unlocked and undervolted with a single 2678v3 via the BIOS FFS driver and it was surprisingly easy. Thanks for the great info! I got some system instability when undervolting more than -50,-50. -70,-50 caused some system instability. It could run at full turbo at full TDP (120w)

Then I installed the E5-2699v3 and it worked without any changes. In games, it had turbo clocks of 3.592Ghz, but in Cinebench R20, it would only turbo up to about 2.9 to 3Ghz. I assume that is because of the AVX workload causing it to reach it's TDP.

I then switched and installed the dual 2678v3's. As others have noted, with the BIOS FFS driver, only the first CPU was turbo unlocked. Reflashing the bios without the FFS and installing the EFI drivers (I used paynes v3x2_50_50) unlocked the turbo for both CPUs. However, one of the CPU's hits its TDP at a slightly lower clock speed. During Cinebench R20, one CPU will run at full turbo speeds (3.292Ghz) but the other will reach full TDP at about ~3.0Ghz)

Thanks for all your time and effort documenting this process!

Pippaman on 28 January 2021 22:57 says


So it's basically a 50/50 chance....

Thank you for the quick reply, and needless to say for your quality videos. Great work really!


Pippaman on 28 January 2021 23:04 says


WAIT: what would happen if i would flash the Huananzhi X99 bios onto the Kllisre X99 through the freedos via Afudos for example?

There would be a lesser chance of bricking the motherboard or it wouldn't really matter?

Miyconst on 29 January 2021 00:52 says

Pippaman, it does not matter how you flash the BIOS. If the BIOS is not compatible - it will brick the motherboard.

Leen on 30 January 2021 01:06 says

I saw the video and read almost all of the posts. Congratulations on your great job! I will soon be getting E52620V3 processors, ddr3 1600 and weird X99 motherboards like this: https://img14.360buyimg.com/n0/jfs/t1/132762/37/20509/278624/5fdc61acEe81cb5ac/ff27e5dfe4997007.jpg. Sounds like a copy of Huananzhi, right? Do you think it would be possible to unlock the turbo also on this model? Thank you. (Sorry, my English is poor, I'm French)

Miyconst on 31 January 2021 12:36 says

Leen, Xeon E5-2620 V3 does not work with DDR3 memory, and the motherboard you have linked is Jginyue X99M-Plus D3, I plan to review its DDR4 version called Jginyue X99M-Plus D4.

Leen on 31 January 2021 13:07 says

Miyconst, When I bought this motherboard, the seller told me that it can run with V3 Xeon CPu... http://www.jginyue.com/uploadfile/2020/1229/20201229052619919.jpg
Is the 2620v3 special?

Miyconst on 31 January 2021 13:44 says

Leen, the motherboard works with Xeon E5 V3 CPUs, but only with those, which support DDR3 memory, and most of the V3 CPUs don't support it. It's only E5-2649 V3, E5-2678 V3 and a few others.

Leen on 31 January 2021 14:03 says

In short, I have to buy new processors? E5-2649V3 ? It seems to be the cheapest ones...

Miyconst on 31 January 2021 14:06 says

Leen, or a new motherboard 😃, I would not buy E5-2649 V3 though, it is not worth the asking price.

Leen on 31 January 2021 15:17 says

E5-2649 ~ 60€ ........ Mainboard x99m ~ 50€ + 16Gb Ddr4 ~ 50€
But I already ordered several DDR3ecc and three X99 d3

Bene78 on 31 January 2021 21:11 says

Hi Myiconst,

I have already discovered why the "efi" drivers for "Payne" did not load on the Jingsha x99 Dual board ("is not an image" message appears).

The Jingsha PCB by default bring a bios, the BQ360008, from August 2020. Well, shortly after buying the board for some issues with the memory, the seller sent me an updated version of the Bios, dated September 2020 and manufacturer SZMZ, the BQ362005 bios.

Accordingly: Jingsha x99 Dual with BIOS BQ360008: "Payne" dual drivers work perfectly.

Jingsha x99 Dual with BIOS BQ362005: "Payne" dual drivers DO NOT work, you get the message "is not an image" when try to load in Shell.

BIOS BQ360008: by default this not detect a hard disk with reviously UEFI SO installed. You have to reinstall SO or follow how to solve it explained in the link (https://xeon-e5450.ru/socket-2011-3/jingsha-x99-d8-dual/)

BIOS BQ362005: when system boot, now is fixed detects a UEFI hard drive disk previously installed. It PCB also has more options displayed

Hope this helps people like me who have gone crazy over this topic

Cheers! Bene78

Ps. Sorry for my english (i´m spanish). I've used google translate

Neo_1979 on 04 February 2021 01:55 says

Hello, nice guide!

Can we "unload" an efi driver after it is loaded to load/try another one? How to do that? I mean, without re-flashing the bios.

My motherboard si Huananzhi x99-f8d and I have 2xeon e5-2680 v3 and 48gb ddr4 g.skill 3000mhz (running of course at 2133mhz).

Thanks a lot anyway.

Miyconst on 04 February 2021 10:36 says

Neo_1979, your questions make me think that you didn't read / watch my tutorials. The method with EFI driver shows clear steps of how to copy an EFI driver to your system drive and add it to the boot sequence.

Neo_1979 on 04 February 2021 22:31 says

Miyconst, maybe I was not clear enught about my question:

I already did all steps shown in you google slides presentation (efi driver method) and the "base" turbo unlock works. (2.9Ghz on all cores). I correctly removed the 06F2 cpu patch from the bios and re-flashed it back, loaded the driver V3dual.efi and added to boot sequence. Now, if I want to try ANOTHER efi driver (payne's drivers for example), I make boot from same usb, try to load the new efi driver and it says "v3x2_payne_50_50.efi is not an image". Why driver is not loaded? Have I first to unload/delete the previous driver to load a new one? I repeat, the bios has already the cpu patch removed.

Have we to repeat all the steps (including re-flashing bios) to try another driver?

Miyconst on 04 February 2021 23:29 says

Neo_1979, no, you are doing everything correctly, but there seems to be a compatibility issue between your motherboard's BIOS and the EFI driver you are trying to load. I have seen this message from many other subscribers, and there is no clear explanation why on some motherboards it works and refuses to load on others. You can try to use another BIOS for the motherboard, if you find it, but in general, this is a BIOS vs EFI driver compatibility issue.

Wasim on 10 February 2021 18:44 says

Hi @Miyconst, I am one of your youtube fans and appreciate the work you are doing for the community. Thank you so much.

Here is my problem which if you can give me some insights on will be much appreciated.

I was able to get turbo unlocked back in September by watching your Youtube video. However, I noticed that the boost is no longer working as my cpu has been at 2.4 GHZ since last week. I tried doing the bios hack again and every step was taken, although after the restart, the speed is still 2.4ghz when doing CPUz stress under full load. Is there a new Windows 10 update that reset the bios? When I did backup my bios for modding, the bios didn't have any 06f2 patches in it, which confirms it's the old modded bios. Will you update the tool or something to get this to work?

CPU is Xeon e5 2620 v3 Mobo is shown as Unknown but it's similar to killsre x99 and the mod did work previously.

Looking forward to your response.

Miyconst on 11 February 2021 22:15 says

Wasim, this issue could be caused by Windows update. Some of my subscribers reported that it was solved by changing Windows Power Plan to "Performance". If that does not work, you might need to uninstall some updates. So far I did not meet such issue myself, thus I can't really say more, sorry.

Wasim on 11 February 2021 23:19 says

Miyconst, Thanks dude. Changed my Power settings and updated the processor power management>Minimum & Maximum processor state to 100 and its back to 3.2 GHz. Wohoooo

Loe on 14 February 2021 17:29 says

A little tip. If your host OS is not using English as the default language, you may meet some bugs when using the MMTool. For me, all English versions of MMTool won't show all of its content, like buttons, bars and so on, when my default OS language is set to Chinese. And the Chinese-translated version will pop errors when saving. All gone are the errors when switching the language to English. Hope this tip may help those who are yelling at the poor computer after a whole afternoon's failed attempts.

Lucash on 16 February 2021 16:59 says

Hi Myconst do you think these guides will work an Huananzhi X99-BD4 motherboard? Do you have a ready-made bios? Thanks

Miyconst on 16 February 2021 23:48 says

Lucash, yes, it surely does work with Huananzhi X99-BD4, but you might need to use AfuWin / AfuDos to read/write BIOS.

Lucash on 17 February 2021 10:44 says

Miyconst thanks a lot for your answer. You really did a great job :)

CARTEGIANE ROCHA AMARAL on 18 February 2021 17:23 says

Hello, thank you very much for your work, I'm looking for bios modified to huananzhi BD4, unlock turbo boost, you have? or do you know of any that works on that board?

breeze on 19 February 2021 17:26 says

hello, myconst, very good tutorial, I want to ask if the xeon e5 26xx v3 has been successfully unlocked, the question is, can it return to its original state or lock it again, for example by returning to the original bios?

Miyconst on 20 February 2021 14:42 says

CARTEGIANE ROCHA AMARAL, I have not yet tested Huananzhi X99-BD4, thus you have to perform the unlocking procedure yourself.

Miyconst on 20 February 2021 14:43 says

breeze, absolutely. Turbo Boost Unlock is a BIOS modification and has nothing to do with the CPU itself. The CPU is not affected and it's behavior depends on what drivers are used in the BIOS.

david on 21 February 2021 01:20 says

Hello, I have updated the bios of my x99-tf and Mi899 with bios republic of belarus, now I can't change it again ....... I get error 25:

Error 25: The host CPU does not have write access to the target flash area. To enable write access for this operation you must modify the descriptor settings to give host access to this region.

that could be happening? can it be fixed?

sorry for the english, it's a google translation

Thank you

rsgametech1 on 05 March 2021 17:35 says

Hi Myconst. I messaged on youtube and ran into some issues I had used the 100/70 s3turbohack for my jingsha DDDR3 (like d8) and it caused BSOD after every boot 2-3 mins, I added voltage 100/70 in bios to give me more time and it allowed me to flash the jingsha D8 stock which appears to be stable. It also happened while windows update was working (windows 10 home :/) which caused further instability but I managed to fix that by getting updates installed. I think the dump of original bios goes to temp which got cleared out after my BSOD,I would like to get the original bios for the DDR3 model.

a) Do you think you could change dump location to the within the "Mi899-1.2.1" folder and not to temp? b) Could you create a version of jingsha bios with the turbo hack using stock voltage? c) Would be possible to add a custom splash screen on boot? d) What is difference between "v3_payne_0_0.ffs" and "S3TurboHack V0.2" I noticed higher clocks on S3TurboHack V0.2.

Miyconst on 05 March 2021 19:04 says

rsgametech1, the BIOS cannot be flashed by a BSOD, it simply does not work that way. JingSha X99 D8, DDR3 and DDR4 variants share the same BIOS, thus there is no reason to search for the original DDR3 option. The answer for the other questions:

  • a), I surely can do that, but it's pointless.
  • b), I could, but you are free to do it as well.
  • c), yes, it is possible.
  • d), S3TurboTool is overall better than the payne drivers.
rsgametech1 on 05 March 2021 20:25 says

Miyconst, I am not sure why my backup dump was deleted? I'll assume the system crash somehow cleared out my Temp folder as all the folders I had generated were gone. However I did take the stable JS-D8 bios and added the payne driver myself and it is working ok, it appears to boost all 12 cores of E5-2673 v3 to 3093mhz under load. I think max frequency is 3200 so I might create an S3turbo.

rsgametech1 on 06 March 2021 02:37 says

Hi Miyconst, I successfully created both a payne and s3turbo bios using the stock Jingsha D8. My CPU is supposed to be 3200mhz but highest on Payne was 3093mhz all cores, not sure why that is?

I have seen some cores hit 3148mhz on S3turbo version. All 12 cores of my E5-2673v3 stock previously operated at about 2700mhz so 3100 is not bad. I might get that 16 core you had in the recent video and will buy you a beer for all your hard work! :)

My CPU https://www.cpu-world.com/CPUs/Xeon/Intel-Xeon%20E5-2673%20v3.html

Jingsha D8 v3_payne https://1drv.ms/u/s!AtJm7-U3ZX66imQgjo6N0tBB3aIZ

Jingsha D8 S3Turbo https://1drv.ms/u/s!AtJm7-U3ZX66imPNfLiVC-19sofG

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