Core i9 QTJ1 on AsRock B365 Pro4

BIOS modification using Coffee Time 0.92

1. Replace Intel Management Engine (IME)

Use | Corporate version from the provided options.

2. Disable Intel Management Engine (IME)

3. Replace VBIOS

Use 1062 version from the provided options.

4. Replace GOP driver

Use 9.0.1107 version from the provided options.

5. Apply red patches

Important: the PCIe patch is required for PCI-E slots. If the patch is not available it means that CoffeeTime is not able to properly apply it with the current BIOS. In this case you have to try an older version of your motherboard's BIOS.

6. Inject CPU microcodes

  • 9060D: Comet Lake QTJ1, QTJ2.
  • 906EA: Coffee Lake QNCT.
  • 906EC: Coffee Lake QQLT, QQLS.
  • 506EB: Kaby Lake QL3X QL2X.

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