Intel Xeon e3-1230v3 overclocking, cinebench

See my latest overclock result e3-1230v3@3.8 ghz here!

Don't know how, but today I stuck into reading cpu & gpu benchmarks. Usually I don't like overclocking, because it causes more power consumption, more heat and more noise.

I live in a hot part of China, and it is a real trouble to cool off pc in Summer. Okay, it is Autumn outside and I need some heat in my room.

When I purchased my Intel Xeon e3-1230v3 I was sure, I won't overclock it, but reading those 3dmark scores of overclockers I started to wonder, whether it is possible to overclock my Xeon.

Little Googling gives a simple answer:

  • If you are going to overclock your cpu then go for i7-47770k
  • if your don't need igpu and not going to overclock then you can take e3-1230v3


Intel Xeon e3-1230v3 theoretically is not overclockable, but why don't try? And I tried. First I pushed the target speed to 3.5 ghz and then to 3.7 ghz.

The system works stable without no lags and hangs. I would try to push even further, but under 100% load cpu temperature gets to 80-82 degree very fast, probably my cooler is not good enough.

And here is the result, I get 8.04 pts instead of 7.54 in cinebench.

Adding some more thermal paste solved cpu overheating problem. The temperature doesn't go over 70 degree by Celsius scale in any scenarios. That made me confident and I tried to overclock my e3-1230v3 a little more.

3.774 ghz is the maximum stable cpu speed that I could get. Everything else just didn't boot. Cinebench score is 8.18 pts.

Some 3dmark results.


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Gustavo on 31 July 2015 16:05 says

how you did this overclock ? thanks

Const on 31 July 2015 19:05 says

Gustavo, hi.

I increased CPU clock multiplier to it's maximum value and then played with BCLK to achieve this result, I didn't touch the voltage settings.

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